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  1. Oh, the eternal theme. I myself very often take photos, but not all the photos in a row, but individual paintings. Here, for example, in the next museum I see another Cranach, and there the naked virgin has a big toe unexpectedly straight or the signature is in some very sophisticated place. Then I'll take a picture of the whole picture and a fragment, so as not to forget. Or if I've been looking at a picture for two minutes, I realize that I have some thoughts, scribble two lines in my notes and take a photo.

    Of course, you can't look at these photos of the house, you can't put them in a frame, but they contain a lot of information that I just won't remember with my eyes.

    But to take pictures, flying through entire halls in a second-this, of course, is strange. But everyone's business. Again, maybe a person has a sick child at home, and he should write a report on the exhibition!

    In general, of course, it pisses me off if a person doesn't let me see a picture and stands in front of my nose for three minutes, putting his phone on, but on the other hand, even if he didn't have a phone or a camera, he could have pissed me off. So, let them take pictures of who needs them.

    Besides, I've missed the museums that sleep in lockdown so much that I'm willing to put up with a whole horde of photographers just to walk through the exhibition halls.

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