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  1. Very interesting way of thinking 🙂

    As a teenager, I was also oppressed by this “maintenance of my own body”.

    But I didn't like myself painfully then: personal boundaries are not formed, so that there are no tools to protect myself from abusers, etc.

    But this is not the case now. It's a way to show myself that I love myself. As a manifestation of care and love for another loved one, and for yourself.

    Yes, an adult close person does not need to be carried to a white friend, often fed with a spoon, dressed, washed, but all this should be done for your children. Therefore, you can consider the option of self-care as preparation for maternal / paternal responsibilities for child care (unless, of course, you are a childfree)

  2. Yes, it depresses me too. Especially now, when there are Hollywood standards of beauty.
    Too much attention, it's just the body, just the body.
    We obviously don't have the best version of a person here, out of all possible options.
    I think that here, you need to take a special position. Our body – the ability to walk on the ground, explore caves, etc..
    And the fact that I have a body is pretty good. And the fact that new responsibilities will appear with him should not upset me. I know that everything has its price.

  3. Of course, this is very tiring for me-probably because I am a pensioner(perhaps you are too), and all these processes are very difficult.In my youth, this was not so stressful at all-because I was in good health,and everything worked out by itself.But what can you do-life, basically, consists of this service(if you do not count also sexual service-which, alas, for me is no longer there).I'm glad at least that I don't have to earn enough money to feed this very body(which is what people do when they're young).Alas, God didn't make us disembodied angels-that would be great.They would sit on the clouds and strum the harp (joke)..

  4. And what difference does it make if there are no alternatives to such services anyway (except for transhumanism)?

    In principle, there are not many options (without implementing transhumanist ideas): either you serve your body, or you will eventually die. Regardless of whether you want to or not.

    Alternatives? – Cyborgization, chipization, human genetic modification and other benefits of transhumanism (most of which are technically difficult to implement, but not at all feasible due to – on the one hand – the “spirituality and fruitfulness” inherent in conservative obscurantism, on the other – the so – called “natural human rights” and the prohibition of experiments on people-even volunteers-and other ethics of liberal obscurantism) could be a reliable alternative (with the appropriate level of technology development, which, so far, is not observed).

    Thus, the only progressive solution is limited to obscurantism. And hence, the conclusion is that under these conditions, either change society (and, given the degree of stubbornness of both conservative and liberal obscurantists, this is hardly feasible without violence), or change yourself (get used to and tolerate the limitations of the biological shell and the need to serve it).

    P.S> Judging by the avatar and nickname of the author of the question, I was curious: was the question inspired by something like “Ghost in the shell”?)

  5. Well, yes, it's annoying and time-consuming, but we don't have any decent alternatives yet. Therefore, you have to try to find something pleasant in it, for example, basking in a bath with bath bombs, and not just like that.

  6. Yes, this is a mortal body, always aching, always demanding something, very exhausting maintenance….�

    I completely agree with you, sometimes too lazy to get him out of bed, but on the other hand, how many opportunities!�

    An open world, the character may not have the best stats, but it can still be downloaded. Lots of opportunities for learning /creativity and more. A million different quests and leveling schemes. It's just a pity that the ending is the same, but the ways of coming to it are different.�

    In general, quite an exciting game, thoughtful, sometimes unbalanced, but what textures!�

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