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  1. Strong coffee to drink. You need to restore your daily routine. Go to bed at the same time and get up, even if you don't feel like sleeping. Of the medications, phenazepam works well (1-2. 5 mg before bedtime). But you can not drink for more than 2 weeks, it is addictive. Available on a doctor's prescription.

  2. Since I am a couch potato pharmacist , I will offer a farm.

    The safest is synthetic melatonin ” Melarena “(~300 rubles) 3-6 mg an hour before the intended sleep.

    Do not cut down – “Suprastin” 25-50mg (~150 rubles).

    Best of all safe will cope “Reslip” 15-30mg (~300 rubles).

    Phenazepam will give you a healthy sleep for 15 hours. 1-4 mg, it is difficult to buy without a prescription.

    I won't offer antipsychotics (Quetiapine), it's dangerous, and they certainly won't sell them without a prescription, but this is a 100% option. 25-50mg and you will not be physically able to stay awake.

    (prices are shown per pack on average)

  3. Move it further until the mode comes to the desired point after making a circle. Stock up on strong coffee, green tea, – do not sleep as long as possible-sleep as long as possible. The best mode that suited me was to get up at 3 in the morning, and sleep at 18-19 in the evening with a small spread.

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