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  1. WHAT is the most important thing in a person – his material body or his Mind / Consciousness/Mind/Knowledge/Culture ??? – the answer to this question is the main point of reference for a correct understanding of the topic and the relationship between material and information.

    Ideas / information and matter are theoretically independent concepts, but practically connected realities.

    In a person, the connection between ideas/information and the material is almost absolutely necessary; in other objects, this connection may be less and more important.

    The existence of pure matter or pure information is almost unlikely – these are the limit states.

  2. To be fair, it is not common for modern philosophers to fall unambiguously into metaphysics, considering matter and idea in isolation from knowledge. The concept of substance in philosophy itself is questionable. In many concepts, substance is considered as only a need of human rationality – a way of thinking, an epistemological form. And the fact that it is attributed to existence in the definitions does not indicate its existence.

  3. Not a single one. Mental is a physical process in the physical brain caused by the impact of physical objects on the physical senses. Or else: the ideal is a reflection of the material in the material brain.
    In both cases, there is only the physical/material, and the mental / ideal is only a property or special case of the physical / material.
    Matter (according to Lenin) is an objective reality. Objective – that is, everything that exists independently of consciousness. In other words, just everything that exists.
    In Lenin's theory of reflection, the ideal and the material are related as reflection and reflected. Outside of this relation, it is meaningless to speak of the ideal and the material: it is reduced to a tautology – ” there is that which is.”
    However, I think it is more correct to speak not about matter, but about the physical, since the concept of “matter” can lead to a dubious mess with substances and accidents.
    So, physicalist monism and no impurities

  4. In fact, the problem boils down to the question: is thinking and consciousness a product of matter? Otherwise, do ideas exist outside of human consciousness?

    The author of the question gave his own list and for this reason it is not necessary to delve into their comparisons in search of the true one.

    I will suggest the following genesis. Spirit (consciousness) and matter are the poles of a single, let's call it, somewhat simplifying, protosubstance from which the construction of the universe begins ( the next one after the previous one is dissolved). This creation takes place under the sign of the constant differentiation of a Single Source – the First Cause, unknowable , eternal, and self-causeless. This differentiation separates protosubstance for the formation of matter as a building material and spirit (consciousness) as a creative energy of creation.

    The axe itself will not cut down trees. We need a person with self-awareness, will and reason.

    Ideas in the broadest sense are a product of the human Mind in particular.

    Speaking of primacy, in fact, they argue not so much about literal primacy, but about dependence or “parenthood”. Matter gives rise to an idea, the materialists say. However, ideas and matter have the same “parent”. In order to make a clay jug, the potter must create it in his mind, in his mind, and formalize the idea. For a jug, the idea will be primary, but not for clay.

    For those who are interested in esoteric philosophy:

    Parabrahman, the One Reality, the Absolute, is the domain of Absolute Consciousness, that is, that Essence which is beyond all relation to conditional existence; the conditional symbol of which is conscious existence. But as soon as we mentally move away from it (for us) Absolute Negation results in duality in the opposition of Spirit (or Consciousness) and Matter, Subject and Object.

    Spirit (or Consciousness) and Matter, however, should not be considered as independent realities, but as two symbols or aspects of the Absolute, Parabrahman, which is the basis of conditioned Existence, subjective or objective.

  5. If theses, then so:

    The Creator of Reality creates a virtual reality for itself with the fulfilled Word (Logos). The created reality is material and infinite within itself and does not exist outside of itself.

    For the created reality, the Creator does not exist (it is immaterial).

    Further, the already created reality creates a lower virtual reality for itself by the fulfilled Word (Logos) and disappears for it itself.


    All realities are material within themselves, created by ideas (laws) Creating Realities, and do not exist outside of themselves.

    Based on this, it is impossible to create matter in your world.

    You can only create matter inside the world you are creating.

    In our universe (reality, world), God creates matter.

    And we can create matter only in virtual worlds, for which we are in the position of God.

  6. An idea is the energy of an emotion.

    And together ,only energy and matter can exist as concepts of the world order.

    Matter is the state of the Cosmos at rest of Potential energy, when there is no energy of motion yet .

    Cosmic Rest of Matter is a uniform pressure and the existence of Cosmic Cold in the form of liquid metallic Hydrogen and in the form of Metallic Hydrogen crystals in the state of proton nuclei. This is when the hydrogen atom itself is a nucleus.

    My opinion is that Hydrogen crystals, growing, capture liquid Hydrogen in a ball and squeeze this liquid.

    A pressure is created at which two and three Hydrogen nuclei merge and the Hydrogen isotope Deuterium is formed. And then there is an isotope of Hydrogen – Tritium and immediately Helium – 3, and then Helium-4.

    This is where the movement of the Nucleosynthesis Cycle begins.

    The resulting lithium holds Hydrogen in a metallic state, creating only a cold nuclear process so that the chemical elements of the Periodic Table can be formed to Nickel and its Iron derivative.

    The cold nuclear reaction is already turning into a thermonuclear reaction, and water vapor is ejected from the molten magma from the center of the reaction along the edges, creating pairs of Nebula arms. where water vapors with nickel and iron are cooled .

    Clumps of heavy particles with trapped other chemical elements form planets. The planet Earth has molten iron magma and chemical elements inside it. In the center of the Earth, the formation of both the first chemical elements and other chemical elements of the Periodic Table continues, which creates a variety of deposits on the Planet Earth.

    And lighter elements captured by water vapor are flared up to the energy of stars. On the surface of the Sun Star are mainly Hydrogen in various isotopic compounds with the formation of helium and the first part of the elements to Nickel..

    Light Hydrogen in the Sun rises and combines with Oxygen to form water vapor, cooling the surface, which makes it possible to form parts of the elements. As they fly off, these particles form cosmic dust, which, when combined with Hydrogen hydrides, becomes heavier and settles either on planets or on asteroids in the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars.

    The waves of the magma center push the resulting Nebulae farther and farther away, forming Stellar Nebulae in the form of spiral arms of the Galaxy .

    Today's galaxies have red-hot magma inside them, where new chemical elements and water vapors are formed again and again. And all the arms of the Galaxy's stellar nebulae revolve around the frenzied whirling of magma.

    The numerous galaxies that have formed form Clusters of Galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets – and this is the universe.

    The matter of the Cosmos generates an incalculable number of Universes in the Process of Nucleosynthesis. Which live and collapse again to the primordial Cold and Icy Hydrogen Matter of the Cosmos.

    But while the Sun Star has the Heat of Radiation, this Thermonuclear radiation also has a powerful ENERGY of MAGNETISM, which can attract and hold planets around it, as well as millions of asteroids in the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars to Jupiter. The Sun star also attracts the Kuiper Belt with trillions of dwarf planets. The power of the Sun's thermonuclear reaction prevents ice crystals from growing close to it, creating a spherical surface around it – the Oort Cloud.

    The heat of the thermonuclear radiation of stars is enough to melt the chill of Space and create space around their systems, not allowing themselves to be bound by Cosmic Hydrogen crystals .

    The solar system in the form of such a ball rotates in the Milky Way Galaxy.

    In this photo, in the center of the ice ball, a white dot shows the Solar System, which in the form of such an ice ball, rotates in the Milky Way Galaxy

    Below is a photo of the Spiral Arms of the Milky Way. In this photo: The Sun in the Orion arm.

    At the center of galaxies is their birth center, which continues to create chemical elements, which is why it glows. But scientists stubbornly continue to call this birth core a black hole, defending their dissertations.

    The Sombrero galaxy, where you can see that the core glows on two sides.

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