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  1. I monitor the diet, no vitamins will help us. The most important thing is to load your brain with new, smart and interesting news. In the meantime, I'll keep my wits about me at the dacha, read poems aloud and chat with my friends!

  2. The best vitamin for the brain is the thought process. Best charging – puzzles, sudoku, intellectual games. I recommend reading the books of neurophysiologist Natalia Bekhtereva. Scientific works are devoted to Natalia Petrovna's brain physiology.

  3. Vitamins are not medicines, they are food substances. They are found in food. According to the figurative expression of Academician Engelhardt, ” Vitamins manifest themselves not by their presence, but by their absence.” This means that almost all body functions, including memory, deteriorate with a lack of vitamins in the diet and, accordingly, insufficient supply of vitamins to the body. Taking vitamin complexes eliminates the lack of vitamins in the body and leads to an improvement in those functions that were disrupted by vitamin deficiency.

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