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  1. Yes, I remembered about its existence in connection with this issue.

    Even Soviet propaganda actively tried to present the Club of Rome as one of the centers of “world imperialism”, which makes all the important political decisions that supposedly govern the world.

    In fact, this “club” is one of many formats of communication between political figures from different countries. No decisions are made there, especially those that would be binding on various States.

    The Club does quite a decent job, considering some current world problems and publishing sound and noteworthy reports based on its discussions.

    But the way politics is really being built in Western countries could be seen from the recent impeachment hearings in the US Congress against Trump.

    The US president decided to simply ask the leadership of a foreign country to initiate an investigation against his, the president's, political opponent in the upcoming presidential election in exchange for the promised military assistance. Eka nevidalus, many Russians will say, and what is there to judge the president for?

    The most interesting thing about this topic is not the reaction of Congress, where the Democrats have the majority. The most interesting thing is the reaction of the American state apparatus to the actions of the president. All, and exclusively all, government officials involved in the Ukrainian issue – in the State Department, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the CIA, and the White House staff – did not agree that the president's actions were so illegal and even illegal that some of them resigned in protest, one officially reported the incident to his control and audit service, and others publicly protested before Congress.

    They did so because they were not told to do so by the Club of Rome or by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, but because they have an official policy approved, agreed with Congress, publicly announced and recorded in relevant documents, and all these state officials know that violating this policy will weaken the position of their country, undermine its credibility and demand from them, officials, for their respective actions or inaction. This is how politics is made.

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