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  1. We just can't decide what life is at all. Generations of people have lived and died. None of the people were resurrected, did not come back to our world, to our dimension, and therefore there is still death. It is more explicable than the origin of life. The very realization of the inevitability of death by a person entails a change in his behavior and attitude. That is why many religions bribe believers with the afterlife.The only thing you can know for sure is that everyone will die sooner or later, this is not a tragedy at all, you must always be prepared for this.

  2. There is a certain phasing in dying, and the perception of one's own dying depends on the stage. Not everyone and not always goes through the whole chain described by Kubler-Ross, but if a person has time, then the transformation of the psychological picture is quite natural. I have seen acceptance when death is more desirable than the struggle for life – yes, the person found fear, but death was no longer perceived as something terrible. Rather, as necessary. In addition, the subjective experience of loss in the dying person is less, since dying is accompanied by a certain desocialization and extinction of many aspects of the “I”.

  3. The bottom line is that everyone can die at any second and we are not given to know when it will happen, but if we were aware of it every second, we simply would not have enough processor to digest it, so there are mechanisms for protecting the psyche so that a person can somehow cope with this life and slowly accept this reality.

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  4. This question cannot be answered. While he himself “nepobyvaesh in this skin” – you will not understand. It can't be described. But at this moment, a person is afraid of the end that follows her (this is in my opinion)�

  5. The awareness that our bodies are subject to destruction ( death) is the awareness that matter is temporary. Knowing that you will soon die naturally allows you not to waste time on small, transient things, but to look for the main thing.

  6. You won't be able to “realize” this. To assume, to hold such a point of view, such a belief-yes.

    But not “aware”.

    If you have died before, then you have realized that there is no death – it is just a transition to continuing life.

    The body is like old socks.

  7. To be honest, I have mixed feelings. You don't realize it at first, but eventually you realize that's all. This is the end. You go with the flow, you start to enjoy life more, you tell many people that you don't care, but in fact you are wildly afraid. Until then, you don't think about it, you're neutral about death, but when it comes to you.. Ready to do anything to move on with your life, you remember all the things that need to be done at once. It's hard. Very hard. After such moments, you understand a lot.

  8. I can't imagine how a person feels. Especially if a person, as they say, “goes beyond his years.” 1.5 weeks ago my mother died. She turned 46 at the beginning of January, and at the end of January she died. She bravely fought cancer since 2012. And even after 2 recedivals, she remained a real fighter. That's how she prepared me..these strange questions, tips, hints, parting words, as if asking if I could be alone. For a few weeks,when my mother was at home, in between hospitals, she gave a speech, instructions, if you will. What to bury it in, what to do, advice on documents, etc. I told her that she was a fool and talked complete nonsense,and everything would be fine. I cried so hard last night. Accumulated, with her for so many years, did not cry even once. When it all happened, the emotions were strange, and resentment and anger, annoyance and endless sadness.. But just imagine what it was like for my mother.. What it was like for her to realize all this.. Understand and accept that she leaves me in this world. How sure she was of me when she left me.. I can't imagine how much it hurt and hurt her. I am now 22 years old, I am just starting to live, and the most important person is not around. I understand everything with my head, I understand that life seems to go on. But I can't accept it. I want to call and share my success at work, school, or be indignant about something.

    Death is always scary, especially when it comes to such a young and beautiful mother.. I write and cry. Although my mother really asked me not to cry.. “Just don't cry when I'm dead..just don't cry.”

  9. Well, it looks about the same as in the monologue of Prince Myshkin-you start to notice what you didn't notice before, look eagerly, breathe, smell. Here I was, for example, lying in a dorm, throwing about 60 wheels, lying and looking at the web in the corner, it seemed to me very beautiful, regular, symmetrical, and then I listened to the conversations of neighbors and thought what insignificant problems people really have. And when the door was slammed loudly, I tried to understand why people, having such a short fragment of time to exist, allow themselves to be angry, offended. And you REALLY understand that someone else's opinion about you does not matter at all, everyone will think about you in their own way, do as you like and that's all, but try to leave a bright mark.

