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  1. Hello. There is outwardly beautiful, but for example smelling bad by nature or it 2 words to link in a sentence can not, what kind of woman lives, and? And there are those with irregular facial features, but skillfully using women's beauty tools and opanki, but she is already beautiful.

    And, as a person who is professionally connected with the science of sex, I will say that the most unhappy ones are beautiful, model-like and outwardly successful. As a rule, cold and not orgasmic girls.

    They can't give a man an orgasm. Everyone, beautiful and ugly, will always find her man. History knows many examples of women with unusual appearance and their bright and beautiful life. Appearance is nothing.

  2. Not easy. You are constantly not chosen everywhere (at interviews, in companies, on Tinder). All these comments about your appearance cause trauma and stay with you forever.

  3. Will not replace the appearance
    of soft Lips freshness
    A small heart
    Great kindness
    Loyalty and loyalty
    It won't replace your appearance
    But not everyone
    Sees this beauty.
    (Lyrics from the song)
    Already a well-worn expression that everything in a person should be perfectly clear and familiar to everyone. And what about ugly girls with a golden heart, kindness, intelligence and even with a beautiful figure, but the face let down that no cosmetics can save? And yet, many people get married, despite their unsightly appearance? Riddle. So I thought for the time being.
    Our kitchen was not just big, but huge, and not for nothing, the house was called a ship. There were seven tables. There were enough gas stoves for everyone, but there was only one sink and the dishes were washed in turn. Children rode around the kitchen on small tricycles, just as if they were on the street.
    In the middle was an old, heavy, thick-legged German round table, where we all gathered for holidays, and also, sometimes in the evenings, when the husbands were at school, after putting the children to bed, the women drank tea and did needlework. And we were all in a military camp in the city of Dresden. Young, playful, giggly, beautiful and cute.
    But here was one who somehow didn't fit in with our society, or she was shunned by us, or we were her, I don't even remember now. Her husband was a freelance radio technician. Very attractive dark-haired, stocky, medium height, broad-shouldered, but slightly plump. She herself worked in a kindergarten, but we weren't even interested in who she was. Her name was Lyudmila and she was, as they say, “scarier than an atomic war. ”
    She was of an indeterminate age, thin, stooped, with gray hair, and a face that somehow blended the chin with the neck at once, and even her large, black, intelligent eyes could not adorn this flaw. She dressed neatly, but all her skirts, blouses, and trousers were dark colors. No one has ever heard anything from her except-hello, good morning and good evening.
    I exchanged two or three words with her sometimes, since our kitchen tables were next to each other. It was obvious that she cooked perfectly and fed her husband according to all the rules. He always thanked her and left the table with a smile. When Luda baked something, she put a plate of treats on my table in silence. Well, I also reciprocated with my cooking.
    So my husband and I and our little daughter are going on vacation. Leave in the morning. Gifts bought, suitcases packed. It remains to attach our little pinscher Kuzya. Well, I guess it's not a problem, it's full of girlfriends, everyone loves him, and some just adore him. But it didn't work out. I've bypassed everyone, no one wants to take a burden for a month and a half. Of course, my husband and I were upset, but we won't have time to arrange it, and even then in the seventies it was not easy.
    Kuzi had a small house made of plywood with a soft cushion inside. Well, in the morning, reluctantly, they left sabachenka in the house in the kitchen and on the floor a cup for food – well, someone will feed you, have mercy. He would run to the yard and come back for a walk. Down the hall, and there's a hole in the door.
    The whole vacation was worried, well, there were no mobile phones then.
    We returned from vacation, came from the Union, and neither Kuzi, nor the house. I tearfully knock on all the doors.
    I'm told: “Yes, at Lyudmila's, he lives there.”
    I'm going to see her. I'm coming in. Luda is reading a book on the couch, Kuzya is sleeping on her lap, there are two cats at her feet, a heater is on the floor next to her. She looked up at me, her huge eyes half-hidden in her face, and put the book down.
    “What are you talking about? Don't worry. Here he was, safe and sound. Why didn't you ask me? I saw it this morning and immediately took it away. I'm just happy, God didn't give me any children, but maybe there will be more.
    We started talking to her. An intelligent, interesting conversationalist opened up before me. I listened to her soft, pleasant voice and saw a pretty woman in front of me. It turned out that she has three higher educations and works as a kindergarten manager, and in her hometown she was the best kindergarten manager.
    That's how it happens. In one film, a very famous actor said to a girl: “You know all about us men. But why do we love some people and marry others? Here is the riddle of nature. “

  4. To begin with, the taste and color of all markers are different. It is possible that the girl who seems to you as unattractive as possible is very cute and seductive for someone.�

    If a person is interesting, has charisma and intelligence, then sooner or later they will pay attention to their positive qualities, and you get used to any appearance over time: whether it's a gorgeous beauty or a gray mouse. And if for a person appearance is the main aspect, and this person somehow speaks negatively in the direction of the girl, then excuse me, this is a sign of a poor mind, such people are sorry, you should not pay attention to them, my mother taught me this as a child.

    In general, it seems to me that there are no cardinal differences, only if something is small. An unsympathetic girl is just as likely to be happy as a pretty one.

  5. There is an opinion that ugly girls are more successful in relationships with men.

    But statistics show that they live as well as very beautiful . The opposite sex is afraid to get acquainted )

    In addition, beautiful people are more welcome in their workplaces. But still, discrimination based on the cuteness of the face is not so significant, compared to intellectual competition.

    There is no clear answer to this question.

    There are beautiful and insecure ones , and there are punchy ugly girls who are satisfied with their appearance and so on.

  6. I was an ugly duckling for twenty years. Life was bad. Everyone tries to offend, insult, humiliate, call, ridicule, push, even hit. They take a bad mood out on you and you are always to blame for everything. And most importantly-for what ? Just because you don't look the way other people want you to ? Oh yes, for all reasons, the reason is😠.

  7. With age, the appearance of people evens out, that is, everyone looks about the same. In youth, almost everyone also has problems with appearance, so you have to be extremely ugly to say this, and, in a sense, such an appearance can be more profitable than beautiful according to generally accepted views. It is important to attract attention, no matter what, and then the mind enters or something else.
    And in my experience, I can say that I was not noticed and with my appearance and character, I was invisible. I remember exactly when I disappeared. The day I came to school with my glasses on. I never managed to find friends or achieve any success, I was never invited anywhere, and my suggestions were ignored.

  8. Isn't it admirable that many “ugly” girls live much more interesting and happier lives than selected beauties? There are no ugly people at all – it's all so subjective that it's even difficult to understand sometimes-what does this “ugly” or “beautiful”mean?. Another thing is that lukism is very developed in our society , and this state of affairs most likely indicates its immaturity and really levels the very understanding of the essence of the beautiful and beautiful in a person.

  9. Beauty is too vague a concept to be appreciated. Therefore, the question is not entirely correct. There is a concept of conventional beauty – that is, one that is perceived by society, such as will arise in the head of the average person at the mention of the word “beautiful”. It should be noted that the owners of conventional beauty have a certain number of privileges – at school, at work, and just on the street – their attitude is different. Meet on clothes, so to speak, can cram some discount, somehow help, in General, this occurs repeatedly.

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