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  1. Your question is related to the fact that you are not familiar with the standard cognitive error, which in psychology is called “Survivor Error”…))

    Its essence is that a person tends to build generalizations based on the data that he received from those who achieved success.

    It ignores the data that is associated with those that did not reach success: simply because it did not receive them…

    For example, there is a stereotype that dolphins push drowning people to the shore.

    It arose because, for obvious reasons, we do not have data from all those people who were pushed by dolphins from the shore…)))

    Here you write:

    I often hear stories that even an atheist in difficult and critical moments of life begins to believe in God, because there are no more chances and nothing can help but God. And suddenly, after that, a miracle happens, life begins to improve.

    And based on these stories, you conclude that God appears and helps.

    But you do not hear the stories of those people before whom God did not appear and did not help, because they will not tell anyone anything…))

    That is, you ignore a huge amount of data, simply because you analyze only, so to speak, “survivors”…

    I hope I explained it clearly )

  2. In fact, there are many more stories of believers becoming atheists forever. For example, in Iceland, about 90% are already atheists. In Germany, the number of church members is rapidly decreasing. We are talking about millions of people who have left the church in the last 20-30 years. In Russia, about 4% of people came to church for Easter in 2014, if I remember correctly.

    By the way, the Islamic world too. For example, in Yemen, from zero atheists in 2000, today 18% are atheists. Islamic social networks in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Bahrain show that the number of atheists among young people is growing dramatically. In Germany, for every 5 million formal Muslims, there are about 200,000 real Ones.

    But these stories are not so beautiful, because they are not published much. Although we are talking about millions of people, and reverse stories are about a few.

    To answer your question exactly. If a person begins to believe in God at a critical moment, then this is just an attempt to cling to the last hope of salvation, to the community, to traditions. Such people don't really believe in God. They were just desperate. And if their misfortune passes , then, most likely, they will continue to lead an atheistic life.

  3. Every person has a feeling that I am in control, I am in charge here. They don't respect me, they underestimate me, even though I know how to arrange everything. And this is despite the fact that I am spinning in a hostile universe at a speed of 30 km per SECOND, and I can not control this rotation. And there are billions of processes going on in my body that I can't control either.

    The feeling that” I am in charge here “in a person is precisely because any person, even an atheist, has an immortal soul in contact with the Almighty, who really”controls everything here”.

    When a successful life fails, a person begins to understand the balance of power in the arena of life. He starts to pray, gets some kind of answer.

    The fact that everyone has a different paradigm of the spiritual world is because we comprehend it through the inner world. Roughly speaking, the spiritual world is the next world, which will be at the next stage of evolution, this is a Dream. It is different for everyone. A low bow to the religions that bring Google's ideas about this Outland to a common denominator. It is by grace that a certain paradigm comes through the insights of highly spiritual people, which most believers accept.

    Science learns within the framework of the present world, it does not deal with the next world. Although there are joints: psychology, the theory of evolution, and so on.

  4. It depends on which “god”.

    If you believe in God with a lowercase letter , then the matter is very simple, massive and inconspicuous: look at how many ads are posted on fences about the guidance and removal of damage, how many instructions about cancers and scorpions are available on the Internet – and in these cases at least some god is needed!

    And it's quite another matter if you believe in God.

    This is a feat.

  5. The question is good and simple In fact, Faith arises only after the first attempts to communicate with God … God is a gentleman and where He is not wanted, He is not there. But as soon as a person wants to communicate with God, suddenly this opportunity appears as if on purpose and everything looks so convincing that there is no longer any doubt. An atheist is not a sentence. An atheist is the same person created by the Almighty, so the interjection “Even” is somehow strangely applicable, including to an atheist.

  6. An old joke.

    “A man was walking along a narrow ledge in a gorge, stumbled, fell, held on to the ledge, could not get out, begged:

    -“Lord, make sure I don't die, I'll stop drinking, I'll stop smoking, I'll stop cheating on my wife, just save me!”