  10. One frosty February day, my friends and I decided to climb a hill and look at our village from a height. The hill is normal, under 500 meters. We got up, put a flag on the top, and drank tea. Happy and happy they went back. Well, I-the most desperate-sat down on the fifth point and yuyuu-huuu down. At some point, the situation got out of control, I couldn't slow down any more, I rolled head over heels and crashed into a tree at full speed. With your head. More precisely, the temple. Hat aside, jacket unbuttoned, I passed out. I regained consciousness at home when my mother (the doctor) was trying to feel a vein in my arm with shaking hands to give me an injection. She said: “Daughter, you can't sleep right now, don't close your eyes” and started crying. Well, we both knew that was probably all. The only thing I remember saying was, ” Mommy, I love you, I won't sleep.” It wasn't scary, it didn't hurt. Complete indifference. I didn't feel anything. If I die, I'll die. But there was no light at the end of the tunnel, just brief, bright flashes. Then 5 days of coma.

    This all happened 6 years ago. Heights are now panicked:)

  11. Of course, you need to psychologically prepare for this, talk to a psychologist.

    In fact, by the time the moment of death arrives, you won't know about it. It's like losing consciousness, only as if you have some thoughts in the background.. it was in my case when I lost consciousness – just played music melodic, as in the beeps of melodies when you call the subscriber))

    But in the event of death, your thoughts will be very fast, and they will not be kokrento about the fact that you are dying.. Just maybe some memories..

    The worst thing is to die long and in agony. And that there are no heirs left after you.. the inheritors of your DNA… this is the main goal in life.. maybe later on this DNA will be formed so that you will be born again…

    You don't remember what happened before you were born, and you don't remember what happened after you died

  12. About 12 years old on New Year's Eve, I got poisoned. My mother said it was children's champagne. At first, everything was fine. We went to bed at one o'clock in the morning. At four in the morning, I woke up because I was practically unable to breathe. Panic instantly gripped my childish mind. I hit my mother hard, and she jumped up. I couldn't say anything to her because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough air. I tried to breathe. She instantly understood everything and jumped up sobbing. I called the ambulance. I felt very scared, and I tried not to cry. Lying in my mother's arms, I stared at the ceiling for 20 minutes with a frozen face. The feeling is rotten, my head is a mess of thoughts. It became even harder to breathe, and I thought of the gifts I'd been given for the holiday. It was mostly LEGO. And I was sad that I wouldn't be able to put it back together. Then I realized that I might die. I tried to ask my mother about it. It didn't work out. She was sobbing in her throat that she couldn't tell me clearly. At the 15th minute, I felt very heavy. I thought that was it. My end came while Mom was gone. By the 20th minute, I was almost unconscious. The sound of the intercom and the paramedics run in. They were taken to the intensive care unit…

  13. I visited the swimming pool about two years ago. He was very fond of diving, holding on to the pipes located near the walls of the pool. The depth, respectively, is not small. And here I got caught on one zlozhastnuyu pipe. I sat at the bottom, admiring the water surface from the bottom up. When the air began to run out, it began to float up. I didn't notice that my hand was stuck between the pipe and the wall halfway to the rescue air. Let me remind you that there was almost no air in my lungs. I tried to pull my arm out with jerks, but I realized that my arm was completely stuck. I remember looking into the distance. I was completely calm. I remember being surprised by this calmness. Visited the thought of the type-oh, that's what it is.

    As a result, the last and strongest jerk managed to pull out the arm and float up. So he almost won the Darwin Prize).

