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  1. Perhaps this is the greatest mystery of the universe. And many great theologians do not have an answer to your question… I'll give you an example of one text:

    “In a place like this, words are useless, and only a confused silence remains – a silent cry addressed to God:” Why, Lord, did You keep silent? How could You endure all this?” In this silence, we bow deeply before the countless ranks of those who suffered here and were put to death; then this silence turns into a loud plea for forgiveness and reconciliation, it becomes a cry to the living God that He will never allow such a thing to happen again. …How many questions appear in this place! Again and again the question arises: “Where was God in those days? Why didn't He say anything? How could He endure this extreme degree of destruction, this triumph of evil?'”

    (The speech of Pope Benedict XVI, who is called the Mozart of theology, at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, is here in its entirety.)

  2. No way. No religion can answer your question. And attempts to give such an answer within the limits of religious dogmas, as a rule, are either cynical to the point of abomination, or answers at the level of autism's fantasies.

    We have come to a world not made for man. Taking into account floods, earthquakes, typhoons, more than thirty thousand diseases, as well as many creatures from insects to predators, and, finally, the constant killing of their own kind – the existence of man on planet Earth can be regarded as a Miracle. A man-made miracle. However, many do not even live to understand this, and others do not appreciate this ordinary miracle.

    It's hard to accept the loss of a loved one. Religion can only alleviate this feeling, but not eliminate it. The only healer is time.

  3. I personally explain it this way. The Lord God, in his attempts to enlighten the lost, understands that no horrors of the torments of hell do not stop sinners. In this case, I can assume that God says to sinners, if you personally are not afraid of my wrath, then maybe the torments and punishments for your descendants will make you stop. That is, some tyrant, murderer or other sinner did not heed the warnings, and the Lord is forced to punish his innocent descendants, for the edification of the living. And who said that the instruction of humanity should be in “white gloves”? Do not judge strictly, this is my personal and possibly controversial assumption.

  4. Diseases themselves are not punishments, although they can be. In fact, your question only makes sense if you accept the prosperity doctrine, which asserts a direct, rigid link between health, wealth, and success and godliness or sinfulness.

    Prosperity has no such connection with godliness. They are located in planes perpendicular to each other.

    Next, now the question is: why does a merciful God allow the suffering of the innocent? For the first time, this question was raised in a very acute measure by the righteous Job the Long-suffering.

    He was pious and loved God.

    Then Satan came to God and said, ” I have not found a single righteous person.

    God countered by pointing to Job.

    Satan gave a counterargument: Job is rich, healthy, and has many children, so he loves God, just out of self-interest.

    And then God allowed Job to be stripped of everything: money, power, all his children, the support of his wife, who began to call for blasphemy, as well as friends, and health.

    Then Job said that it was better to die in the womb than to be born in this world, which was worse than hell. After all, in this world injustice is possible, in this world sin is committed, and in hell justice is done, and sin is not committed, but only its fruits are reaped.

    As you can see, the question was raised even more sharply than you did. of course, the answer was given, but to understand it, you should read the Book of Job in the interpretation of an authoritative exegete, for example, the priest Daniel Sysoev.

  5. Do you want the truth?! What makes you think God has so much power here, do you think? If God was really in charge here, this would be paradise. And God gave us the land, and we gave it to the devil. Why do you think the Bible calls the devil “the prince of this world”?! So the cause of all misery is sin. And God is the Savior in this story. And through our prayers and deeds, we must bring His Kingdom to us on Earth.

  6. The essence of religion is that it doesn't explain anything. There are no criteria of reasonableness; there is a belief in what cannot be rationally explained, proved or disproved. The task of religion is to explain that everything in the world depends on God, is created by God, and happens according to God's rules. The rest is unimportant

  7. One man went into a barber shop and sat down in a chair next to the master. The master went about his business. A casual conversation ensued, during which the same question was asked. An overgrown, unshaven man was standing in the street. The barber pointed at him and said, ” But that doesn't mean there aren't hairdressers in the world.”

    Now let's clarify from the point of view of the Orthodox faith. St. Isaac the Syrian said: “God does nothing for the sake of retribution, but does everything for the benefit of man.” Remember the well-known story of the Decembrist Kondraty Ryleev, retold by Sofia Savina in the “Historical Bulletin” of 1894? That's the answer to your question.

  8. I have heard the opinion of a wise man.

    God takes those He loves early.

    And senile diseases and infirmities are a punishment for the sins of youth.

    It turns out that God does not allow those who die in childhood to sin.

