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  1. It's not entirely clear what you mean by “Widely”. Try first to answer for yourself: what does it mean for you to think big?�

    I can advise you to read a lot of literature from various fields. Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything specific from the exact sciences, except for “The Universe of Stephen Hawking”. From political science, I highly recommend Handington's Clash of Civilizations. This book will help you better understand modern politics. Sociology is Max Weber. His books will help you understand the structure of society.�

    Well, without philosophy, nowhere. If you are an untrained person, then you should not sit down for Nietzsche and certainly for Heidegger. Start with Plato's ” State.” This book will help you think better, and to some extent teach you how to analyze.

    In general, in my humble opinion, the ability to analyze is the ability to think broadly. Learn to analyze from small. For example, take Chekhov's short stories and break them down into their components. There is such a character, he thinks so-and-so, there is another character, he thinks differently.�

    Finally, I advise you to learn to abstract and reflect on yourself. These are very useful skills that help you look at the world and yourself in a new way.

  2. Literature!
    Two things are important here: WHAT you read and HOW you subtract. Ideally, read a variety of literature from different eras (from “The Divine Comedy” to “Fight Club”). The main thing is that the soul should lie, the so-called must-read for everyone is different. Next, try writing statements, retellings, and analyses of the work. Break your reading into several chunks: once you've read a single chapter, start analyzing it. What does the author want to say about the character? Why did the character do this? What does it experience? Try also to estimate your own ending of the work. This way you will not only expand your thinking, but also train your logic and imagination. Literature is a universal tool.
    Further, breadth of thought is also the ability to look at a situation from different angles. For example, if you like to read news, read/watch/listen from several sources at once. Try to calculate all the” colors ” of the content – and get a dry fact of the event. And then you will be able to react exactly as you want, and not as the editorial board of the publication/video blogger/presenter wants. This applies not only to the media, but also to many other things: don't judge things that you don't know, that you've only heard about from someone, and don't fall for the so-called stuffing on the Internet (for example, tearful stories about grandparents that have nothing to do with reality).

    An important role is played by understanding your needs, not only spiritual, but also material and physical. Balance between physical activity, which affects the biological component, and art, which affects the spiritual development.

    The way to expand thinking is through mindfulness. Control your thoughts and emotions, and join the ranks of dissenters.) Good luck!

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