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  1. The presence of dreams (or their number) does not correlate in any way with Intelligence.
    To make room for a full-fledged Sleep, like the work of the Subconscious Mind, it is necessary to balance or turn off the daytime Consciousness before going to bed (this is an Internal dialogue related to your “I” and social problems).
    But the content, scenario, and meaning of a Dream are directly related to Intelligence.
    High Intelligence can be reported by dream Details such as the Dreamer's Actions and Thoughts in the dream.
    At the same time, some (diverse) Emotions in a dream characterize a person with low emotional Intelligence, but Emotional.
    The acquisition of Emotional intelligence is a very important step in the versatile development of a civilized Person.

  2. How does having dreams correlate with intelligence?

    No way. Every day, each person has about 4 dreams.

    Dream content is likely correlated because dreams are a reflection of brain activity.

  3. The presence of vivid and memorable dreams is directly related to imagination. A well-developed imagination usually distinguishes people with high intelligence. Therefore, it is believed that the presence and brightness of dreams are characteristic of people with developed intelligence.

    However, I would not read this as an unambiguous rule, especially since intelligence as such is an extremely vague and complex concept. We can only say for sure about the correlation of dreams with the development of imagination.

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