  9. It depends on the point of view of God. People are given free will. The concept of karma and reincarnation implies that a person is responsible for the manifestation of free will and is responsible for their actions in the chain of incarnations and between them. Most of the terrible and incurable childhood illnesses are caused by the causes generated by them in a past life together with / in connection with current parents and other close associates. The rest of these cases have complex causes, based on the principle of inscrutable paths and a different attitude to death. To be fair, children who die at an early age have a great chance of being reincarnated in a very short time; up to 7 years, a person has little attachment to the physical body/world.

  10. How and what religion explains or doesn't explain – what does it matter?

    How each of us explains the existence of diseases and other sufferings is important. Based on our own explanations and belief in them, we commit certain actions that lead to certain consequences.

    When we attribute any events to someone else's will, we waive responsibility for our actions. When we explain it as a” great accident ” called evolution, we also shift the responsibility to the non-perfect primate.

    As soon as we start to believe in our own strength, we will recognize their impact on the world around us, and we will take responsibility for the impact – then the world will change!

  11. The answer to this question can be obtained from the Old Testament commandment of God: –

    ” … You shall not make for yourself any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or on the earth below, or in the water below the earth; you shall not worship them or serve them, for I am the Lord your God, a jealous God, punishing the children for the iniquity of their fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me …”,

    .. I hope that it is not necessary to explain at length how many generations worshipped and served the idols of the human self in the years after the tsar was forced to abdicate.

    It would seem-God is a cruel Avenger, but-NO, there is a different logic!

    There is a God … Life and he who rejects God-rejects Life, and diseases are just a certain earthly path of a person in the abode of Death!

    So a person faces the illness of his beloved child-a warning about his approaching Death, becomes like a choice-Life or Death!?

    Becomes the Word of GodI'LL CURSE you, I mean delete YOU from the abodes of life-that's the whole simple logic: – I will remove anyone who removes himself from Me! And to make this Word more convincing, then all the way ” … to the third and fourth kind …”!

    And what is the persuasiveness here?

    And the persuasiveness is thatGod is Love, and he who rejects Love for the sake of Death, like Adam, does not realize how hard this suffering is for Love!

    He does not give up until he himself has experienced this suffering!

    But even then, the big question is whether this person will turn to God, the abode of Life … in repentance for his own self … and its kind … for the sake of the health of your beloved child!?

    Or will he persist?

    This is already his choice in the initial position of his being!

    Where the DISEASE acts as an Old Testament prophet sent by God to the world, with a call to repentance!

  12. The child itself does not suffer. We are connected by the same chain. These children are a part of us, we are a part of these children. If the liver hurts, then not only the liver suffers, but the whole body suffers. Moreover, a number of factors can lead to liver disease (improper nutrition, psychological instability, infectious disease, loss of immunity, etc.).

    So in humanity, as a single organism, when a child suffers, it can happen for various reasons. But the principle is the same : if some part of the body suffers, the whole body actually suffers.

    We're made of each other. People, living beings, are connecting vessels. If happiness is poured into one vessel, it will also arrive in another. And vice versa.�

    People do not exist separately from society. Even hermits, even enlightened and notorious sinners, do not exist apart from the public. All are connected by the same chain.�

    The world works that way. So if a child suffers, it simply means that everyone suffers. And the enlightened ones, and the Buddhas, and even God.�

    And even the truth, and even atheists.

    And vice versa. If one rejoices , all rejoice. If this is true, bright joy.�

    This is the mechanism. This is the structure of this strange world in which we are immersed. This is the soup in which we all brew together with our ancestors and our descendants. The whole history of mankind is cooked in this soup, who pops up carrots, who cabbage, who potatoes, and who a lump of fat…

    You see, obviously, the Lord God just had a deadline. He was in a divine hurry, and so it turned out. It just so happens that this is the mechanism he set in motion. After all, you also sometimes start a mechanism and until it stops, you can't touch or change anything in it. You just can't. Otherwise, it will only get worse.

    And now, if I may say so, the Lord is just waiting and suffering. Well, not just waiting, I think, but also eases the fate of those who suffer by their actions. But it is limited to the operation of its own mechanism. This is often the case with creative comrades, and you can often see it if you look at the faces of famous creative personalities, famous writers, engineers, and scientists who have invented something…

    Yes, it was his fault. Or maybe … wine. The bitter wine of free will, as some pious comrades have correctly pointed out. We need to ask Georgians, they make very good wine, how does bitter wine turn out?.. And how it turns out sweet, semi-sweet…�

    No, it was not for nothing that Omar Khayyam liked to write about wine, even if it was Sufi. There's something to it… A man himself is like wine, bitter, red, shriveled is born into the world. Then it is infused for a short life, and then the Lord drinks it… He gets a taste of his thoughts, his actions, his life, the skeleton of his life path. The Lord drinks a person down either in one gulp or savoringly, like a sommelier.�

    We are the wine of the Lord. Well, or (if you like atheism) Existence. But the word Existence in this case should be written with a capital letter. Because it implies Ktoynost, the highest, so to speak, in a personal hypostasis. Atheists do not like to fall into agnosticism, i.e. they do not deny the existence of themselves, their loved ones. And if atheists exist, then so do we. And of course, the Lord. How can I do without it?