  14. It's creepy. I remember learning to swim. I'm floating, I'm floating. It worked very well. I decided to stop and take a break. But then I realized I couldn't reach the bottom with my feet anymore. I didn't know how to stay on the surface, I just went down. I wasn't even able to wave my arms or shout. Fear numbed me, I just began to work hard. I tried to live a little longer, raising my head to the top. When I was completely under water, I somehow pushed off from the bottom and swam to the shore. At that moment, I didn't even think about my life. It was just scary.

  15. because of this thought, I couldn't sleep for 15 years. I couldn't close my eyes. I dreamed of the ceiling, and my head whirled with thoughts of what would happen when this body fell into disrepair. as a result, 15 years with varying success, I am looking for ways not to throw back my hooves from old age and other charming problems of our time. nothing inspired me more to take action than the realization that the body's expiration date might one day expire and I would have to re-realize everything if it “re-happened”. such are the cases. probably a multiple, but to the point, I hope)

  16. “Yes, a person is mortal, but that would be half the trouble. The bad thing is that he is sometimes suddenly mortal, that's the trick!”

    Mikhail Bulgakov.

    “The Master and Margarita”.

  17. Every human being is mortal. If we talk about the philosophical side of the question, then it is raised in the works of Heidegger and is my conviction. Heidegger writes that a person should be ready to leave life during his lifetime: the animal dies, and the person dies, ready for the fact that his path will end.

    I am an elderly person, I am already ready to leave my life. There are two approaches to death: stoic, born in Ancient Greece, and the second – no one wants to die. Death is always seen as a tragedy. But as life progresses, a person comes to terms with the fact that he cannot be eternal. In addition, there is the concept of “punishment by longevity”, because no one promises a person a healthy lifestyle, previous hobbies, desires. Therefore, sooner or later a person understands that he comes, as the poet wrote, “the last of parting” — with himself.

  18. When I was about ten years old, I had a Great Dane dog, a cross between a Labrador named Cody (imagine the size). So one day we went to the sea together with my uncle, who was engaged in spearfishing. He tied the dog to the pier's handrail and started walking (or should I say swimming?). go fishing. After a while, I also wanted to go swimming. I swam two or three meters, I turn around to look at the shore, and there my dog is swimming towards me with a huge wooden bandura on a leash (a piece of pier). It was later explained to me that labradors are in the blood to save people, and then I was terribly scared. In general, this body swam around me, grabbed me by the neck with its front paws, and began to row towards the shore with its hind legs. I was being carried backwards by inertia, meaning he was paddling on my back.�

    He weighed then like 50 kg, with my weight about 30, and it goes without saying that I went under the water. I tried to swim up, to breathe, but every now and then I went under again. Then I just gave up hope, sank under the water and thought that here it is-the end.�

    It wasn't scary, it was as if I accepted the inevitable, just as I usually accept the phrase “oatmeal for breakfast today” or “cash only payment”. And okay, let them. I mentally replayed all the best moments in my head, and then I heard the phrase “swim”inside me. I opened my eyes and saw that he was gone. And then she swam calmly ashore. She was wearing a torn T-shirt, her whole back and face were covered in blood from deep scratches (Dad thought that he did not need to cut his claws, they say he is a healthy dog, he will grind himself). Then I was very afraid of the depth.�

    I sincerely wish all the worst to the people who were on the beach.

  19. I recommend watching the Terry Pratchett documentary “Choosing to die”

    about euthanasia and people taking this step.

    And after the movie, read a wiki about Pratchett himself.

  20. There are obviously a lot of options, but read, for example, “Diary and Letters from Prison” by Boris Wilde. It's like Hugo's “The Last Day of a Condemned Man”, only for real.

    “As long as life is opposed to death, we will achieve nothing. There is no contradiction in them. One complements the other, continues, completes. Just as there is no contradiction in two different genders.

    Death is not the absence of life, it is itself. But we cannot have any concept of the state of death, since all our concepts belong to this three- (four-?) the dimensional world. So a blind person can never imagine light and color.

