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  1. “The study of many languages fills the memory with words instead of facts and thoughts, whereas it is a receptacle that each person can perceive only a certain, limited mass of content. Further, the study of many languages is harmful in that it excites the belief in the possession of some special data and actually gives a person a certain seductive appearance in communication; it is harmful, moreover, and indirectly — in that it hinders the acquisition of thorough knowledge and the desire to earn the respect of people in an honest way. Finally, it undermines the finer linguistic sense of the mother tongue, which is irrevocably damaged and destroyed. ” (F. Nietzsche)

  2. Interesting question. It will be interesting for me to read the answers of specialists who are familiar with the topic and will be able to answer both from the theoretical and practical sides. I will only answer with a practical answer (I have studied 5-7 languages at different times, currently I make a living translating from German, I move around among translators).�

    According to my observations, people who know several foreign languages:

    • well-developed memory. For obvious reasons (remember thousands and thousands of words/realities and don't develop memory, yeah). And they have developed the very ability to learn new things, the memory muscle is pumped up and constantly in good shape;

    • increased tendency to critically evaluate what is happening. Perhaps due to the fact that they usually have a broader outlook, they are aware of how it is done in another country/countries and have something to compare the realities of their native penates with.�

    • good communication skills. Our job (I'm talking about translators, and people who speak several foreign languages often work as translators) is to establish communication between people who are strangers to each other and to us. Again, if we are not talking about translators, then why does a person learn a foreign language? Not only to read books and watch movies on it , but also to communicate.

    This is something that came to mind offhand. Of course, the average temperature for the department and individual cases may differ very much.

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