    I wouldn't be surprised if God became a drunkard. It is no wonder, so much trouble to endure in the entire history of mankind, it is simply unbearable. God grant him good health, of course.�

    On the other hand, God is omnipotent, which means that He can do anything, in other words, he may not be able to do anything. I'd be nothing if I were him. Disappeared and dissolved like sugar in a cup of tea, preferably with milk. I love milk tea. In principle, God probably did. He dissolved, he is a great alchemist, he knows how to dissolve in every trouble, every joy, every child and person. One has only to scratch someone's life, even some mossy terrorist or homeless person, and immediately you find crystals of salty meaning. Yes, God prefers salt.�

    You can call this divine mechanism bad, or you can try to understand how this mechanism works, why it appeared in this way, and whether it can be reformatted in the ontological sense, radically. The last question is raised in the works of the founder of the so-called integral yoga, Sri Aurobindo, and his disciple Satprem (Earth Body, Cell Mind, Evolution 2).

  13. I read the book Message of Water by Masaru Emoto, perhaps parents before conception did not adhere to the rules of life described in the book, to the world, to the wife, to the husband you need to feel gratitude and love, perhaps then other children will be born. Conception still in love should also occur with a mutual desire to conceive a baby

  14. The comrades responded with great enthusiasm, blaming humanity, the machinations of the devil and other things, claiming that God is suffering with us, so everything is fine.

    And in my opinion, if an omnipotent being created the world, humanity and all things, and then-this being was spoiled-it would be possible to correct it.

    and if they didn't fix it, then God is happy with it.

    Or, if it doesn't suit him, then he's not all – powerful.
    That's all the conclusions.

    Either he can fix it but doesn't want to, or he wants to fix it but can't.
    Whatever answer you like, you can choose

  15. Any pagan religion. More precisely, those of them whose followers call themselves “demonstrators”. At a glance: this is Wicca, Asatrua, neo-Romana, neo-Celtic, Tengrianism, and so on…

    They see a person who has come into the world as a “tabula rasa” – a blank slate. The soul is immaculate. It's all the fault of genetics, and the gods have nothing to do with it…

    There are other religious systems on a larger scale. For example, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism. Here the concept of karma dominates, interpreting this fact as the consequences of past incarnations of a person. But again , this is not the punishment of the gods, this is the result of the man himself.

  16. Religion does not explain everything – there is a place for the mysteries of God, the fate of God is a great abyss.

    16 And it came to pass, when I set my heart to learn wisdom, and to see the works that are done on the earth, and in the midst of which there is no sleep day or night, 17
    that I saw all the works of God, and found that man could not comprehend the works that are done under the sun. No matter how much a person works in research, he still will not comprehend it; and if a wise man says that he knows, he cannot comprehend it.

    (Eccl. 8: 16,17)

    When the Day of Judgment comes, His judgments will be clear and clear to everyone and everyone will see that He is truly just and merciful – on the one hand, He has the right to do whatever He wants with His creation, on the other hand, you need to understand and believe that everything that He does can not be unrighteous.

    As for the death of children-there are many options – for example, death for the sins of their parents, for their admonition and salvation, to somehow stop them in their lost life. In this case, it turns out that the child is an instrument of God and since he suffered for others, this can be equated to some extent to the redemptive act.

    14 There is also such vanity in the earth: the righteous are afflicted with what the works of the wicked deserve, but the wicked are afflicted with what the works of the righteous deserve. And I said, And this is vanity.(Eccl. 8: 14)

  17. And God has nothing to do with any diseases.. People themselves produce diseases in their children, and yes, sometimes severe and not curable … You know what they say, what a man sows is what he reaps. It is ok. Blaming God for your sins is very easy, much harder to admit that you are a fool …

  18. Many believers turn to their spiritual guides with a similar question. In response, they often hear that suffering is the will of God and that God has already ordained everything long ago. It is not uncommon to hear that the ways of the Lord are inscrutable. However, the Bible says that God never causes evil( Job 34: 10)There are 2 reasons why people suffer. The first is recorded in 1 John 5: 19: “The whole world lies in evil” This world reflects the essence of its ruler, Satan the Devil. And he is very deceitful and cruel.. The second reason explains why the ruler of this world is Satan.. Having sinned, Adam himself chose his ruler, Satan, and went over to the side of the rebel… and his children have inherited his sin. This is stated in the 3rd chapter of Genesis. Will God restore his rule on earth?

