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  1. It is easy to understand this, but, alas, not immediately. Over the years, you evaluate your life and realize that there are times when you are very blunted, but you can't fix anything, and you will stay with it forever…

  2. The line between mediocrity and genius

    What do we mean by “dumb”? Inability to formulate thoughts and convey them in words, lack of understanding of mathematics, or lack of a sense of humor?�

    Now the level of mental abilities is usually measured using IQ tests, which give out a certain value in the result. Does this mean that a small aikyu is a verdict? This is not entirely true.

    Broad-mindedness and a developed brain are more important than IQ

    The fact is that intelligence is a set of accumulated knowledge and the ability to effectively apply it in practice. As well as broad horizons and diverse interests. The result of IQ testing can be affected by the psychoemotional state of the test subject, namely, elementary inattention, nervous tension, distractions, or even irritability. That is why common online tests masquerading as “intelligent” tests cannot be 100% effective.

    In reality, indicators of high intelligence (or a smart person) are:

    – broad outlook;
    – consistency and logic of conclusions;
    – skillful knowledge management and application in practice;
    – critical thinking and reasoned point of view;
    – high level of cultural development – understanding of the problems of artistic works.

    How to get smarter

    Thus, becoming smarter means developing your brain and expanding your horizons. Brain development occurs through the training of higher mental functions-attention, memory, thinking, speech, as well as through cultural education. They can be trained on simulators, like muscles. The online service Wikium offers 40+ cognitive simulators on a scientific basis. They line up in a personal training session, evenly developing all functions, using your strengths to develop weaknesses. And your level is determined immediately during the introductory testing during registration.

    Brain development is a process, not an end goal, because if you don't do it regularly, the reverse mechanism will start.

    And now, as for the outlook.

    Even if you don't understand painting or author's movies, “smart” literature and all this art in general, then you just need to start. Go to exhibitions, read different authors, mark for yourself what you like most, what you understand at least a little, and the mechanism will start. By building up this cultural base, you stimulate thought processes, develop critical thinking and your own perspective.

  3. How do you know that you are stupid? It is very difficult for a truly stupid person to understand this: a stupid person will not ask himself a question about his stupidity. And if another person says to him,” You're a fool, my dear, ” he still won't believe it. Thus, a person who asks himself the question “How to understand whether you are stupid or not” is definitely not stupid: he can reflect and be critical of himself.

    You can also conduct a mini-assessment of yourself on the following points:�

    1. No one laughs at your jokes: a sense of humor is a good indicator of a lively mind. If you have a rudimentary sense of humor, you may not be as smart as you think.
    2. You haven't read a single book in the last year: умение the ability to read books reflects the ability to concentrate on one object for a long time, which is indirectly related to the assessment of “mind”.
    3. Events in the world seem unrelated to you: this item reflects the ability to systematically analyze incoming information.�
    4. To the question “Am I stupid?” my friends start to evade the answer: this is the only point after which I would really be wary.
  4. It seems to me that a person's stupidity is determined by the fact that there is nothing to talk about with him. When he has no interest in anything, when speech is limited to the simplest words, and topics for conversation – only what he sees in front of him. Lack of desire to develop, curiosity-all this, in my opinion, means degradation. This is if you try to characterize the interlocutor.

    And if we are talking about evaluating yourself, then I will start with the banal – if you are wondering whether you are stupid or not, then most likely not stupid:) a stupid person would not be steamed, I think, by such a topic. The ability to analyze, draw conclusions, and evaluate oneself is already an indicator of the ability to move the gears.

    I can definitely say that if you have been interested in art and study painting all your life, but work, for example, in the field of real estate sales, then the fact that you are not able to freely participate in a conversation about quantum mechanics is not stupidity. After all, one way or another, we devote our lives to studying a certain area in a certain direction, and the lack of knowledge in something completely different is not an indicator of stupidity. Moreover, even the lack of interest and desire to study quantum mechanics is not an indicator of stupidity. If you start a conversation about your favorite artist, someone who does not understand this topic may feel just as stupid.

    That's why we need to communicate with different new people – we expand our horizons and get new information about this world. Isn't it great to have someone to share your hobbies with, someone who can inspire you with something new? And when you are interested in a completely new field-it's so great, the main thing is not to lose enthusiasm and encourage your curiosity, to study, even on your own now you can study almost anything, since in our time we have all the means for this. For this, for example, there is a wonderful and beloved portal the Question:)

    In fact, after a bit of reflection, I realized that the only situation in which I could truly call myself stupid is when I repeatedly failed to perceive any information or master a skill. But this is completely different – this is the moment when you either accept that you are not interested and unnecessary, and this is not a reason to scold yourself, or you show perseverance and dig into an interesting and new topic that is not yet clear to yourself.

