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  1. Conscience is the soul's reaction to the thought that has come up. If this thought does not contradict the tasks of a person, then he feels pleasant emotions in the chest area, and the thought descends into the lower chakra and triggers feelings. And feelings already encourage a person to act. If the thought is not consistent with the tasks that a person should implement in his life, then negative emotions arise that block this thought, and accordingly, the action. This is how the conscience of a person with a healthy mind should work.
    But, the ruling system tries to give people false feelings that will make them commit unnecessary and harmful actions for them. Hence the feeling of guilt. A person with a strong sense of guilt is easy to manage, because you can motivate them by doing something, they will correct the situation and get rid of feelings of guilt. But this is an illusion, because guilt is a false feeling that occurs when a manipulator acts, creating a false situation.
    For example, the system created, especially in the 90s, an attractive image of private schools that prepare children for admission to prestigious universities, but this education was very expensive. A person felt guilty towards their child for not being able to give them a better education. Compensating for this feeling, he began to overprotect the child. As a result, he refused to give birth to a second child in order to create the most comfortable conditions for the first and only one. A person, instead of solving the problems that life puts before him, solved the problems of the ruling system, he created from his child an ideal consumer who would join the consumer society. But the feeling of guilt, at the same time, did not disappear from him, but only increased. To drown out this feeling, the person began to work even harder to have money, take care of the child and take credit for it to others. To do this, a person must have listeners in front of whom he needs to brag. All this involves a person in a completely unnecessary cycle. And most importantly, the child is unlikely to appreciate all this fuss, since he needs sincere feelings, not false ones.
    To understand which feeling is true and which is false, a person needs to stop, be alone with himself and listen to his emotions

  2. First you need to understand what Conscience is.

    And how to understand this, because Conscience is a spiritual concept, not a material one.

    It is best to read what the Saints said about Conscience, for only to them did the secrets of the Human Soul become revealed.

    Reverend Abba Dorotheus:


    “When God created man, He instilled in him something divine, as it were, a certain thought that has in itself, like a spark, both light and warmth; a thought that enlightens the mind and shows it what is good and what is evil. This is called conscience, and it is a natural law…”

    How can Conscience manifest itself?

    If a person has taken evil into his heart and made it outside, then his Conscience will immediately prompt him with its remorse.

    The person will feel uncomfortable, as if something is bothering him, some kind of heaviness will lie on the Soul.

    If a Person has done well, then there will be joy in the Soul, which seems to be caused by nothing, but this is a hint of Conscience – everything is done correctly, sometimes people call it satisfaction of the Soul.

    Just a minute ago, I heard a children's fairy tale about an owl, which was invented by a 5-year-old boy, told by A. I. Osipov.

    There was a hollow hole in the huge tree.

    Ants began to live in this hollow and lived well.

    An owl flew in and wanted to take possession of this hollow tree.

    She ate some of the ants, and drove some out and climbed into the hollow.

    Then she heard a knock.

    The owl looked out – no one.

    I hid in the hollow again, and there was another knock.

    I looked out and there was no one there again.

    It turned out to be the owl's heart.

    And the boy concludes:

    The owl itself was with a kind heart, which thumped, saying to the owl-why did you drive out the ants.

    That's how it “works” Conscience.

  3. Conscience is the ability to look at yourself from the outside, as well as make judgments about yourself. Conscience is inherent in all people, it is given by God. It is an inner awareness or feeling of what is right. The Bible says that it can justify or condemn a person's actions. (Romans 2: 14,15 texts).

    Conscience is formed under the influence of thoughts and actions, as well as the beliefs that a person develops, and the rules that he learns in the course of acquiring knowledge and through life experience. When there are discrepancies between the learned rules and the actions of a person, the conscience, so to speak, sounds the alarm, unless of course it has become insensitive from constant disregard for its signals.

    In moral terms, conscience serves as a defense, causing a person to feel satisfied when he does the right thing, and tormenting him when he does the wrong thing.

  4. conscience is given to us by God .This is the inner voice . often people ignore the voice of conscience . The voice of conscience lives in every person , only some have burned their conscience

  5. Approximately the same way that Light affects a person! After all, you can close yourself off from it, and very seriously.Up to complete non-penetration.But light is of a different quality than any earthly light. Able to incinerate without looking at any obstacle.This is more common…about a number of people they say Burned by Conscience, or with a burnt conscience. The main thing here is to find the right cure, the sooner the better…since, the scars will remain!!! Personal opinion.

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