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  1. Yes. The stronger a person is, the healthier and more resilient they are, the less traumatic childhood events affect them.

    Strong sanguine people are even sometimes useful to scold, especially after 5 years. And scolding thin melancholic people is extremely dangerous for their fragile psyche.

    But… There are many exceptions, for example, diseases such as schizophrenia, which are more often affected by strong and very energetic people.

    Or patient and strong as a wall, phlegmatics may not even get sick with colds all their lives, but they may be prone to epilepsy at a certain provocation.

  2. There is such a thing as Psychosomatics . If you go deeper into it, then the soul and body are connected, therefore the body affects the psyche and moral qualities . There is definitely a significant influence of the body on the psyche, but it is impossible to say with certainty that if you do not have a very healthy body ( for various reasons ) then you are not healthy mentally or morally .

  3. Once I became interested in this question and came across the” popular theory ” of the beginning of the XX century by the psychologist E. Kerchmer, which describes the relationship between a person's character and his body type. In his main book on this topic, a typology of physiques is given, where each type corresponds to a certain set of mental illnesses and their manifestations.�

    Yes, yes, “…we are all sick.” Well, more precisely, how…for example, according to Kerchmer, (conditionally) thin people mostly show signs of schizophrenia. And the diagnosis of “schizophrenia” itself can be made when these signs cross a certain border and become (conditionally)noticeable ones.

    As far as I remember, the author quite explicitly notes that it is often possible to observe a mixture of different types and, accordingly, their manifestations. He also notes the need for further research in this direction and does not claim to be exclusive in his position..but the theory is interesting.

  4. Yes, but I think that this correlation is caused socially, not psychologically.�
    It is clear that people with physical disabilities, physical disabilities, or chronic health problems will have difficulties with social communication. Perhaps with socialization in general.�
    This is due to self-doubt, closeness. Often, the introversion of such people in combination with health concerns can plunge a person into a prolonged depression.�
    But, of course, not always.

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