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  1. You're being careful. You don't want to get your tower knocked down. You've heard that a person who has consumed mushrooms once will never be the same again.

    Then you're thrilled. You get a lot of new ideas. You can explain everything. Yes, you fucking understand everything in this world. Do you want me to explain?

    For some reason, the other person doesn't want to. He refuses to look for the deeper meaning in the phrase “Rabid brontosaurs are going to sodomize me with red caviar.” He doesn't understand that you really understand that this phrase is God.

    You actively promote psychedelics to the interlocutor and still persuade him. The other person sees something completely different from what you see, and repeatedly refuses to look for the deeper meaning in brontosaurs. The other person is on a bad trip, and you don't know what to do. So the theory that you can explain everything goes to hell.

    After a while, all the other theories go to hell. The Brontosaurs stay, but everyone laughs at them. Or they threaten to put you in a mental institution if you don't stop taking your substances.

    Deep down, knowing that they will do it, you pretend to be very kind and good. You explain to everyone that you have found the meaning of life and that God has set you on the right path – you must serve people. When people start asking you exactly how, you can't bring yourself to admit that God worked with the help of ancient lizards who found interesting uses for fish eggs. That's why you keep a mysterious silence, so they won't put you in a mental hospital.

    People who don't know you mistake your mysterious silence for enlightenment, pour you a free cup of tea, and ask you how you achieved it.

    People who know you mistake your mysterious silence for just fucking around because you don't want to work.�

    After learning to combine the incompatible under psychedelics, you realize that all these people are right, and you think that you are still too young to end your days alone on the banks of the Ganges, reflecting on the futility and futility of all things.�

    You resign yourself, get married, and lead the life of the average man in the street. You never forget two things now.�

    First, there is only one real world. The one that doesn't exist. And everything else is a lie, a fake, and a fake with the aim of messing up our brains and taking our eyes off important things.

    Second, brontosaurs and their intentions. It's what drives you forward. This is the meaning of life. This is exactly what you've all been waiting for.

    And there is no other.

  2. Damn, you guys are talking some shit..

    One about 'getting hooked', the other about neuroses and other rubbish..

    With a normal psychological state of health, it will definitely not get worse, on the contrary – the picture of the world expands, everything becomes a little clearer,but no one will explain it to anyone specifically,everyone has it differently. Knowledge of the world through oneself is the only possibility of knowledge. The content of a substance can also be determined by trip..

    There are rare cases when people go crazy,but these are rather exceptions that occur either from the wrong set&setting, or the substance rocks the already rocked psyche of the user. You need to be 100% sure that everything will be fine, in other words-the truth is in the moment, if you feel that it is necessary now…

    Acid does not tolerate careless treatment.

    And about 'you'll get hooked'.. what can I say, any experienced psychonaut will tell you that it is impossible to get hooked on psychedelics. Because getting such a huge “dose” of understanding the world, you need at least time to structure what you get, get used to the general reality. Someone after a single use, having determined everything for themselves, no longer returns to sour.

    In general, it is better not to use it.

    Meditate more 🙂

  3. Someone becomes uninterested in drinking after such an experience. Some things, of course, you rethink. You learn to find interesting things in the simple. And you can also accidentally get used to sticking to the pattern on the floor and on the wallpaper and in the clouds. In general, there is a feeling that nothing will surprise you in life after this (which, of course, is not true).

  4. From the center of the cosmic universe and the perfect wisdom of the mahatma, you fall ugly into the ordinary, realizing. that the art of being human is the most difficult and important thing, something that you will learn and enjoy the learning process. Or you will cry in the process, it is also possible)

  5. After a single application, it may not change, but if you get hooked on them, it will change dramatically, such examples are innumerable, the most famous with people from show business. Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd as a typical example.

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