  19. Religion itself cannot explain anything. explain people who profess a particular religion. And it all depends on whether God revealed the true knowledge to them by the Holy Spirit or not. Therefore, there is a lot of nonsense from such explanations. There are a lot of reasons here. Everything happens here on earth in a world where there is a lot of darkness. And darkness is the cause of all diseases. Plus the trials that God gives you from birth. Plus the human structure, because we come here already with the sins that are in our heart-mind, and they got there even when God created these hearts of ours. And don't confuse it with the sins committed by an action. And many other things that can be in our world.

  20. This is how the walls of the universe work. From the good is born the good – from the bad-the bad. Rotten potatoes give birth to a weak crop and are not stored for a long time.

  21. Terrible and incurable diseases of children do not happen, it is not known how, and it is not known why. Healthy children are born to healthy parents. Parents who led an unhealthy lifestyle, used dangerous substances – these are parents who ruined their body. And accordingly, their children who are flesh of the flesh, they inherit these very injuries. And in even greater danger. Since parents began to harm their health already with a developed body, children are damaged already at the stage of formation, and sometimes they will no longer be able to form into a healthy person. So it turns out that apparently healthy parents. Living “to the fullest” and not yet having health problems, “suddenly” children with disabilities, sick children are born.

    Bad ecology, it's no secret that humanity, in pursuit of more and more comfort and luxury, produces more and more dangerous substances that enter our world, and in ourselves. Heavy metals, chemicals, radioactive materials, microplastics. So far, an adult can tolerate the effects of this, in those doses that are around us, without visible consequences. This can cause serious damage to the child.

    In fact, this is a curse, not some mystical, unknown and incomprehensible. This is a curse that is quite believed in laboratories. And all these irresponsible approaches in the pursuit of super comfort, super profits. C not wanting to even think about the damage being done. The man cursed himself.

    God can ask us why we made our children sick by burning their health into our passions. We're not his.

  22. Did their parents make it or not ??? God has no punishments without a purpose and for the sake of punishments themselves… The goal of any punishment is the desire to correct a person's life … Children are certainly not the goal of punishment, but the goal of educating their parents… Well, I think so … It has been proven for 1000 years that only troubles lead a person to correct his life …

  23. He is just and merciful when addressing him. And diseases in children by birth or acquired, we ourselves are guilty, having made a mess of what is given to us. God's mercy and justice have nothing to do with it.

  24. I read in the Gospel that God punishes up to the 3rd and 4th tribes, so that children are also responsible for the sins of their parents, these are not the laws of the world for you, and it seems fair to many victims of evil, the merciful is revealed in the fact that with faith and repentance, he listens to requests and supplications and helps.But do not think that the laws of the world are fairer, because if the world achieved all that it wants, then there would be hell on Earth( remember the desire of some to allow the carrying of weapons, etc.), i.e. the world has such a potential for evil that if everything was according to its laws, it would destroy itself

  25. In Hinduism, this is explained very simply. Since the soul is eternal and is born many times in different bodies, then following the law of karma, the consequences of its previous lives are preserved in the next incarnations. Therefore, everyone is born in different circumstances, simply on the basis that in past lives they have sinned or lived righteously.

  26. maybe it's how we perceive death ?! maybe death isn't as bad as we think?! it's like going to sleep because we come back every morning, and from there we don't seem to worry about the fact that we were gone all night ! so for God, it can just send a person to another dimension.

  27. Yes, it explains it very simply.�

    In the “worldly”, scientific formulation, it reads as follows: “God does not act within the framework of human logic, human ethics and human morality.”: it has its own logic, ethics and morals, and any attempts of a person to evaluate the actions of God from the standpoint of his own logic or ethics lead to disappointments and failures.”

    Well, in theology, this postulate sounds different, depending on the specific tradition. In Christianity – � “The ways of the Lord are inscrutable”. In Taoism, ” The Tao is this and is that, the Tao is up and down, the Tao is what can be defined and what cannot be defined.” And so on )

  28. And what does religion have to do with it? They try to add God everywhere.If God created such a world with certain laws.If you were drunk, used drugs, or your ancestors or your wife, then this will affect your descendants genetically, it's not for nothing that they talk about bad or good blood, everything seems to be recorded in genetics, they themselves are to blame and what does God have to do with it .What is God who created the universe, what does he care about a microbe like you?People themselves invented religions, so it's easier for them to live and explain life, manage people, although what can they explain if they thought that the earth is flat and the sun revolves around us and the sky is hard, who is against the bonfire.

