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  1. Here they have already told me that you can tell and explain the topic to another, it really helps.

    In addition, one of the best options for memorizing is visualization. For example, Yandex. Maps intelligence, see more videos about them here

    They can be created either by hand or in special programs.

    In addition, there is a classic synopsis and citation, but it seems to me that this is a so-so method and it will be painfully voluminous and dreary

  2. In my experience, you remember best when you explain what you're trying to remember to a friend or loved one. Even if he doesn't know much about it. They will ask questions, and you will have to explain them in a way that is clear, at least in general terms.

    Sometimes, I get an epiphany 🙂 Especially when you're trying to learn or memorize something difficult. It helps a lot to explain this to other people many times. Or imagine how you explain it 🙂

    Moreover, if you already know something, if you have some skill and you teach it to another person – you improve yourself.

    In general, I recommend trying

    There is one good saying:
    “- To teach something really well, you need to genuinely love it.”

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