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  1. Many people claim that the Earth is flat. No one is hiding anything. Only primary school children should be taught about the spherical shape of the Earth. All higher education institutions and institutes consider the Earth to be flat and stationary. In all scientific manuals, forms, calculations of ballistics, geodesy, aviation, navigation, GPS systems, etc., the rotation and curvature of the Earth is not taken into account and it is stated that it is flat and does not rotate. That's the whole secret, no conspiracy theory, no worldwide conspiracy, no crazy opponents-freaks… A rotating ball – in theory, a fixed plane-in practice.

  2. the fact is that our world is a kingdom of crooked mirrors, where every fact is inflated, distorted, distorted. As Berdyaev said, in every lie there is a part of the truth, which it holds and spreads. Pure truth, that is, the Truth is given in the teaching of Jesus Christ, where He explicitly declares to Himself::
    6 Jesus said to him: I am the way and the truth and the life.

    Christ was unique in His own way – His very birth showed that He was different from the sons of men, that He was not of this world, and that HE was the light that the world needed.

  3. No one ever tells the truth to anyone, well, for the reason that, however, in general, no one needs it, except for a very narrow circle of professionals. For example, everyone knows that the Earth is round, well, in the shape of a ball, someone will remember the word geoid, they say it is such a slightly flattened ball, but this is not true, this is just a description, the shape of the earth is changed by tidal deformations, at least. But such a detailed truth, in general, is not needed by anyone, except for specialists, and for a general understanding it is enough to know that the Earth has the shape of a ball.

    I personally don't know anything about the conspiracy and the World Government, and I haven't been invited to the meetings of this government. I think that there is simply no conspiracy, global, there is a huge number of business interests, which make up some trends. These are the same trends for us, ordinary people. actively impose, sometimes in a very dirty way. The most vivid example is dieselgate, which arose due to the fact that there was a tendency to “clamp” diesel engines with wild emission standards, in favor of “green” technologies. As a result, billions of money were spent on these very “green” cars, time was lost, but someone made a good profit on it. So what? And the fact that a month ago, in Frankfurt, the largest car manufacturers in Germany unequivocally said-guys, at the moment all (!) electric cars in the world are sold at a loss, losses are paid for by sales of classic or hybrid cars (Tesla, by the way, is still working at a loss), and we will develop hybrid schemes, including diesel (!), and the car was shown a full hybrid with 1000 (!) hp with an engine of 1.6 liters. Apparently, “green” technologies will move sideways in the near future, as this topic has become too expensive.

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