  29. No way. The answers boil down to an inconspicuous departure on another topic.
    A very specific answer is given by I. S. Turgenev in his philosophical verse ” Nature “(podrazum.- God). I will not quote or comment on his opinion…
    All I can say is that his answer stunned me like a blow to the head.
    Read it yourself, it's only a couple of pages long.

  30. 1) To begin with, according to high theology in Orthodoxy, there is no evil at all, evil is a technical concept, that is, there is no evil, but there is a rarefied good (that is, with a reduced density) and a person has a choice to move towards a dense good or a rarefied one. (for your information, there is also no darkness in high physics, darkness is a technical concept, and there is only rarefied light, read the dialogue between a student of Einstein and a teacher, talk to knowledgeable physicists)

    2) Are you sure that God is often to blame? Here there are children with cancer, which you write about, tell me that God pulls the strings of bikers who make the most noise at night, terrifying even healthy children, or the neighbors of these sick children who suddenly want to make repairs, glue wallpaper with a punch? So these sick children would have to collect 500 thousand rubles, for example, and with such people around, even if you collect 500 thousand dollars, nothing will help. So if you think about it carefully, it's often either you or others who are to blame, but not God.

  31. Our understanding of justice and mercy stems from our personal, selfish desires to have the best in life and live as comfortably as possible. For God, justice and mercy can also manifest themselves in incurable diseases of children, because for him it is not the development of your ego that is important, but the development of your soul, spirit, and much more often this development occurs through suffering, as a way of cleansing from selfish desires…

    St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans…

    2:5. But according to your stubbornness and unrepentant heart,

    you collect your own wrath for the day of wrath and

    revelations of the righteous judgment from God,

    2:6. Who will reward every man according to his works

  32. Because that is the essence of God-to sow suffering and death. In all of biblical history, God has done no good to humans since the creation of Adam and Eve, only the above.. If someone suddenly finds an example of the opposite, I will be grateful.

  33. The question is religious and philosophical.Everyone-both believers and atheists-knows that God is associated with justice and mercy.And the Law of God, the Bible confirms it.However, from a philosophical point of view, everyone interprets the facts according to their worldview. Therefore, when two people with a polar worldview start discussing the same phenomenon, the attitude to it is the same polar.We turn to God in prayer-and the child recovers.We consider God to be merciful and just. AND IF THE CHILD SUFFERS AND DIES?

    The righteous Job in ancient times so annoyed Satan with his righteousness that he decided to test him, whether his faith will stand if God stops supporting Job. God stopped supporting Job for a while ,and the result was disastrous:Job fell ill with an incurable disease,lost his wealth, his home, and, worst of all,all of his children, one by one. But Job said, ” If we accept good things from God, why shouldn't we accept bad things?” And again, with humility, he began to exalt the power of God. Satan gathered up his sacrifices and left Job,but God comforted him many times, both in wealth and in children.

    God, as the owner, has the right to dispose of his “good”, that is, what is on earth ,and it is possible that he leaves us for a certain time and becomes vulnerable .Why is that?We cannot be eternal and live forever with our corrupted nature.We either acquire sanctity or leave when our sanctity is violated minimally, as a fact of original sin, and when conscientious parents managed to baptize the child,or had a desire to do so,although they did not have time for objective reasons.

    There are no other options for eternal life. This is a question of the world order,we live with corrupted nature, which must be purified for paradise.Purification is possible through holiness or through an innocent sacrifice. Therefore, Satan prowls”like a wolf, looking for someone to devour..”, and often very good people and innocent kids suffer.Christ has clearly shown this, and God is just as much a suffering father as earthly people.However, Christ gave us the hope of eternal life after the death of an innocent person.

    We cannot know God's providence,but it is true that a child dying causes our hearts to be washed with blood and suffering. If our nature in its purification manifests itself as a believer,we will meet our children in a bright future in paradise. Christ said, ” Take every man his cross and follow me.” I fully admit that someone is going in the opposite direction, trying to throw off their cross. But everyone is responsible only for themselves,not everyone can pass the test. But the reward is not for everyone.