    As a result, I completely left the question raised, but since there are thoughts, where else can I express them, if not here ?

  5. But does it really matter? Moreover, it is impossible to give a person an unambiguous assessment. A person can be “stupid” in some matters, but at the same time “genius” in something else. An example is the story about Edison.

    One day young Thomas Edison brought a note from school. His mother read aloud: “Your son is a genius, and we can't teach him anything else. So find a special school for your son.” Many years later, when Edison became the greatest inventor of the century, he found this note in the home archive. It said: “Your son is mentally retarded, we can no longer teach him in the same school as normal children. Find a special school for him.”�

    In his diary, he wrote:: “Thomas Edison was a mentally retarded child. Thanks to his heroic mother, he became one of the greatest geniuses of his age.”

    The moral is: don't think of someone as “dumb.” What matters is not the level of intelligence, and especially not the opinion of outsiders. All that matters is how much you can use your potential and what you can achieve in life.

  6. Ask others to ask you different questions, and you try to answer them. At the same time, find out if you are surrounded by stupid people, you may not escape from your bucket of crayfish and you are doomed:3

  7. Look, if everything is always good in your life, and there are no problems in principle, if everything in this world seems possible and you are always sure that you will be able to do everything perfectly and identically to your life plan, then you should know that either you are an optimist to the core, or you are still a little stupid.

  8. I believe that it is the “stupid” person who is not interested, does not want to develop, does not ask a question where he does not understand something. For everyone else, you can use the word “uneducated”, because they may not know something due to certain circumstances, or they grew up in a completely different system of education and values. So yes, arrogance and stupidity breed stupidity. That is, the person is not interested, and thinks that he already knows everything that needs to be known. I hope you understand me

  9. This concept is relative, like speed. One and the same person can be both stupid and smart in relation to a person smarter than themselves and a person dumber than themselves, respectively.

  10. If you have already asked yourself this question, then you are already beginning to think. Which leads to the fact that you're not stupid anymore. A person who does not ask himself questions, lives according to his instincts, the concepts of the external world. It happens that questions slow down your development to perform any actions, as you start to think “What if…” and continue to doubt.

  11. Open some tutorials on circuit theory. If you don't understand shit, you're stupid.

    And so. I'm stupid.

    Glory to circuit currents! Glory to contour resistances!

  12. Щоб це зрозуміти, потрібно поспілкуватися з людиною.Я думаю, що розумний – не обов'язково мусить все знати, з такою людиною легко і просто.

    Я вважаю себе не настільки розумною, щоб зватися генієм і не настільки тупою, щоб-дурою….

  13. A person has a blank look,he does not have his own personal opinion, he does not ask questions, is not interested in anything, does not like to read a variety of literature, does not think about his future, does not know how to plan the day

  14. Well, if you are interested in purely your intellectual abilities, take an iq test, and if the word “stupidity” means the level of knowledge in a particular field, then there are no people who are equally well versed in everything, a person can be, for example, a professor in physics, but at the same time be a complete zero in some other discipline, you can not say that he is stupid?And if someone has offended you and called you stupid, then just for your comfort, remember the curious fact that every 9th inhabitant of our beloved Earth can not read and write)

  15. You need to rationalize your skills and abilities and make a comparison table with a successful person who has achieved a lot and a person who has achieved nothing and make a decisive conclusion

  16. Let's put it this way: stupid people do not have doubts about their own mind, its sharpness and speed. If you're dumb, you'll never ask yourself this question. So just because you're reading the answers now means you're not stupid.

  17. The Dunning-Kruger effect will help you. In short and simple words: the redneck does not realize and never realizes that it is a redneck. But if you have started to think about your intellectual level, then probably something in your brain has moved and requires an explanation, which means that there is some kind of craving for knowledge. It's not a problem at all if you walk around the Tretyakov Gallery and suddenly realize that you're the only one in the audience who doesn't understand “what the meme is”, and everyone else is standing and admiring. Elite culture, as you know, is not for everyone. And when you turn to contemporary art (like Andy Warhol or something older like Kazemir Malevich), you need a special education or at least familiarization with the cultorological analysis of these works.

  18. If you don't want to learn something new, develop yourself, or read books, then you're stupid. On the other hand, you may be interested in non-natural topics, such as obsession with religion or politics.

  19. you can pass the IQ test, it will be 0-100% most likely the result is only the maximum.

    or you can read the full evaluation criteria of 5,000 years ago(but after the invention of the wheel, the vimana, and during the degradation of the pyramid builders):

    Lord Siva said to His friend, the Supreme Lord Krsna

    SB 4.24.42

    Dear Lord, You are the greatest of those who bestow blessings. You are the oldest and most important of all the enjoyers. The metaphysical philosophy of all worlds is subject to You, for You are the supreme cause of all causes, Lord Krsna. You are the greatest of religious principles, the highest intelligence, and the owner of a brain that no circumstances can interfere with. So I bow down to You again and again.

