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  1. It depends on the performance itself: whether the magician showed the deck, whether the spectator chose the card himself or simply remembered the one he saw, or whether he simply made a card without the deck. In most cases, this is forcing – a method of imposing a map. A very interesting trick called “Out of sight out of mind”, which was once invented by Dai Vernon: there the magician shows the cards in turn, and the viewer remembers any card from those that are shown. Then the magician finds it. The deck is normal, there is no forcing, and there is no preparation either.

  2. Of course, there are quite a lot of tricks with guessing cards and it is difficult to say which trick exactly the author of the question has in mind. But here's the secret of option 1: the magician specifically highlights the card that you supposedly “made a wish”for. For example, when he starts flipping through the deck with his hands, then literally for a second, or maybe a little faster, he lingers on the 1st card, and then the brain and human psychology work. So the magician easily guesses the card that you have made, because he can say that he imposed it on you.

  3. No matter who and how much they show off in front of me, showing off card tricks, I always say with a bored face that I did not guess, the card is not the same… A real master of this psychological trick knows and quickly lags behind, and self-taught people start to get nervous and, sometimes, boil over. It is very exciting to follow them at such moments, with a bored, I repeat, look! Although in the shower sometimes downright admired!

  4. There are many tricks with a similar effect, and from such a meager description, it is impossible to understand which one exactly impressed you so much.

    A magician might have forced a choice on you without you noticing. He could have peeked at the map without being noticed. He could track it in the deck with sleight of hand. I could even use some kind of mathematical scheme (although I never liked mathematical tricks with maps). He could do a hundred more tricks.

    Therefore, it is impossible to reveal its secret from the description of the focus. You need to see everything with your own eyes.

    In conclusion, here is a trivial idea: if you walk down the street, asking everyone you meet to mentally guess a map, and then naming one at random, you will sooner or later guess. The rest of us will soon forget you, and this person may spend years trying to figure out how you were able to read their thoughts. And if you post a video with him on YouTube, you can puzzle even more people.

  5. Not so long ago I came across a mental trick with guessing the map, it seemed to me very elegant.

    The bottom line is as follows: we give a person a deck, he chooses any card, then we put it on top of the deck and shuffle it with any shuffle that does not change the order of the cards (there are a lot of them).

    After that, we randomly divide the deck into four piles, or let the viewer divide it. Next, we leave only one top card from each stack, and remove all the others. Now we have 4 cards, and we know which of them is the spectator's card.

    We say: “Point to any two cards.” If the viewer points to two cards, one of which is the right one, then we leave these cards. If the viewer points to unnecessary cards, then we remove them (you just asked for them and didn't say what you would do with them). After that, please indicate which of the two remaining cards is “heads”and which is “tails”. We throw a coin. If you get an eagle, then open the card that is marked with an eagle. If tails appear, then remove the card that is marked with tails and open the second one.

  6. I am interested in this trick: the magician holds a card in front of you and offers to guess any card from the deck, you choose and and name it, then the magician turns the card over to you and it turns out to be the one that you guessed

  7. They do not guess the map, but suggest it to you. There are many options for forcing a map on you. They can highlight any number with their voice, facial expressions, or even draw it in the air without you noticing( together, this gives a good result). With the suit absolutely the same. For example, highlighting syllables in words. We can talk about this a lot. I think I've explained it clearly.

  8. A trick familiar from childhood: we ask you to guess any card from the full deck, it is better not to even show the cards in the deck for greater mystery. Next, we lay out the deck sequentially into three piles, the person who made the guess indicates the pile where his card lies. With a deft movement, we collect the piles into one deck so that the pile with the hidden card is in the middle. Repeat the same sequence two more times. We quickly start counting out the cards face down, mysteriously looking directly into the patient's eyes, and suddenly show him the 18th card, enjoying the effect. Pure math, no magic 🙂

    There is a shortened version with 21 cards in the deck, then we show the number 11. But here you need to ask to choose a card from an existing set, there is less magic.

  9. The other responders didn't notice the word MENTALLY in the question, which is a pity.

    There is such an effect, I will not say the name (it can be presented as an opportunity to read minds, impose actions, manipulate cards without touching them, etc.). Its distinctive feature is that your card (made mentally, no one touched the deck before you named the card out loud) is inverted relative to others in the deck.�

    His secret is very simple, you can learn it literally in the evening. The only thing is that you need a special deck. Out of respect for the trick, I will not reveal the secret completely, because this will upset the magicians, and the audience will lose another thing that surprises them so much. If you really really want to know – write in the personal VK.

    If we are not talking about this effect, then it is pure psychology, luck and, perhaps, a little statistics. For example, among Americans, they often make a wish for the ace of spades, as well as the queen and the ace of hearts.�

    Of course, if you took a card from the deck, memorized one of the ones shown to you, etc., and didn't just name it, then this is quite another, there are a lot of options.

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