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  1. You know, Sergey, I have a very simple and not scientific answer. You need to do something, for example, and you think: is it necessary? If you imagine what you have done, and your heart is disgusting or scary or ashamed-this “heart says” that you should not do this thing. And if you have imagined – and just well and perfectly you are doing at this moment, here is a hint-do it.

    Our subconscious mind analyzes every “what would have happened if” situation earlier and more fully than reason and gives out advice in the form of feelings.

    This is the “call of the heart”.

  2. The heart is a muscular organ in the circulatory system, and it does not say anything, but it is really necessary to be able to hear and understand the meaning of the signals of your subconscious mind. To do this, you need to master spiritual practices, including meditation, so that important information is understood, so that you can make the right decision in each case.

  3. With the help of ultrasound, and ECG, and I'll tell you the secret pretty nasty noises, whistling snuffling like a snotty nose, gurgling and hooting up and down.

    This organ does not speak, as it is essentially a pump that distills blood Without additional functions and hidden meanings.

    Pulse pain, bradycardia, ischemia, constipation.OAP, tachycardia and many other funny sores. But not as a non-communication and not as a conversation. Do not confuse the organs with your inner world and phantom pains that you are ready to perceive as a conversation or something else. Alternatively, try to hear what your hands or feet, liver, spleen, stomach, and prostate are telling you. Tie it up otherwise men in white coats will come to your mortal carcass, and take it away for compulsory treatment.

  4. To hear the voice of the heart is to hear the call of intuition.

    To hear the call of the heart-you need to start listening.

    By concentrating within yourself, the call of the heart will gradually be heard, just as a person, once at dusk, gradually begins to distinguish objects.

    The call of the heart reminds a person of his Vocation. Intended use. Predestination. Missions.

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