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  1. I have long made the decision that after my death, everything in my body that will be suitable for study/transplantation will be extracted and transferred. I won't need these organs myself anyway, and if they help someone or save their life, it will be a big deal.

  2. Who exactly is this “science” and what “good” are we talking about? Research of brain activity, reaction speed to external stimuli, ability to analyze, memory device? Or maybe built-in monitoring and control? “Upgrade” in order to introduce new features necessary for modeling new “intelligent” creatures? Artificial intelligence? Who can anticipate and control such research? All research of this kind is kept in the strictest confidence and is a state secret. Why do you think that is?

  3. With a laugh. I know enough people who are doctors to know that the brain is the only part of the body whose aging cannot be medically slowed or reversed. Why does science need a set of non-functioning biological waste?

  4. Professor Dowell's head: * logged in to the chat*

    And so it is normal, for example, you can sell all your intact and intact organs after death, it will not be a small amount, to relatives

  5. I am a believer, and I know that after death there will be the resurrection of the dead and eternal life. My flesh will be joined to my soul, and I would like to be whole, not cut up. The human body must be holy. And this sanctity of both the living and the dead body should be respected. The body cannot be considered as medical raw materials or as a warehouse of spare parts. Therefore, I do not agree to such experiments. By the way, this video just raises this topic:


  6. Yes, please. Relatives, I think, will be odnofigstvenno. At least I wouldn't feel sorry for their bodies.
    Another thing is that my organs may not be suitable for donation purposes. And at the same time, I don't have anything so “special” – that is, my brain is hardly of interest to science.
    In any case, I will not be up to it)

    by the way, I wonder if you need to fill out some documents during your lifetime in order to be “considered” posthumously?)

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