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  1. How does rain come out of a cloud? The vapor particles condense, form droplets, and fall. So are thoughts. A person eats, is charged with energy. Some of this energy goes to the brain. That is, a person always has a certain charge that is distributed to different thoughts. Even in a dream, this charge is spent on something. In the course of life, networks of energy conductors have formed in the brain. Depending on which part of the network the charge will pass through, a corresponding thought arises. If, for example, a cruel experiment is performed on a person: open the skull and apply electricity to different parts of the brain, then he will have different thoughts, desires and emotions.

    Our brain can be compared to a mechanical clock. What a person is aware of is just a dial and hands. That is, it is the resultant part of the thinking process. In fact, there are many hidden gears and springs inside the watch that these hands move. So is consciousness-only the result is felt in the form of a complete thought. But in fact, in the brain, many subtle currents in completely different parts of the brain merged into one big one, so that we noticed it and realized it as a thought. It's like when you look at a picture and perceive it as a whole, while this picture is a set of colored spots, if you get closer, you can see these spots separately. Or the image on the monitor screen is a collection of dots. Similarly, in the brain, each new moment the total charge is poured out on a set of spots, which we are aware of as a specific thought. When you are trying to find connections between different thoughts, you are just playing checkers with your brain-you consistently activate different areas and fix the connections between them. This can be done indefinitely. There is no first initial state.

  2. You asked a very difficult, almost eternal question. In a slightly different form, they have been asked by people since ancient times. How is thinking possible?

    The Greeks saw thinking as movement. So I started thinking at point A, and then I find myself at point B. And once I'm in it, I know I should be there, but I didn't know it when I started moving. I didn't know the Earth was a ball when I started thinking about it. Socrates/Plato gives the theory of recollection as an answer. You already know everything there is, you just need to remember. And thinking is remembering.

    Then the same problem was dealt with by the greatest philosophers of Europe – Descartes and Kant. “How synthetic judgments are possible a priori” is practically the same question.

    Popper's evolutionary epistemology is an attempt to answer this question without involving metaphysics.

    I know of two successful answers. The first is that the world was created by the knowable good God and he also gave us the ability to think, it is his power that thoughts are generated in our head that bring us closer from ignorance to knowledge, due to his gift we are able to separate error from truth, recognize it when we see it. The second, the same evolutionary epistemology, suggests that this ability to create thoughts and measure them with reality for truth is a product of evolution. Billions of living things were forced to do this in order to survive, and those who didn't do it well enough died. Our brain, just like evolution works, picks up the answer, feeling for it in small steps, at random. Just as we train, it becomes more and more automatic, the steps become more and more-this is intuition, when we can immediately jump a long distance and still hit the target.

    For more details, I recommend reading the philosophers I mentioned, so as not to be satisfied with the tunes of Rabinovich in my person.

  3. A thought is a sentence formulated in a specific language, i.e. not necessarily spoken out loud, but spoken in an inner voice, while there is no sentence, there is no thought, only sensations, thought is perception, i.e. translation of sensations into a specific language, i.e. a thought appears when we call our sensations.

    If sensations are not named, they will remain sensations and the continuation will be reflex activity, i.e. without the participation of consciousness, possibly with subsequent awareness of reflex actions, and naming the sensations that led to these reflex actions and the name of these reflex actions.

    If we name sensations, then we move on to meaningful actions, in addition, we plan these actions, discuss them, and can perform them, or we can not perform them, i.e. suppress our sensations – this is conscious behavior.

    Consequently, thought appears as a naming of sensations, not necessarily external, but perhaps internal, which appear in the process of subconscious brain activity.

    Thus, the images that appear in our brain are a set of external or internal sensations or a combination of them, and we think not in the images themselves, but in concepts that we put in accordance with these images.

    This matching operation is performed by the brain during the transition to thinking, i.e. the brain performs the operation of fuzzy matching of a set of sensations with a concept that was previously associated with similar sets of sensations in the process of reasoning or learning.

