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  1. My father. In the 90s, he was robbed, hit on the head with an iron pipe, removed from his fur hat and pulled out the entire salary. But there were problems of a slightly different nature – he began to forget what he had said or done recently, for example, he could wash the floors twice, or the next day after washing a huge aquarium of 500 liters, start washing it again.

  2. There was a friend who once left with some guy, and returned in the morning alone and a completely different person. I'm crazy. I couldn't tell you what had happened to her, or why. I did a lot of very strange things, like I was drunk. As a result, they were put in a mental hospital. This is scary, because you want to come up and snap your finger and say, ” I'll be back to my normal state!”. And even more frightening is that no one has ever found out what happened to her since she doesn't remember anything.

  3. Yes, it was, or rather, it is. He lost his memory during one of the parties. He then got very drunk and mixed some 2 strange drinks and drank them, according to eyewitnesses, and after that he lost consciousness and an ambulance was called to him. He had been unconscious long enough, and when he woke up, he remembered almost nothing but his early childhood. At that time, he was 19, and now 21. In fact, this is not so terrible in terms of future development. He's a photographer, and a very good one at that. When we talked about this topic, he said that, in principle, there is nothing so terrible in this, and even the skills and knowledge acquired at that time were slowly being restored, however, in terms of the inner world of a person, he is certainly offended and sometimes he falls into depression because of this. But overall, he's happy at the moment and I'm sure he'll be fine in the future, as he's getting a college degree and working as a photographer. In this case, everything depends on the person: there are those people who then despair and believe that life has lost all meaning for them, and there are people like him.

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