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  1. Just start talking to yourself. Each of us has our own inner Self. And I told myself that this is my self that can speak. About a year or two, or maybe more (I honestly don't remember), I heard the answer. It feels like I answered myself in a thought, but it wasn't my thought. And as if from outside.

  2. Auditory hallucinations are primarily a serious mental disorder, if you saw people suffering from this disease in real life, it is unlikely that you would want to become the same. So it's better to get out of your comfort zone and try to find friends in real life, because the voices in your head will not replace full-fledged communication, but will only bring you suffering.

    And it's time to understand that any mental disorder is first of all a serious illness that needs to be treated. There's nothing romantic about it, go fuck yourself.

  3. Get a tulpa.

    True, she will still have to come up with an appearance. And then watch it every day.

    A tulpa is an indoctrinated visualization that can have its own character and way of thinking.

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