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  1. I hear a loud sound rising up, so loud I think my head is going to burst. More often I hear in my dreams that people are talking and their conversation begins to increase at breakneck speed, at this moment I have a strong panic and want to wake up as soon as possible. I do not know how long this time lasts, 3-5 seconds, perhaps.

  2. I would describe it as a sudden, hard blow to the head. Actually, I tried to explain this to my parents when I was little.

    Now, as an adult, I understand that they probably wrote it off as a child's fantasy. There was no Internet at that time, just like the information in the medical directory, which, by the way, we had at home.

    I found out about it myself relatively recently, about ten years ago, when there was another incident at night. Fortunately, iPhones were already available and I just started Googling my feelings. However, I did not find the necessary information without difficulty, because the syndrome is still not very well understood, and even then even more so.

    In general, I found information in English (there was practically nothing in Russian at that time). I remember being very happy about this, as I realized that there are quite a lot of such people around the world.

    Well, directly to the essence of the question. As they say, you don't want the enemy to experience this. Especially in childhood, when this happens much more often, you still believe in the supernatural and do not understand what happened to you.

    Imagine that you are sleeping or falling asleep, when suddenly someone hits you sharply and hard on the head! Covers the instant wave of shackling (literally!) horror, you wake up with lightning speed, your heart is beating wildly, it's dark, the feeling of someone/something near you, at the very edge of your field of vision, but you can't see anything. Scary fucking creepy! It's impossible to fall asleep after that.

    It's been a very long time since this has happened to me, probably three or four years. And then yesterday, even the day before yesterday, because this night I also could not sleep, everything happened again. That's why I registered here, hoping that I will find the reasons and how to prevent it. I'm even ashamed to admit I live alone now I always sleep without light. It was stupidly scary to fall asleep. A nightmare on Elm Street.

    In general, I hope my story will help someone or they can tell me something. We need to stop it somehow. The heart is very fast and powerful and beat for a long time this time in sixty years I'm afraid the motor will not stand. Sorry for the punctuation at the end.

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