    We don't know exactly how the brain does this, but mathematicians have built a model of such a mapping – artificial intelligence algorithms built on artificial neural networks.

    Since thought arises from sensations, it becomes clear why artificial intelligence cannot think independently, because a person has a single process of sensations and naming sensations.

    Artificial intelligence performs only one function – naming sensations, i.e. it can only name sensations that are fed to the algorithm input, but it has no sensations either external or internal.

  4. The concept that there are thoughts in the brain comes from everyday language. If, as is now almost universally accepted, we take the analogy of a computer processor and a brain, then thought is an element of the information processing process. The brain always does this to ensure the survival of its carrier.

    More specifically, thought can be identified with information passing through the brain regions responsible for processing sound and visual signals, which as a result are perceived as if external.

    Generally speaking, brain function is still a very poorly understood area.

  5. All thoughts exist in space as information fields and are created by the Creator. Our mind works on the principle of a radio (or even a browser) – it receives waves from the outside by loading logical chains.

  6. Here is a thorough and complete answer to the question: fornit.ru/17954 However, this requires a serious effort of understanding…

    Brain processes can be roughly divided into those that serve the level of response that does not require awareness (reflex and automatic: reflexes and automatisms are different things) and those that serve the channel of conscious attention or consciousness.

    At the first level, parallel processes lead to multiple responses that allow for all the variety of body regulation and behavioral responses to occur simultaneously. On the second channel, there is only one, and in it – only what is currently the most relevant among all the huge variety of images available for direct awareness. Images get into this channel due to the” orientation reflex”, which is triggered by the algorithm for selecting the maximum significance and novelty of images, more precisely, by the algorithm for selecting the maximum of all values of modulation of the significance of novelty of images (or vice versa, which is not essential for implementation).

  7. The brain is a complex device for recording and storing information. These are all its functions.

    It doesn't matter why a person has control programs (a little different, but it's clearer this way).

    The whole body is controlled, all the processes that take place in the body.

    One of the many programs is the mind.

    So thoughts appear in the mind, not in the brain.

    The program “mind” provides a person with:

    • safety;
    • well-being;
    • dominance;
    • continuation of the genus;
    • spiritual evolution.

    Therefore, a thought can only appear at the request of the MIND in response to your desires.

  8. Life experience in the form of memories and knowledge is encoded primarily by neurons in the temporal lobes. Based on this data, by synthesizing old data, the brain constantly generates “new” data in the form of thoughts. Generation occurs very quickly at the unconscious level, so when we get into consciousness, it seems to us that the thought came out of nowhere. (Although sometimes, being in a more or less conscious state, I manage to track the chain of associations that led to this or that thought) Believe me, God, the Devil, reptilians and other characters have more important things to do than broadcast everyday thoughts about “should I pick my nose”into the brains of billions of people))


    Thanks to the circulatory system and lungs, a person is cleansed of toxins, bacteria in the lungs bind nitrogen from the incoming natural air. But most importantly, iron red blood cells and lymph from red blood cells are charged with the Energy of the Light-bearing Ether of Planet Earth through incoming air filled with light-bearing water vapor.

    First of all, even before the formation of a living cell, the Light-bearing Ether breathed its Vital Energy into the bubbles through the respiratory vacuoles, and they came to life.

    The energy of the Air warmed not only the water around the bubbles, but also made it possible to oxidize incoming proteins to amino acids, glucose and lipids (fat) and energy-saturated internal water.

    Lipids separated the sweet environment from the salty one. The sweet medium became a cell, and the salty medium became an intercellular fluid under one fat membrane. It is the salty intercellular water that is saturated with energy.

    Cells were connected to organisms, becoming more complex as the various organs developed, until it became possible for the human body to become a full-fledged circulatory system and lungs. A person consists of 80% of water and this provides him with LIFE-GIVING INTERNAL MOISTURE.

    Article read: “The circulatory arterial-venous system (AVS) as a galvanic cell-electric field generator”.