    And suddenly he feels that there is some kind of support under his foot, stepped on it – and there is a second cornice, wide. A man came out of the gorge and said:

    -“Wow, what nonsense comes to mind in a moment of danger!”

    “There are no atheists in the trenches under fire,” and when the shelling ends, then as many as you want.:)

    1. The word God is written with a capital letter tk is not an object and a proper name … 2. In order to say that the Bible contradicts itself, you must at least read it from cover to cover 100 times, and then make a professional I'm not afraid of this word scientific calculation with analysis and confirmation, which you do not give and will never give tk such calculations and conclusions simply do not exist in principle and all as it usually happens amateurs are guided by No one has been able to analyze such a work as the Bible on the topic of contradictions for 7,000 years, and if you have succeeded, you are a genius … What I, to be honest, strongly doubt because I have met such “geniuses”, on my life's path more than one decade
  7. Each person comes to God in his own way. But the truth is that the world is ruled by psychics. When they become interested in you for some reason and they try to put pressure on you and make you dance to their tune, you come to the opposite side like it or not. To God.

  8. Faith in the True God, arises from the principle of immutability, and the actual truth.After digging through a lot of facts and opportunities, a person comes to the truth…realizing that everything will only be true, well, the search for the root cause is included,it is God

  9. Before the death or illness of children . Even before hunger or cold. Everyone becomes a believer . This is especially evident when a person is ill, not knowing what will happen to him .

  10. I have never believed in a conventional God or even Gods at all, meaning Krishna, Buddha, and so on? More often, I just used my mind, which, at the age of 63, told me: “If you drink too much, you'll play in the box!” And my heart began to ache when I added it, when it seemed too little? Switched to red wine, but more often caught up with stronger drinks? Then I began to think, and who is this smart guy sitting in my fool, and knows everything about me? Not only that, but it also scares me that I'll throw off my sandals if I don't stop drinking? And I began to think about my thinking? Divide it into the subconscious and consciousness, especially according to the tips it is much easier to think than to strain your fool? But what if I found out that it was my subconscious mind that was playing me for a fool? When I go to the store, it says to me: Buy this? That you're going to run around the floors? I buy it! I leave the store, and a good thought comes aposlya? I think why did I buy this crap when the same crap is nearby, but cheaper? And there's no one to take offense at: I was the one who made a fool of myself! What is it that the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, let scientists think, they are paid for it? And who will give me back what I've lost for nothing? And I stopped listening to them. And they are persistent, I will start to swear with someone, they immediately tell me: Give him in the eye, so that he wouldn't perform! Well, I give, how can I not listen to myself? Or is this goat, getting loose, still not enough for her? The subconscious mind immediately explains correctly: Give her a nickel to know her place in the kitchen! You're not going to deal with it yourself are you going to give me a nickel? Then you suffer for a week, you don't know how to get rid of it? Then I started to realize that this thing called the subconscious mind is natural shit! I began to treat him simply: It says to me: “Leave your business or work partner and go on vacation abroad! And I told him, this subconscious: shut your mouth, otherwise it will get cold jo…!

    It immediately: moron, so you will not achieve anything in life, you will always be in the middle? Disbanded? And I'm like a parrot to him : I talked to him in a cage! And suddenly everything started to increase, the orders were not large, but stable, and the partner says: I've chosen a customer here, let's do it together? And most importantly, this goat began to say clever things? But the most amazing thing is, I come from the store-empty? This crap is silent offended, and there was nothing to buy? And it became instead of horseradish , – And for fuck's sake, this is for you? Then years passed and somehow my already “Vydresirovanoe subconscious” says: How well do you live? I answer: yes, thank you! And who is it, never asked and suddenly such interest? And It says to me: Yes, I am the Creator! Just don't faint, I helped you!” You're not stupid enough to believe in randomness, are you? And not another word? I think I fought with this subconscious for so long, defending my freedom to do as I want! It said that the Creator, and left in English without saying goodbye? No I think I was in a hurry with God? Most likely. I have a third Superconsciousness? Does it come when it wants to, or does it only answer what I ask? But just to have a chat-that's what Zen says! Good luck!

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