  20. How to understand? First of all, you need to understand what is the essence of the definition of “stupid”?�

    The fact is that people use concepts, terms, or, if at their very core, images. This is a psychological aspect, but I think it is worth considering in this situation. Each person has a system of perception of reality. The psyche unloads it by simplifying it: putting a number of information defined by meaning into meanings and images. For simplicity of explanation, I will use the term “semantic images”, since both of these phenomena arise and work in the psyche as a single whole – the act of thinking.

    When a person receives certain information from you, they unconsciously try to interpret it. The psyche reacts immediately, raising from memory and experience semantic images to which this information can be correlated.

    If a person finds the term fool in his experience and you correspond to it to one degree or another, he will interpret your behavior as the behavior of a fool, and attribute the corresponding label to you.

    This is how it happens, and how we humans attribute our subjective labels to things happening around us.

    And even to ourselves.�

    The validity of these labels depends only on the reliability and objectivity of the individual's ideas. If there are far fewer problems with reliability than with objectivity, then the human being has always had great problems with objectivity. Objectivity is a judgment that reliably and fully reflects and describes the absolute truth. Absolute truth, as we know, does not exist for man, because man does not have the resources available to the level of God. Man is material and his cognition is limited by his ideas, sense organs and the simplicity of the operations of the psychic apparatus, as well as limited by the same phenomena in joint work with other people.

    Therefore, one person's truth is always subjective. And it is far from always reliable, since a person also has perception, which, as we know, ” finds only what it has been taught to look for.” In other words, we humans do not always know what we need to look at in order to judge some truth for ourselves: “so' fool ' or something else?”

    Therefore, even the most objective-looking “truth” that I myself or someone else is a fool is a damn relative concept that you can believe and rely on, or you can take it conditionally and keep in mind that you can be wrong in your conclusions.

    You can be a fool for the smart and smart for the fools. But for yourself, you must be “ignorant”. “I know I don't know anything.”

  21. Smart people don't consider themselves that way. But at the same time, he is sure that he knows and can prove his case, while at the same time the mind implies doubt in the knowledge received.

  22. Be z of course. БЕЗof course.�

    And the article itself is somewhat strange. It is more suitable for people who, thinking about their own stupidity, do not try to change anything, but only cry.

  23. Ask the question whose Crimea is it? If they answer that Ukraine is definitely stupid, if it's Russia, it's worth thinking about, but if they ignore it, it's definitely not stupid, but thoughtful.

    The second question is whether there is a Ukrainian nation, if the answer is yes or no, then they are definitely stupid.

  24. This is easy to check. Pass the test by answering “yes” or “no”:

    1. You are sure that only your opinion is correct, and everything that differs from it is wrong. At the same time, you consider it your duty to convey your Truth to everyone. You think all those who disagree are idiots and don't listen to what they are trying to tell you.
    2. Everything new and different from what you are used to, you react with anger and judgment.
    3. You don't have a sense of humor or he's a pussy-ass.
    4. You have beliefs in which you firmly believe, but if you dig, you have not read much about this topic and do not understand the topic. Example: a believer who has never read the Bible.
    5. You take an expensive car on credit at a salary of less than 30k. and you force your relatives to” help ” you financially, essentially taking money from them for their toys, like a child, and forcing them to give up something. And you do all this with a clear conscience.
    6. You do not know how to argue your opinion and immediately get personal in an argument. To the question ” why?” you get angry and add mentally or verbally ” .. who are you that I should explain anything else to you?!”
    7. You believe in omens, incantations and evil eyes, justice, magic and other nonsense.
    8. You don't read books, or you only read fiction. In general, you think that you already know everything as well as some scribblers.
    9. The main entertainment for you is alcohol or drugs.
    10. You tend to clash with people at home and on the street and raise your voice a little. You sincerely believe that the louder and more emotional you communicate your position to the other person, the sooner they will agree with it.
    11. You are weak at the front and promiscuous.
      11.1 You think it's normal and smart to get paid for sex, and most importantly, you want to be respected for it. You cheat on the person who supports you, and, most importantly, accuse him (or someone else) of your infidelity. In my life, I met more than one such case among my friends.
    12. You tend to generalize and label things.
    13. You believe some “authoritative” person without subjecting their words to critical analysis. You are suggestible and suspicious.
    14. You judge people by their looks and things. For example, ” dressed in gray, speaks softly, cheap cell phone means a fool, and you can ignore his opinion.”
    15. You only respect strength. You despise the rest. You sincerely believe that this is how smart people behave.
      15.1 You believe that all people are aggressive animals, like to compare yourself to a wolf-dog-cat or something else, live by reflexes and hormonal reactions that you can't control, and call this “sincerity”.
    16. You are sure that someone is to blame for all your problems, and you are a holy sufferer and a victim of circumstances.
    17. You don't know what you want.
    18. You think that “a man should” and “a woman should”.
    19. You step on the same rake for years without drawing conclusions.
    20. You judge everyone by yourself and attribute your motivation to people.

