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  1. Communism is the pinnacle and apogee of the development of human society. In the conditions of earthly existence, humanity may never reach it, but this does not mean that it is not necessary to go to it. Just because I know that I will never be a completely honest, completely decent person doesn't mean that I shouldn't strive for it. And while I strive to make an ideal person out of myself , I am developing. When I gave up on this business and engaged only in providing for my material goods , I embarked on the path of degradation. The movement towards communism is progress, the development of society, the rise to the top. Moving in any other direction is at best stagnation, at worst – degradation, regression.

    In general, communism is about building honest relations between people. What is “from each according to ability”? This is education! What they teach you at school, technical school or institute, such abilities will be! And what is “according to needs”? This is education! As a person is brought up by society, such will be his needs! Communism is about building honest human relationships! And when people are honest with each other, then problems with the production and distribution of material goods are also solved honestly and in truth!

  2. Real socialists are Marxists. They have more rights to this religion than the” schismatics ” of the Bolsheviks – the SS capes and their followers.

    So, in principle, socialists are also supposed to believe in communism, as the most important dogma of Marxism. On the other hand, the tradition of calling all “leftists” indiscriminately socialists, to which these leftists themselves, in general, are not alien.

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