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  1. Availability of money, the main and main difference.

    Many will say that the rich know how to manage finances. If a poor person can't do this, how does he even survive on a tiny income?

    Naturally, the income should grow gradually, otherwise it will simply not be possible to distribute correctly. This is the problem of instant millionaires who receive huge sums and spend them in a year or two.

    To say that a millionaire can earn money is also controversial. This is usually justified, they say, was rich, went bankrupt and rose again. After all, he kept all the connections, acquaintances, and even the name. Rockefeller will approve a loan of a couple of million, Vasya Pupkin and a hundred rubles will not be given.

    Success is not an unambiguous factor. Many companies that have every chance to take off have failed. Conversely, a completely strange project rose to the skies.

    Naturally, to achieve financial success, you need knowledge, connections, and a certain potential. But if the path is started from scratch, all this must be accompanied by a huge share of luck.

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