    Around the Nodes of the Nervous system, water forms a bundle of waves – CLUMPS of ENERGY in the internal intercellular water .Heaving waves of water-Clots of energy, both large and smaller., there are in all organs, in the Brain, in the Medulla Oblongata. (Esotericists define them as chakras).

    Luminiferous water is not as heavy as ordinary molecular water. The most charged water becomes light invisible atomic.

    Religion defines the human Soul as the basis of human feelings, but this is not the case. The Heart is a Major Emotional Center, but not just one.

    The human body is a Full-fledged System, where ALL the Centers of Energy formation of Emotions (Feelings) are important .

    The ENERGY of EMOTIONS passes into the Energy of Primary THOUGHTS, which, through the Memory of conditional and unconditional reflexes, guide all cells of the human body through the Autonomic, Nervous, and Lymphatic Systems.

    Nature and People influence other people with their own ENERGY. Also, food, things produced by people, objects also have their own Impact Energy (they were created for this purpose).

    Why people are not a matrix, as they try to compare people with game characters. Game characters follow instructions from outside without reasoning and immediately obey. Or they act according to a probabilistic program, as in a Sims game, at the level of everyday requests.


    A person may not obey the laws of society and Nature due to some of his thoughts and the quality of Life Experience and Upbringing.

    Individuality OF PEOPLE'S THOUGHTS and gives Them the quality of Energy of the BIOFIELD water.

    A person constantly receives a Pulse of Energy from outside through the Senses. These impulses first of all activate Water at once:

    1) The heart, as a large Galvanic reservoir of Energy due to the accumulation of venous and arterial blood.

    2) The diaphragm and Lungs-quickening or slowing down breathing.

    3) Sexual organs-responsible for reproduction and survival of the body.

    4) Stomach-the survival of the body through the consumption of food and water.

    5) Kidneys and large intestines – where food and water are cut down to molecules and atoms. And with fear, they throw out ballast, lightening the body.

    6) Through the Arcs of the Autonomic System, Energy from the Skin and Large Organs immediately Activates the Energy of the Medulla Oblongata. People feel it as a chill on the back .

    6) The throat for developing response speech and activating the Energy of the Image of Internal speech. The energy of Internal Speech activates the Speech Department and the Logical department of the Brain.

    Therefore, hasty Thoughts, inexperienced and ignorant people, lead to hasty Actions and often to suffering.

    The energy of Primary Thoughts should be analyzed by Paying attention to the minutiae in the behavior of people or situations and relying on an Intuitive Knowledge of how things should really be and what is wrong in the environment.

    And through the Energy of Intuitive Images and Inner Speech, the Energy of Information from outside should be transmitted to the Brain and filled with the Energy of Vital Memory, which is stored in the Thalamus of the Brain.

    This LIFE IMAGE-PICTURE should be filled with the Memory of Life Impressions.

    The quality of knowledge about the laws of Nature of the Earth, about the laws of Social Society, knowledge of food preparation, how objects are made, etc., creates an ADEQUATE THOUGHT IMAGE for the ENVIRONMENT.

    And then the Water Energy of this Image will become Magnetically attractive and affect the Energy of other people's thoughts, dragging them along. Because under the influence of the Energy of the Created image, a person changes himself first of all in his Water Energy of the internal environment.

    The Energy Of The External Senses changes in a person. The gaze radiates the Energy of its Thought. Vzglyad looks for a place and people to implement its Idea . Speech convinces, and your ears pick up the right vibrations of words from speeches or written information. The skin picks up Vibrations around, the Nose feels the right smells, the Tongue tastes the preferred one for itself.

    It should also be said that the PHYSICAL BRAIN stores the Energy of Long-Term Memory in the Thalamus of the Brain and after the death of a person, This Energy is re-deployed at a new birth. That is why not only the race for material well-being is important, but also the formation of THOUGHT images that are adequate to real reality, which are all rolled up into a BUNDLE of MEMORY ENERGY. The more vital knowledge, skills and judgments a person retains, the better their development progresses from ONE PHYSICAL LEVEL to ANOTHER, until the human BRAIN develops to such PERFECTION that it can change its body in the LIKENESS of ITS THOUGHTS, leading its body to longevity and perfection.

