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  1. For me, death is a stage in an endless chain of events, quite serious, more serious than graduation, coming of age, retirement, but one of many. It is comparable in importance to birth. When I think about death, it seems to me like jumping into cold water from a height, when you don't know the bottom – scary, you know that it will be cold, but interesting, inviting – what else is there for me?

  2. You can fantasize a lot about death, and it is exactly the mystery that still excites and worries people. As I see it, death is a necessary and important stage in this vast and mysterious world. With the death of the consciousness of an individual, life does not end, the private, separate “personality”, what once had: name, nationality, social status, faith, worldview and other things, dies, disappears into oblivion. Death is a mystery that scares many people, fear encourages the brain to create a different reality of being beyond life.This is how faith appears in the consciousness of a person, in its various religious aspects, promising him eternal, immortal existence, in its various forms (reincarnation, paradise, jannat, etc.). Death is directly related to life itself, where one thing flows into another and so on ad infinitum, in a circle. You will die and I will die-this is a fact, but this process of life and death will exist without us, regardless of our desires, habits and beliefs. In this continuous process of life and death, there is a certain beauty, justice and reason, when the old dies, giving way to something new, fresh, pure. Here it is – eternal, timeless, an incessant process of life and death.

  3. Very simple. When you sleep, your consciousness is turned off. So is death, consciousness is disabled. You will never wake up, you will simply not be there, the body will decompose if it is not cremated and will lie in the cemetery and possibly undergo reburial in the future. That's how you can imagine death.�

    And please don't be fooled by the resurrection nonsense, these people either didn't learn biology in school, or they didn't learn it well, or they are so afraid of death that ….They didn't teach me.

  4. if we only lived here , we wouldn't live at all
    The saying of the Jewish sages. A person's consciousness is only a thin layer of his being – the layers of the subconscious and unconscious are much more extensive.
    As a Christian, I believe in the human spirit and soul enclosed in the body, and at the death of the body, a person simply changes his state. There is a lot of evidence of awareness of a person after he had a biological death followed by resurrection. I believe in the resurrection – the resurrection of life, the resurrection of lost meanings, the resurrection of the Earth, of common sense, which was killed by human vice, in a New Life.�

    28 Do not be surprised at this; for the time is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear the voice of the Son of God;
    29 and those who have done good will go out to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation.
    (John 5: 28,29)

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