  34. Religion does not explain this, it is explained by enlightened masters who know the truth about our immortality, which is why everyone is responsible for all their actions in the past, and even death (and a new birth) will not protect them from this… ” God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will also reap” (New Testament)… These children are not sinless, they get what THEY deserve…

  35. Archimedes once said a wise phrase – ” give me a foothold and I will turn the earth upside down.” In this sense, many questions are difficult precisely because they try to answer them from the wrong point of view, and if you find the right point of view (“fulcrum”), the answers are easily found.

    In our case, such a “fulcrum”, the correct point of view is eternal life after death. For me, its presence is an axiom, those who disagree-let them remain with their disagreement and continue to fight with this question, and I answer the author's question from the point of view of eternal life.

    So, since the duration of eternal life is infinitely longer than the duration of earthly life (since eternal life is eternal), the quality of this eternal life is infinitely more important than the quality of earthly life. Therefore, what leads to a good quality of eternal life is good, regardless of what it means in the earthly life. In particular, if a terrible illness in a child will eventually lead to his stay in eternity with a loving God – this is good, no matter how terrible it may look in a short earthly life. Chickens are counted in the fall.

    It remains to answer the question: will the terrible illness of the child lead to his stay in eternity with a loving God? In my deep conviction-yes, it will, since in the event of the death of a child before the “transition age” , his sins will not be imputed to him. This is God's purpose for such a child.

  36. There are a few things that are important to understand here.

    1. In Christianity, death is not something terrible. Death is only a transition to another existence, and in the case of innocent suffering, to an existence of eternal grace.

    2. God allows innocent suffering to exist. That is, even a sinless person can fall under the distribution, suffer in one form or another. The reasons may be different. But if a person looks for the causes of suffering without hatred of God, tries to somehow steer out of the current situation without indignation, then his suffering is rewarded with much greater grace. That is, if his suffering is rated at 10 points, then after that he will be happy at 1000 points; if the suffering was 1 day, then the happiness will last for a year. This idea is described in the Bible, in the Book of Job.

    3. The illness and death of children may not necessarily be related to the sins of the children themselves. Sometimes our suffering is meant to teach other people something. Jesus Christ was sinless, but he suffered and died so that billions of people could learn kindness, honor, and mercy. A sick child also brings something to his parents, some lesson, some redemption. This is his purpose in the world.

    4. At the same time, tell me, which of you is ready to sacrifice your life for the sake of your parents? If you are faced with the choice “reschedule surgery to save mom and dad”, how long will you hesitate? It will be painful for you, but the choice for most people will not even really stand.

  37. What is called “God allows”here is explained by the statement that God has granted man absolute freedom, which He himself cannot violate.The supply stone that God cannot lift is man.So if you realize the fact that humanity, as well as an individual, is seriously ill,and God is not a judge but a loving doctor, then suffering can be explained without problems.And the doctor who cuts a person saves him,and does not punish him.We are simply blind and stupid and do not understand that we ourselves are the cause of our suffering,from which we have to be saved even in such a radical way as the loss of loved ones, even in the face of innocent children.People were in such a dead end 2,000 years ago that no messenger in the form of a rebuking prophet would have helped.Only God himself incarnated is able to save people, and also in a radical way!The death on the cross of an Innocent Son of Man can clarify the question of such a complex phenomenon as the suffering of innocent children.

  38. Please tell me Which of the people living on Earth the parents asked. Do you want to be born tonight or at dawn we will conceive you or make you??? Which of you or of the earth people are asked: Here you have lived already tomorrow you will not be drink walk finish tomorrow??!! This is such a great mystery that our minds do not understand and do not blow your brains out. To the Lord, the human body is like clay to the potter, nothing more. For the Lord, the soul of a person is valuable, the energy that opens your eyes in the morning, forcing you to smile happily at the sun and run about your business . To get an answer to the question of incurable diseases in children, you need to pick up the New Testament and read how one father asked the Lord to cure his son. how and what was read for yourself is so much more interesting. Good luck with your knowledge of God, which is the same as the truth.

  39. All the problems of understanding this difficult question are that a person's idea of the Supreme does not correspond to reality at all. Hence all the problems. Any thinking person has at least once in their life asked themselves a question that the author has given us to think about. And the whole paradox is that there is no answer. Knowing God, as well as the universe, is an endless process.

    In order to avoid this kind of question (see the post/question), you need to completely abstract from the primitive idea of the Creator. The Creator is us , it is you , it is me , it is everything that surrounds us. Otherwise, nothing works and doesn't make sense… Although this is also all very controversial )))

  40. Religion doesn't explain anything. Especially Judaism and its spin offs Islam and Christianity! Religion is at best all about the search for God, and at worst the opposite of what Judaism and Christianity are.