    By changing your body in the likeness of your THOUGHT IMAGES, a person learns to change other living organisms, creating new species of animals and plants on the Planet Earth.

    What thoughts, such is the human body and its life and everything around it.

    A person lives among the THOUGHTS of OTHER PEOPLE that are alien to his ENERGIES, the ENERGY OF an ALIEN NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.

    But a person can survive not by destroying, but by negotiating with other people. And a person should learn to survive in Nature without violating Natural Laws and choosing the best places to live, while keeping the water, air, and land around them clean.

    But THE PHYSICAL BODY IS NOT THE LIMIT OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. Having passed all the Levels of development and improvement of the physical body, a person can already live with the ENERGY of HIS THOUGHT, both in the PHYSICAL BODY and in the ENERGY BODY, penetrating and changing the Laws of the Solar System according to his THOUGHTS.

    Partially after each death, a person penetrates for some time to the Energy Level (where they are met by deceased people), but having used up their Energy Potential, the person returns to Physical Birth again to improve the Energy of Their Thoughts.

    More Energy-intensive Mental Images of people allow them to stay at the Energy Level longer, but they have to be born again to reach the highest PHYSICAL LEVEL of the BRAIN AND BODY and thereby PERFECT THEIR MENTAL IMAGES.

  10. I think the thought enters the skull from the outside. But many people do not linger, seeing that this very skull is empty-thoughts are boring alone.But seriously, no one knows and never will.What the “specialists” will say here is all demagogy.

  11. To begin with, there is no strictly scientific answer to this question in modern science yet. Just hypotheses. Moreover, it is very doubtful that thoughts generally occur directly in the brain, since the speed of nerve impulses and the number of neurons themselves are not sufficient for the implementation of such gigantic and super-fast information processes as thinking and imagination.

    Let's look at this from a different perspective, from the direct experience of consciousness working with thought.

    When I was young, I was interested in experimenting with altered states of consciousness. Once I decided to try to stop the mind, that is, to stop the very thought process. It wasn't easy, because the more I tried not to think, the more insistent my thoughts became. Then I decided to banish thoughts with the help of the thoughts themselves. And it had an effect. I just forcibly switched my attention continuously from one thought to another. Pretty quickly, my thoughts ran out and then I began to flip through all sorts of images. After a certain amount of such fun, it became easy to sort through the images without fixing attention on them. At the same time, I noticed that every time my attention involuntarily makes an attempt to immerse itself in the image, but with a little effort I held it.

    And that's where the fun started. Suddenly I found that I was no longer flipping through the images, but they themselves were slowly floating in front of my inner eye. At the same time, they were vague and vague. This is what provoked my attention to dive into them, as if to see them more carefully and in detail. As soon as I let go of my attention, it would pounce like a hungry animal on a passing image, and a thought would unfold in my mind, as if a tape was being played in a tape recorder. I clearly understood that the thought was not mine, it was only voiced or visualized in me. It was an amazing feeling.

    But even more amazing things were waiting for me ahead. At first, the mental images floated only one at a time, and for some reason from right to left. After a while, two mental images began to float by at once, and in random directions. Then three, four, and so on. Their numbers grew and they moved in all sorts of directions. With that, my attention calmed down and there was no need to hold it. I was just watching this pandemonium of thoughts. And at some point I realized that my inner eye was moving away from this mass of thoughts, and therefore more and more of them were falling into its circle. In the end, they turned into a swarming cloud and I saw that there were a huge number of such clouds. Moreover, it was easy to move from one cloud to another. Each cloud was characterized by its own theme and mood. As it turned out later, by and large, we choose clouds, and not individual thoughts, which our attention then “eats” involuntarily.