    What, in the end, is the prevailing feeling in my life right now? It's hard to say, it's not always the same. Now, probably, this is: not that the inevitability, but the inner necessity of it. I think that I am finally experiencing the greatest adventure of my life, my adventure, such is the exam, in the perspective of which the whole previous life is just a preparation. The exam is difficult, and I'm proud of it. And if I fail — well, I will at least be admitted!

    Life and death are two incalculable quantities.

    The prosecutor came to “meet me”. He promised me I wouldn't have my head blown off. No impression at all. Later, when I reflected on this, I was struck by my own dispassion. It wasn't that I doubted the seriousness of his words, on the contrary. It just doesn't seem that important to me. Still, I love life. God, I love her so much. But I'm not afraid to die. Being shot is, in a sense, the logical end of my life. Cum with glitter. Everyone ends up with life in their own way.

    All-embracing love must love death. It's not about defeating her. What humanity has never been able to do is overcome the fear of death, and even more so… However, those who can achieve such an inhumane love of life, which embraces death itself, have nothing to conquer and nothing to be conquered with. But such love is deadly.

    Death… I feel neither fear nor contempt. Love. To conquer death is to love it.”

  21. I don't know how I'll feel myself, but when my father died, he was terribly afraid and he was in great pain and couldn't sleep, and then I called the priest. Such a cute young ass came… Everyone (even the patients) left the ward, and when they came back, I saw how peaceful he became, you know, even the expectation of death was gone from him, he just seemed to go his own way. I don't know how to explain it… he fell asleep calmly, it seemed like he didn't feel any pain… it was as if he had accepted his share. not resigned to it, no, but accepted it… I think that's what people feel. At least I want to feel it…

  22. Many answers,but all are similar to one)

    Stage 1 – Denial (the person refuses to accept what happened to him);
    stage 2 – Anger (at this stage, the aggression is shown to all the world);
    stage 3 – Bargaining (thoughts about how to negotiate a better fate);
    stage 4 – Depression (at this stage, a person can round the clock is in the doldrums);
    stage 5 – Acceptance (acceptance of the inevitable lot).

  23. This is a horror ! These are tears! This is fear! This is the inability to accept the idea of death! I have, for example, thanatophobia. And this is despite the fact that I am an optimist and a fighter in my life! How will I part with my beloved children and grandchildren ? It would be better not to ask ((

  24. This is very good knowledge. The correct one. It is called the Memory of death. This knowledge is very useful for a person. Remember your last one, and you will never sin, – says the popular wisdom. We are all mortal and we will all die. But man lives as if he were immortal. It was as if he would never have to die in his life.

  25. I'm 32, 12 of them are in hospitals, I'm used to no emotions, but I don't expect death either. I live, I am happy or sad, I play sports or drink alcohol)))Vprintsepi live one day, everything is fine)

  26. it's simple.

    everything falls into place.

    you realize an important thing that is not accessible to everyone – a clear understanding of your time and physical boundaries.

    and based on this, someone is already ready for something-
    to be beautifully and lyrically nostalgic, or to throw out aggression, or to do something beautiful / good.

  27. I'll tell you only about myself. Almost died at the age of 13, took the wrong medicine.

    If in one word – then “annoyance”.

    If in one sentence – then “I'm still dying.”

    [Still dying] without becoming a journalist (artist, mom, dad, doctor, thief in law, excellent student, student). If a few hours ago there was still a chance to fix something, kick the ass of abusers at school or camp, there was a scanty chance to kiss a boy, there was a chance to overcome your problems and become a real beauty by the age of 16, now it's gone. But I took it somehow calmly, without a jerk, without crying: just a steady, very strong annoyance. “I'll never…”

    I also really wanted to go home, where there were still garlands on the windows from the new year, and I really wanted some Christmas drink. It's very strange: your stomach is failing, and you dream of raf coffee or mulled wine.�

    When the medicine was taken out of my stomach, I was so happy, I was ready to sing and shout with happiness, even if I was forbidden to walk or move. It was so beautiful that life gave me another chance, it's beyond words. It's like they were scared that they would take everything away, and then they returned it – and you are already so elated for life ahead and ready for a new achievement.

