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  1. At the moment when a person tries to remember something, he consciously or unconsciously tries to remember the situation in which this something happened. Neurons are activated that cause an associative connection with this situation, so that it is easier to recall the information we need from memory. Therefore, it seems that we almost remembered(after all, the neurons associated with that situation are activated), but for some reason exactly those neurons in which the necessary information is presented may not be activated. That's why I get this feeling

  2. “Prescevue” is called a rather irritating condition, in which one does not remember any word, moreover, the most common, often used.

    It's on the tip of my tongue, but it comes back to me when I don't need it anymore.

    In live speech, the phenomenon of prescevue is especially inconvenient, since a person does not always have time to find a suitable synonym and you have to stand up, throw up your hands and say something like “This is so-and – so, they do this and that” or “Okay, let's go, I'll remember later”.

  3. Preskevu or preskevu (by analogy with deja vu, the state “on the tip of the tongue”) is a phenomenon when a person cannot remember a familiar word.

  4. Ha-ha! And who explains it?

    Personally, for example, I know only one explanation for this phenomenon (but it is possible that there are others, only I do not know).

    The process resembles the search for the right angle of a photographic plate in relation to a laser, under which (the angle) the desired holographic image will appear (I will clarify: it “reminds”, but in fact, we are talking about complex processes associated with “electricity” in the brain, synapses and glia).

    The trick is that you can “encode” an almost infinite number of holograms on the plate, changing its angle, and then get the effect in the form of a hologram – just restoring (exactly) the position relative to the laser beam that was during “encoding”. A little turn – one hologram, a little more – another, etc.

    Well, an attempt to remember “that's what I knew… I feel exactly what I knew… but I don't remember…” somewhat resembles the search for “the right angle”clumsily outlined above. And who is the author of this explanation-I will not say.

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