    This is my personal experience of consciousness working with thoughts. Then, on this basis, I developed a very effective way of thinking for solving various creative problems, when you simply send a request to these clouds, and the answer comes by itself in the form of ready-made thoughts, which you just need to read by switching your attention to them.

    Yes, many will say that this is only a subjective experience, on which scientific knowledge cannot be built. I agree. But in my opinion, all sorts of big bang theories and similar fantasies of astrophysicists are also only subjective experience of the invention of their authors. However, a lot of people already believe in it. But that's not the point.

    The bottom line is that the sphere of consciousness, and therefore of thought, is basically inaccessible to the approach that science currently practices. According to her statement, she studies the so-called objective reality. However, consciousness is an element of subjective reality. The very concept of objective reality appeared as a result of dividing reality into objective and subjective, with the claim that the objective does not depend on the subjective in any way. Any attempt to reduce the subjective to the objective, which is done when consciousness is defined as a function of the brain, is an attempt to destroy the established division of these realities, and therefore to destroy the objective itself. This barrier was set by science itself, and it will never jump over it.

    I am only talking about an experience that is no less real than any observational experience. All you need is a sufficient skill in working with attention, which is achieved with practice. What can be concluded from this experience? First, thoughts only play out in our attention, which can be called the process of awareness. Secondly, a lot of thoughts and images are made up of certain thematic groups and structures, which in general form a huge field of images, which can be calledConsciousness. With a capital letter, because most likely it is universal, because for the most part it does not depend on us.

  12. There is an obvious connection between the wind and the “swaying of tree branches”, which can be interpreted in the OPPOSITE WAY:

    • either the trees are swaying because the wind is blowing;

    • or the wind blows because the trees are swaying.

    Competent people were told that the first interpretation is correct.

    But ask a child or an Amazon jungle person to solve this dilemma and you will most likely hear the second answer, because it is more OBVIOUS to the MIND, since the tree is VISIBLE, and the wind cannot be seen DIRECTLY – its manifestation is MEDIATED.

    This means that the registration of “brain signals to stimuli” can also be interpreted in the OPPOSITE way.

    Now the “loud” statement.


    Now tomography has established INCREDIBLE FACTS!

    There are people who have no brain, but live a full life and work, for example, as engineers!

    Real scientists have long proved that the brain CANNOT generate thoughts on ITS OWN!

    The brain can ONLY ACCEPT thoughtshlenie (not thoughts, and impulses of energy-information!) which you need to learn how to DECIPHER!

    Therefore, science has noticed that insights “visit” ONLY the PREPARED MIND!

    Moreover, often almost simultaneously, two (or more) people SUDDENLY begin to UNDERSTAND THE SAME INFORMATION, even if they interpret it somewhat “in their own way”, but leading to the same discovery.

    On this occasion, there are disputes about “priority”, although in reality no one has priority, because this is the SOAP of the HIGHER COSMIC MIND, given to people who have developed their CONSCIOUSNESS through PAINSTAKING WORK of SELF-KNOWLEDGE to the ability to” decipher ” the thoughtfulness of GOD.

    Another “loud” statement.

    The brain is an “accessory” of the human biological body and therefore dies along with the death of the body, and CONSCIOUSNESS is not an “accessory” of the brain and therefore “lives” FOREVER, improving from manifestation to manifestation!

    The human brain, like the brains of other animals, has ONLY a MIND that is designed to guide the body's BEHAVIOR by DEVELOPING the MIND through trial and error in order to ensure the preservation of the body and meet the needs of the body in an ever-changing environment.

    So the brain can ONLY understand Cause-and-Effect relationships (!!!). THE FIRST LEVEL of their manifestation (hit-it hurts, hurt-blood, ate – full).


    For example, hundreds of cases have already been recorded when a living person remembers his life at a different time, in a different body, in a different place, and even among other people, which (cases!) They are documented by special studies and records in ancient books about the details of the lives of those people who were remembered by modern people.