  28. If we are talking about death from old age, then it happens in different ways, but still, I saw older people much more often (I buried many) who calmly went to this. Already tired of the slow flow of life and some hindrances like joint pain ,poor memory and vision. The body prepares us for this, we gradually lose the strength to live and want to live. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just a natural process. There are, of course, old people who absolutely do not want to die) That was my grandfather. He was hospitalized with a heart attack, after he went on the mend, became terribly active, and the doctors began to fight his desire to do exercises, squat, wave his hands)) that's where he died. I just didn't wake up at night, and they were supposed to discharge me in the morning.

    But when it comes to “untimely death”, from certain diseases and accidents, then, of course, people experience a chilling horror from the realization of hopelessness. But this same hopelessness leads to their acceptance. The most famous is the five stages we all went through when we lost someone or experienced a painful breakup (1 Denial; 2 Anger; 3 Bargaining; 4 Depression; 5 Acceptance). People who are “preparing” to pass away also go through the same stages.�

    I don't know what I would have done in such a situation. It would have fluctuated between stage 2 and 4, probably most of the time.

  29. When I was about eight, my mother and I went for a swim in the local river. The river was quite deep with a fast current. I was very bad at swimming, my mother just walked on the bottom next to the shore, trying not to let the water level rise above her waist.

    I tried to swim, tiptoed along the slippery bottom, clutching the branches of trees growing on the riverbank, until suddenly I fell into a deep hole. I immediately went under the water. The strangest thing is that I didn't feel panic or fear at the time, but I clearly knew that a few more minutes and I would die. I've never been so relaxed in my life as I was then. I didn't make any attempts to get out or swim out, I just wanted to close my eyes and continue to sink. I could hear my mother's distorted screams through the water, and all I could think about was that if she stopped talking and there was silence, then everything would be perfect.

    It felt like I was back in a warm and cozy bed after a long, hard day.

    Then a man who had just passed by and responded to my mother's screams pulled me out.

    I didn't feel any pain or fear while I was drowning, but on the beach afterwards, I cried for a long time at the thought that I was so close to death.

    Many years have passed since that event, but I still don't fully understand why I didn't even try to save myself. Sometimes I feel like everything that's happening right now is a dream, and I died long ago, drowning in that river

  30. As a friend of Prince Myshkin, I did not face being shot, but I was given a fatal diagnosis more than once. Nothing special.For some reason, I always remember the story of my cousin, who is 13 years older than me and lives in Volgograd, so that's when he served in the army as a paratrooper. his friend's parachute did not open and he told his feelings later. for the first few seconds he was panicking , and then he just relaxed like a bath leaf and realized that it was pointless to do anything and as a result, by some miracle, he was still alive. So in other cases, too, there is no fever, or rather, if you can do something to prolong your existence. that should be done, but usually there is a complete prostration in the mind and it doesn't matter.

  31. To me, that means just living. I learn every day to understand that my life span is very short and I do not know when I will die. And I also think that not everything is so ambivalent. Life and death are not different sides of being, they flow together on the river Now. The human mind, apparently, has a useful property for evolution to endow “itself” with some special halo, to separate itself from the rest of the world, to distinguish between the imaginary Past and the Future. This is useful for survival, but not very joyful for Life. Life is a film about everything around you in all directions, colors and sounds, and the main action, and the credits happening simultaneously at this very moment-and not about one actor-star.

  32. Heavily. And scary. Because it's one thing to understand intellectually that we're all going to die and blah-blah-blah. And it's quite another to realize and accept that it affected you. Because it is impossible to accept your own mortality. A lot of questions immediately arise (such as”why me?”). And, of course, the hope to the last that some miracle will happen, that you can somehow delay this moment.

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