  41. Because the test.not ihi not parents.but in general. And the children… Well, not just kids. It's just that they're getting stingier. After all, they should be treated by the light pups of the ratriver. And justice here does not punish God at all. Death is the gateway to eternal life and immortality. Suffering is just a path…

  42. The Bible says that sin is inherited,so everyone who is born is already sinful,and sin gives birth to death.But the causes leading to death are different,unfortunately, children are no exception.In the consciousness of man, death is alien, so he avoids it.Throughout the history of mankind,people have been searching for the elixir of eternal life.More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ opened this path to all of humanity.

  43. A just and merciful God has prepared paradise for man and created excellent conditions for eternal life. God commanded man to cultivate and keep the garden, to enjoy its benefits, to be fruitful and to fill the earth. The only requirement was to obey God. As long as a person obeyed God, he lived without troubles, sufferings, and diseases. As soon as he decided to go his own way, stopped obeying God, hid from Him, man lost immortality, he had to leave paradise, and outside its gates he acquired suffering and diseases, and all his relatives and children began to suffer with him. On earth – hell, because the devil rules here( God remained in paradise with those who continue to obey Him, admire his works, worship. They live for thousands of years and will live forever. It is quite clear what will happen to those who have left paradise: diseases, need and suffering, because they live in hell! But the good news is that you can return to paradise (even here on earth, to have eternal life without suffering!)Ask me how, who is interested.

    Read the book “Do you choose heaven or hell?” by Olga Barsukova (type in the search engine)

  44. There are also congenital diseases, also due to injuries and other various accidents, infectious, oncological and others-as if not through the direct fault of the patient. But this is only an apparent impression: if you look deeper, you can definitely find their objective expediency. For example, God decided to stop something, slow down, make you think about something, direct you to study the causes and mechanisms of diseases from a medical perspective, expanding your horizons, developing intelligence. Or was it necessary to show the patient what it is like to be disabled, crippled, if in a previous life he himself made someone like this…

    There are also cases when a person gets sick in order to meet someone through this and get a spiritual awakening from them.

    There are also diseases of a purely energetic nature, for example, due to the energy mismatch of a sexual partner or the diabolical qualities of someone from family members or colleagues at work. Sometimes this should be taken as a” push ” by God to radically change your life situation by moving, changing your job, etc.

    There are interesting meetings due to illness with healers. And for sure, a lot of people have received a spiritual awakening thanks to them.

    And through very serious illnesses, many people were forced by God to turn their faces directly to Themselves, when turning to Him was the last hope for relief. Some of them received healing of the body soon, others, having formed at least an initial focus of attention to It, improved their fate for the future life. In both cases, after all, it turned out well. Although, of course, it would be better to do the same thing voluntarily, without illness.


    Please avoid the emotions of anger directed at anyone! First of all, we must get rid of the gross emotional states within us, replacing them with refined states.

    Emotions are states of our souls (consciousnesses). Whether we love or hate, we bring good or evil to others-even at a distance.

    Our thoughts generate emotions. Therefore, you should monitor your thoughts, avoiding negative thought dominants. If you notice an incorrect trend in your thought process, you need to reorient your thinking — on a positive topic. Mastering the art of mental self-regulation will allow you to master what is said easily and simply.

    A special type of harmful thoughts and emotions is self — compassion. Such conditions deprive a person of strength and stop spiritual growth.

    There can be no true spirituality where there is no Love. And one of the main components of Love is COMPASSION for all living beings. Killing for your own gluttony is a super-selfish “love” for yourself.

    How to start treatment…

    1. Start eating without killing, people who eat without killing, out of COMPASSION for animals, do not get cancer.

    2. Try “walrutting”, but in combination with penitential work and if you are mentally ready for it.

    Walrus enthusiasts have already gained some experience in treating children.�

    3. Accept the principle of repentance. It is the repentance that follows intellectual introspection that is the main purifier of the soul.

    In the process of identifying vices in yourself, emotional remorse should occur. Repentance must be sincere, and there is no substitute for it.

  45. Christianity notes that God is not just: His mercy rises above justice. Otherwise, in all fairness, humanity should have perished long ago.

    Secondly, it is wrong to associate suffering necessarily with personal responsibility for the sin committed. For example, alcoholics give birth to a disabled person not because they personally deserve it, but as a result of the sin of their parents ' drunkenness.

    As for what justifies God's omission of such sufferings, we can only note in general: the benefit to the eternal fate of the child. Apparently, suffering in this life prevents incomparably greater torments in eternity, just as the pain of vaccination prevents painful and sometimes fatal experiences of the symptoms of dangerous diseases. But from the point of view of the child's outlook, they are, of course, unjustified sadism.