    For each “yes” answer, add 1 point. If you end up with more than one point, you're stupid.
    Here you still need to make a discount on the age. If a person is stupid before the age of 25, this is excusable. If after – no way.

  25. Standard communication, reaction, and status in social networks are not an indicator. If you can solve your tasks without spending too much time, this is the only indicator. But in fact, often stupid is simply called a person who has a different mindset from others. Or it simply has a different rhythm-first accumulating material, as if moving in a spiral, and not in a straight line to the goal. No, it's not necessarily genius, but a different approach. Which is sometimes more useful than the already rolled method. A fabulous, but good example of Ivanushka, who was called a fool for some reason, because he did not obey the usual rule. But in the end, he achieved much more. If some people are not convinced by fairy tales, then you can remember Steve Jobs…

  26. If you're stupid, you won't understand. And if you are not stupid, but “understood” that you are stupid, then you just did not understand. So there can be no” or ” here. You can only understand that you are not stupid.

  27. I can say with pride . That I'm stupid … but I already figured out how to live with it =)…. �

    In general I know some inventors who make crazy devices and equipment that are sold all over the world ! And they can definitely be called smart! Yes ?! … And try to talk to them about emotions psychology or something similar and you will feel that you are talking to a narrow-minded, not very well-mannered person!�

    Conversely, I know many people who, unfortunately, have not achieved recognition and at least success, but in any situation they come up with such solutions . that you marvel at his ingenuity, while they haven't even heard of any of Kirghof's laws, for example…

    And there are also people with whom you can freely communicate on any topic, but without going into details, but they can explain their position in detail on almost any issue and support their theses, it is most interesting to communicate with them , but unfortunately they are not always suitable for solving specific problems, as they know everything, but not deeply enough … �

    In any case, if you're not naturally inquisitive, you won't be … And you can always develop .. Some of us have such a hidden potential that it's already scary to become ! Another thing is that many simply can not open it … I don't say anything about parenting at all….

  28. There is such a thing as the Dunning-Kruger effect. This is the inability to realize their mistakes due to the low level of their skills. Such people tend to overestimate their own skills. They are not able to realize the full extent of their incompetence. They are not able to adequately assess the really high level of skills of others. Hence-a firm belief in their rightness.�

    I watch Internet disputes and observe it in general everywhere.

  29. It seems to me that the main indicator is the number of injuries and scars on your body,the most stupid ones are eliminated in childhood, and in general, how can you not remember about the Darwin Prize ,which, as I understand it, is given out to outstanding stooges

  30. Yes, the guys are right, this is largely a matter of terminology. For me personally, stupidity is the inability to think critically and look at reality at least periodically through the prism of rational honesty. In this regard, life in continuous illusions, an excessively irrational sense of humor in the style of “because gladiolus”, extreme degrees of optimism and pessimism for me are markers of a small or undeveloped mind.

  31. Well, to begin with, if there is someone who you think is dumber than you – you are not the last link.

    Please provide a detailed answer so that it can be interesting to read.

  32. It is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of “stupid” and”stupid”. Stupidity is what we usually call an inability to think straight.

    Stupidity is a lack of understanding of the obvious things in a particular situation. Отсюда Hence the derived word “stupid”. That is, when it doesn't reach you right away. So, you're stupid if simple things take a long time to reach you (or don't reach you at all).

  33. My answer is simple. A stupid person will never admit that they are stupid. He's so hardheaded that the idea wouldn't even occur to him. Stupid people are also very touchy. If you directly tell a stupid person that he is such (even with arguments), then after the words: “What? He's stupid himself”, he will be very offended and will not even try to understand that he is stupid. Cocky dumbass. Stupid. The trunk.

    Therefore, if you are as stupid as an unshined pencil, then you will never understand that you are stupid.

  34. “A fool who admits that he is a fool is no longer a fool” – F. M. Dostoevsky.The bottom line is that if you think you're a fool,then you understand your mistakes,look for ways out,and strive for the best.So we're all dumb until we admit it and start changing.So, the person who says that he is not a fool, he is.

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