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  1. Imagination is the ability to “rise” above the existing experience and create something new from the familiar.

    Our thinking has two main ways of “producing a product” – creative and reproductive (some authors even distinguish creative thinking and reproductive thinking).

    Creativity is part of our imagination, and it allows us to take our experience and turn it around, mix it as we like, and get something new out of it.

    The reproductive method makes it possible only to reproduce something that has already happened, with a certain degree of accuracy.

    The ability to think creatively and reproductively depends on the thinker's personality. If a person can go beyond the limits, if he tends to break established norms and rules, then even with a small amount of knowledge, he will be able to create something new. And vice versa.

    Of course, you can develop creativity and imagination, just start small, for example, draw a “Non-existent animal”. Something that has never been seen before (including fairy tales, cartoons, and other fictions of other people).

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