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  1. you can learn a poem in English, tell it perfectly, without hesitation, but completely do not understand a single word. this is rote learning. and to remember what it is about, and to retell it freely in the original language-this is already an understanding.

  2. The answer to your question lies in the meaning of the word “understand”. Understanding is the ability to comprehend something, to understand the meaning, content of something, the ability to understand what is said or written. Cramming is just knowledge of something.

    As for the criterion, everything is very simple. In order to determine whether a person has memorized the material or learned it, you just need to ask them to reformulate what they have said. A simple example: do you remember when at school, when passing the multiplication table, the teacher could ask how much would be, for example, 3 times 7, and when she got the correct answer, she asked how much would be 7 by 3, and they answered that they didn't know, because they only reached the top five ? This is cramming. Understanding the principle of multiplication, the order of multipliers will not matter, and for this you do not need to know the rule that the value of the product does not change when the multipliers are rearranged.

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