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  1. How does the Internet affect behavior and thinking?

    • The Internet is a specific information environment. Even within the same screen, the average user sees several (or many) information tricks, sometimes of a contradictory nature. It is quite natural that stimuli competing for the user's attention reduce concentration. Here you can draw an analogy with the pair “book-newspaper”.
    • The Internet has a very low average degree of information control (checking the accuracy and authorship of statements, data, and grammar). Only rich online media can afford editing and proofreading. At the same time, the Internet is highly accessible, i.e. it allows you to instantly get false information.
    • There are no authorities on the Internet, or they are easily falsified.
    • Anonymity leads to swaggering behavior and high self-esteem.
    • The Internet is an ocean of information. You can only drown in the ocean. Therefore, both browsers and networks with sites try to help the user navigate in infinity. To do this, they try to take into account the user's interests. The problem is that this approach inevitably leads to negative consequences. As a result, we see the effect of a shrinking spiral – if at each stage of identifying user preferences, we select only what they like best, then in the end we will come to the fact that the information feed will become completely monotonous.
  2. I don't have any reliable data on this subject, but at the university, when talking about our digital generation, many teachers discussed “clip thinking”. (For many professions, understanding this issue is very important.)That is, our specific way of perceiving information and isolating the important and the very definition of this “important” from the current info-garbage. For yourself, you can notice that only specific amounts of text, usually not very large, the presence of visual accompaniment (such as a catchy picture under the post) can focus our attention on the flow of the feed in social networks. Most often, this is also accompanied by an inability to assimilate information, focus on it, and filter it correctly. That is, the absorption of information for the sake of the absorption process itself. And the corresponding consequence is a waste of time.
    Social network. Networks have taught us that we need a fair dose of shock content or just something impressive and easy to digest to turn our eyes to the problem.
    I personally do not think that the generation will grow up to be stupid, however, over time, it is more and more urgently needed to format the educational system for our mass type of thinking, since the knowledge that is now hardly enough for a full life and mastering the profession, and moreover, not digested knowledge (based on the way they are presented) does not bring results.
    Fortunately, there are a sufficient number of good teachers, speakers, writers, and people of other professions who will not leave us, inattentive, in trouble.:)

  3. A year ago, I retired from vk for my own reasons.
    Result: I filled up the free time by reading books on various specialties, studying English, and found a hobby. Now I write short stories (it's not really working out yet, but it's a hobby-love for life), I think a lot more, I play sports. Of course, I would have seen such trends even if I were present in the VC, but they would clearly have been weaker, because earlier, with all my attempts, my development did not make such leaps.
    Well, something like that. I'm happy.

    Now I've restored the second page, and it's already the third day in vain. I need to get drunk again.�

    I think you can draw your own conclusions)

    And the person who said that it's not about the Internet or social networks is right. The problem is that people don't know how to use it. Yes, I don't have enough willpower, just like most people.

    Imho, the fact that the Internet and social networks take up extra time is much more detrimental than any other factors literally sucked out of your finger. I wonder how long you need to spend on the Internet so that your concentration of attention worsens, so that it becomes noticeable? 20 years old? Well, or live here from 3-5 years old. That's when it's probably going to get really bad, but like this…

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