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  1. tranquilizers depress the central nervous system. Everyone understands that sleeping pills are sooner or later addictive, a sharp refusal of them leads to physical abnormalities: insomnia, irritability, sometimes convulsions, sometimes death (YOU WILL CALM DOWN FOREVER))0).

  2. It depends on what sedatives. If valerian or novopassit (herbal), then there will be no dependence. Another thing is benzodiazepine tranquilizers like phenazepam, barbiturates (corvalol) and some specific drugs (coaxil). Here we are talking about physical dependence, but it is not always formed (I do not have on tranquilizers in principle). And the psychological one can be formed from anything that makes you feel very good.

  3. If you don't have sedatives, and you're not at a disco, you're probably addicted to sedatives. If you are shaken and cold, and with sedatives, then everything is fine, you do not have an addiction, or rather it no longer has any meaning.

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