    By the way, those people who DETERMINE the development of science KNOW about what I have told you and therefore SPECIFICALLY FORCE people to improve their MINDS (even by organizing competitions on the intelligence index!), so that people do not guess that it is necessary to develop NOT the MIND, which is only an INSTRUMENT OF KNOWLEDGE, but a CONSCIOUSNESS that is ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE ESSENCE OF

    And since the development of consciousness is officially PROHIBITED, “smart” liuli become voluntary TOOLS for FULFILLING SOMEONE ELSE's WILL, and that is WHY “smart ” people” creatively ” and enthusiastically DESTROY Nature, depriving themselves and their descendants of the opportunity to breathe clean air, drink clean water, lie on clean grass.

    And in their quest to earn money by FULFILLING SOMEONE ELSE's WILL, people are already ready to DESTROY LIFE on Earth!

    To find a “path” to understanding the answer to Q's question, I recommend first reading the article “Unpleasant News” (see, for example, https://maxpark.com/user/4295072256/content/7223250).

  13. A kaleidoscope toy, I hope, everyone represents. The appearance of a thought is arranged exactly according to the same principle. A set of pieces of glass-information pieces – the brain shakes and looks at what happened there. If the image turns out to be beautiful, it passes it higher up the hierarchy for calculation using logical algorithms. It is based on a purely random combination of meanings that randomly embodies an idea. An interesting point is how the brain determines whether to continue working with the existing pattern. Determines exactly as I called it above – by the beauty of the pattern. He just doesn't have time for anything else. Naturally, if the” pieces ” of information are the same, then the thoughts are the same, the same. In order to come up with something new, you need to either add new pieces of glass to the kaleidoscope, or shake them in some new way. Both cases are impossible without interaction with the external environment. In isolation, the brain can not work and rapidly becomes dull.

  14. Thought, in short, is processed, formatted, formulated verbally or visually, information received from external sources through the senses, and information taken from the brain's memory departments accumulated over the course of life. It is also possible to receive information from other sources besides the senses. But not reliably proven.

  15. She doesn't show up there.

    It appears in the Shower, so you don't need brains to think.

    And the thought will continue to appear after the death of the body, along with the brain.

    So the second question doesn't make sense.

  16. I'm interested in this question myself, so I'll try it in my own words .

    We think in terms of the images that surround us. Our environment, people, and upbringing create our character and interests in life.�

    From the very beginning, we have a certain process of consciousness. When the brain is damaged, people often become angry, the character changes, the damage leads to dementia, or other parts of the brain take over the analysis of information, and the person begins to think better in some areas, draw, compose music. From this I can conclude that the neural network and different areas of the brain are responsible for processing certain information.�

    A thought is created through information that was previously known or based on similar situations. For example, you won't get any ideas about how to solve a math problem if a person hasn't done anything similar before.�

    The idea is born by triggering certain chains of the neural network, to be more precise, and all previously known information is analyzed.�

    Ps this is a very rough answer.

  17. And how does a signal “appear out of nowhere” in a radio receiver?

    This is also how the human brain works, where everything depends on the “receiver” (brain) – for someone it is sensitive and catches everything (cooks), and for someone-only interference. So the smart ones (geniuses) differ from the “gray mass” in that their brains are more finely tuned and are able to pick up signals from the universal database. People animate this ability and call it “Muse,” even though it's really just a link to the base station.)

  18. Thought is a plasma being…. The brain does not give birth to them, the brain perceives thoughts. “And words will appear in the cloud” is a phrase from the Bible. Thoughts can be perceived through the Ajna chakram( third eye) in an altered state of consciousness. They appear as clouds and move in a series like trams-one after the other to the center of perception of our awareness, and at the moment of passing the center, we understand what a particular cloud means. They are loaded independently according to our attitudes of consciousness or in other words, our aspirations about the universe. They, thoughts, are former beings of the physical dimension and residents (in the present tense) of the spiritual plane of existence, who were attached to our physical world and, by virtue of this attachment, continue their spiritual evolution on the mental plane of existence. The world around us is illusory. And the spirits maintain these illusions according to the astral cliche's staffing schedule. In view of the improved communication of the physical world, verbal descriptions or groups of spirits describing a particular concept were created. Thus was created what is called abstract in relation to the original source in the level of sound vibrations. The language of a particular society living on a separate territory from the rest. First there was the word and the word was God! The concept of God for some means all the manifestations of the spiritual world, for others the totality of the angelic world under the guiding right hand of God the Father.