    Without the experience of pain and death, no one can grow spiritually and attain a blissful resurrection in the so-called non-falling state.

    Only God knows the final answer. In Christianity, there is no dogma about the omniscience of Christians. Christians believe in God's omniscience.

  46. Let's imagine that God decided to destroy the fact that children get sick and die. Destroy diseases? But children can be killed by drunk parents or terrorists. So, the barn is burning-burn and the hut, we destroy ALL evil. Hence, ALL humans must either be destroyed or become powerless puppets.

    God allows evil to the extent that it is constantly allowed by people who have made – and are making every moment – the decision to live without It.

    Theodicy – that is, the fact that a good God allows evil in the world-is a very, very difficult thing to understand.

  47. There is such a famous gay and atheist Stephen Fry. He made several statements about the fact that the creator is a pervert and sadist, since there are organisms in the world that eat the white of the eyes, while they love the most tender, in children. Tropical countries are full of such creatures. Therefore, the food is stuffed with spices. Stephen Fry hinted that the realization of such things from the real world is much more productive than religious fairy tales about the goodness of the Lord, and leads to atheism, developing a strong critique of Christianity.

  48. Dmitry Gusarov has already said the main thing here, and I will only add something to his answer.

    According to the Christian faith (and here Orthodox, Catholics, and traditional Protestants agree), after the fall of Adam and Eve, not only human nature was distorted, but also the entire material world was distorted – “The whole creation collectively groans and torments itself to this day,” wrote the Apostle Paul (Rom. 8:22). This means that there will be not only tragedies due to human sins, but also natural tragedies in the world. Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods, and diseases. “The whole world lies in evil,” says the apostle John (1 John 5: 19). Therefore, it is impossible to live in peace and not come in contact with this evil – which has both human and natural origin – in any way. Avoiding it is like slipping between the raindrops. Everyone will eventually collide. Not necessarily as a punishment for sins, but simply. Because that's what we are and that's our world. And yes, innocent children will suffer. God can't do anything about it, that is, He can't wave a magic wand and give ” happiness to everyone, for free, so that no one leaves offended.” Because it is impossible to do this without depriving a person of the gift of freedom. And without the gift of freedom, a person is no longer a person, but a biorobot. The personality will disappear, only the shell will remain.

    But God does not just look dispassionately at human grief – He suffers with us and helps us to endure suffering. Most importantly, He gave us a way to enter Eternity and be there with Him. Suffering, however terrible, is temporary, but the joy of being with God is eternal.

  49. Let me start with two small comments on the wording of the question itself. First, the presence or absence of diseases in a person has nothing to do with the amount of sin he has committed. The Bible says that all people are sinners and therefore deprived of the glory of God. Everyone-both healthy and sick.

    And the second one: we see only what God allows to happen in our world, but we are not able to know what He does not allow. Perhaps these are so terrible things that in comparison with them, any diseases will seem like a mere trifle to us. But we don't even have names for all these horrors, simply because God doesn't allow them to happen.

    Now as for the question itself. In one form or another, it is set constantly, over and over again. And, in my opinion, this is fair, because it is formulated in a very clear way, but it is usually not easy to accept the answer to it. The logic of the question implies that the loving and merciful (as well as the omnipotent) the creature would not tolerate disease, suffering, or any evil whatsoever. This premise seems reasonable, but it is incorrect. If God wanted to destroy evil, how much evil would He destroy? Absolutely everything. And this would lead to the fact that we would simply be physically unable to commit evil deeds, that is, we would lose something very valuable, namely our freedom. Hardly any of us are willing to sacrifice it.

    Our world is not like an “amusement park” where there are no problems and where everyone is always doing well. It is more like a “love school”, that is, a place where there are many opportunities to learn how to show your love. It seems that this is the purpose of God's creation. Which means it's very important.

    And yet our world is created orderly, that is, it is governed by the laws of nature, many of which have already been discovered and many are yet to be discovered. Unfortunately, sometimes they act in such a way that innocent people suffer from it. But what is important is that Christianity not only postulates the existence of evil in the world, but also offers a way to defeat it. This path is through Jesus Christ.

    PS. And at the very end, I want to give you one more piece of advice. This is advice for those believers who are faced with the need to answer such questions. Always distinguish whether this question is asked by a person for philosophical reasons (and then you can use a variety of arguments in conversation with him, including the ones I listed above) or whether it is asked by a person who is going through this kind of suffering himself (and then God forbid you to go into any lengthy explanations; this is not what he needs right now,


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