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  1. Yes and no.High-dose alcohol consumption is really very, very bad for your body and brain,respectively.But moderate alcohol consumption does not threaten you with anything.40 grams of pure ethanol is a limit beyond which it is recommended not to go.But even with a small exit from this “safe” edge, the neurons of your brain are not particularly in danger.
    By the way, there are studies that confirm the fact that small doses of alcohol consumption prevent cell suicide(apoptosis).This is due to the suppression of the TOR protein (see the comment below the answer).In an experiment with mice,it was proved that TOR suppression leads to activation of autophagy and reduces damage and death of nerve cells.�
    �By the way,moderate alcohol consumption leads to an increase in the content of high-density lipoprotein in the blood.This is known to be associated with a reduced risk of dementia and memory loss.
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  2. Yes, in a sense, you may actually have some memory problems with regular alcohol consumption. But, unlike the well-established opinion that alcohol destroys neurons, that is, nerve cells, this does not happen. Alcohol negatively affects the old cortex of the brain responsible for memory.

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