  19. The head is just a receiver. Whatever wave you tune in to, you'll catch it.
    There is another way – someone remotely and purposefully transmits their thoughts , and often feelings, to you.
    There is also a transfer of the flow from the Higher Self, but this requires a very high level of consciousness and purity of thoughts.
    At the same time, you can't distinguish your own thoughts from those of others, and everything that is in your head is considered your own thoughts, but this is not so.
    But if you start to think intensely (strain your mind) and concentrate on some information, then these are your thoughts. You produce them.

  20. Philosophers have come up with the idea that everything around you and yourself are God's thoughts. As long as the Creator thinks about you, about your hand, about the stream and the sky with the sun-it exists. I sometimes think about it and it gets scary )))

    St. John's Gospel, Chapter 1:

    1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    2. It was in the beginning with God.
    3. All things were made by Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.
    4. In Him was life, and life was the light of men.
  21. Out of nowhere, of course, they will appear and cannot, by definition. But the fact that some electrical signals are constantly circulating in our box, some chemical reactions are constantly taking place, this is a fact. This is what we call thoughts, or thought processes, in everyday life, which do not arise, but are constantly present in our head.

    Let's take our brain for an analogy with the computer processor, which I will tell you about in this article, then our thought is an element of the process of processing information that has already been laid down earlier. After all, you will agree completely empty without any software and without the Internet, a computer is just a piece of iron, nothing more. But if, by analogy with God, you breathe a soul into it (various programs, information, connect it to the network), then this is an irreplaceable thing, but a thing without a soul and self-consciousness(which I consider an analogue). The same thing can be observed in a newly born child, he does not immediately upload information(as in a computer), but very gradually and in the first years of his existence, the baby does not perceive himself as a person, often speaking about himself, copying of course adults (Yura wants to sleep or eat), That is, perceiving himself as an object, and not as a subject. Hence the version of the holy fathers about the divine creation of the soul, a little shaky, but do not worry about them, these scoundrels will find thousands of arguments, false facts and inspire you with their dogmas, because you want to eat something, but they can't do anything else in this life, and they don't want to, go live badly by deception, but not by sweating earning their

    So we digress, the human brain, and not only the human brain, has been doing this since time immemorial, for hundreds of millions of years, to ensure the adaptability and survival of its owner. Eventually evolving to today's intelligent state.

    But this animal is no longer able to become more intellectually developed, for a number of good reasons, which we will not discuss here.

    Gradually, science will take the place of the living evolutionary development of Mankind, creating technical means to replace the living, including intelligent machines. Koi already displace living organisms from the technological environment, and you probably noticed it yourself, because horse-drawn transport has not been seen for a long time, and some 100 years ago it was a ubiquitous means of delivering goods and moving people.

    We also particularly want to touch, in our case, intelligent computer systems that will gradually move the souls, or the self-consciousness of people of a person into an Artificial symbiosis with a machine, or by analogy with today, self-consciousness will exist as a separate person in its shell, connected to other individuals by the type of Wi-Fi network. I can't say this, I didn't think about it seriously, but if there is a request to Q, you can speculate, argue, and draw conclusions only to you Gentlemen, with respect, Yura….

  22. The whole materialist article is full of nonsense
    You are the author read the reports of doctors and stories of living people deprived of 50,60,80% of the brain substance due to various falls, bruises..
    People remain people with their full awareness of the Self, the right vision of the world… only someone's hands, someone's feet refuse to work. But as a person, a person does not lose anything.

