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  1. First, I will quote an excerpt from Orwell's dystopia “1984”. “The task of Newspeak is to narrow the horizons of thought. In the end, we will make the crime simply impossible – there will be no words left for it. Each necessary concept will be expressed in just one word, the meaning will be strictly defined, and the side meanings will be eliminated and forgotten….The atmosphere of thinking will be different. Thinking in our modern sense will not exist at all.”�

    Language and thinking are inextricably linked. Language features are the clearest reflection of the peculiarities of the mentality of the nation, the current social situation. Language is a mobile substance that changes depending on the mood of society and events that occur outside and inside the country. If you want to understand the inhabitants of a certain region, their culture, their behavior – first of all, study their language and look for matches. If you want to change people's thinking , start with their language first. Change the language and the person who speaks it will change.�

    I haven't been learning Chinese for so long, only 4 years, but both I and my friends have noticed some changes in me, in my character and even facial expressions. Recently, I was told that my facial expressions have become very similar to Chinese. Perhaps the fact that I lived in China for some time played a role here. I also became much more reserved, learning to maneuver both in words and actions. Chinese taught me tolerance, hard work, and the ability to focus. I even began to think in some purely Chinese categories.�

    Of course, if you study a foreign language for a couple of months and then drop out, then no changes will happen to you. But if this activity becomes permanent, you will not notice how you will start eating with chopsticks, wrinkling your nose from tea bags and riding a scooter. I'm joking here, of course, but there is some truth in every joke:)

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