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  1. In art and design schools, there is such a discipline as color studies. That's where they explain the influence of color on perception, color psychology, and color composition.

    If you explain superficially, then there is a color chain of coldness and contrast. They define the main composition. And the color wheel and triad are responsible for harmony, that is, three colors located on the color wheel at equal distances from each other.

    The color wheel is freely available and now there are 4, 5, 6 opposite colors, and not just the classic 3.

  2. everyone's color perception is different -this is true,and people's reactions are different from this, especially since many people generally do not perceive color and shades well, therefore it is almost impossible to put an unambiguous answer to this question!

  3. Each person perceives the color scheme, purely individually. The colors are cold, warm, exciting and relaxing, etc. But I would like to focus on something else. Everyone knows that the rainbow has seven colors, a person is the same sevenfold and his aura also has seven colors, and depending on the color of the aura, you can determine the state of a person. Inside a person there are seven chakras-energy centers, each chakra has its own color. With respect.

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