  23. A stupid question contest? The conscious and subconscious mind are shaped by primary enlightenment and education. Waiting for the shower to move, honey. Or an aura of eletromagnetic standing waves accompanying thought processes. Thoughts arise from the restlessness of the conscious, subconscious and due to the restlessness of the aura-electromagnetic waves.

  24. There are several theories of the origin of thought. If we rely on scientific theory, then our thoughts are a kind of reflection of reality, processed by consciousness. For example, we touch a cup of coffee and millions of impulses run from the nerve endings to the brain, creating an image, giving us a sense of anticipation for the drink. However, there is no definitive answer yet as to who is loading our thoughts into our heads.

    Recently, scientists have conducted research in favor of the theory of reflected reality. Subjects were placed in a deprivation chamber. They lost the ability to see and hear. Being in such a cell for quite a long time, they lost the ability to think. In other words, the brain was completely disconnected from thoughts. This state is most easily described by the words” I didn't think about anything ” in the literal sense.

    According to this idea, the source of thoughts is the world around us. More often, you can give out creative thoughts and, in general, train your thinking with the help of special simulators, which are based on the developments of Russian and foreign scientists.

  25. Of course, thought, its origin, is a mystery. But neuroscientists can still capture a thought and say that it is material. But, as for the emergence of thought, here at the philosophical level we can say that the nature of the appearance is not clear. At the same time, it can be said that its appearance is impossible to order, it occurs spontaneously. By the way, as well as the appearance of understanding something. In other words, creativity does not arise by order, whether it arises from a person or not.

  26. Of course, they will not appear out of nowhere))))

    Thoughts are the result of experience/knowledge that the brain scrolls in the “what-if” mode because the brain was created as a survival tool and this is its main function. Wolves developed legs and teeth and monkeys developed brains and thought to make spears. So the brain was more effective than the teeth. And it went on Darwin who is smarter and survived. As a result there are now seven billion people on the planet who in a hundred years will cover the planet with a solid moving carpet of bodies

  27. Since you asked me personally, let me answer without equivocation, from the point of view of Verun

    A person is a receiver that is tuned to a particular wave, which is then broadcast. The world is spiritual and mysterious – it is the center of spirits of all kinds ( good, evil, deceitful, impure ) and to what spirits( waves) the receiver will be open, what frequency it will choose for itself, and will be filled and broadcast. Thoughts do not arise by themselves – the word thought itself correlates with the word design – thoughts are seeds sown in our soil. Thoughts come from the invisible world, from the spirit world.

    8 My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD.
    9 But as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.
    (Isaiah 55: 8,9)

    9 But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love him.
    10 But God has revealed it to us by his Spirit, for the Spirit penetrates all things, even the depths of God.
    11 For who among men knows what is in a man, except the spirit of man that dwells in him? So no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God.
    12 But we have not received the spirit of this world, but the Spirit from God, that we might know what has been given to us from God
    ; 13 And we do not proclaim this with words learned from human wisdom,but with words learned from the Holy Spirit, considering spiritual things with spiritual things.
    14 The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, because they are foolishness; neither can he understand them, because they are spiritually judged.
    15 But the spiritual one judges all things, but no one can judge him.
    16 For who has known the mind of the LORD to judge him? But we have the mind of Christ.
    (1 Corinthians 2: 9-16)

    2 And at supper, when the devil had already put it into his heart. To Judas Iscariot of Simon to betray him,

    3 But Peter said, ” Ananias! Why did you allow Satan to put it into your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and withhold from you the price of the land?
    (Acts 1: 4).5:3)

    And in this passage of Scripture, the nature of this world is explained – how it is under the influence of the “mobile coverage network”, within which there is an information channel and influence on the thoughts ( thoughts) of people:

    1 And you who are dead in your trespasses and sins,
    2 In whom you once lived, according to the custom of this world, according to the will of the prince who rules in the air, the spirit who now works in the children of disobedience,
    3 Among whom we all once lived according to our carnal lusts, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of our thoughts, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest,
    4 God, who is rich in mercy, because of his great love with which he loved us….
    (Ephesians 2: 1-4)

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