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  1. Oh, I'll tell you. Most often I fly (and sometimes I still do) without using flying machines. Even in reality, I perfectly remember the effort that I make with something incomprehensible somewhere in the chest area. With this effort, a kind of tension is created in the designated area, on which I seem to lie down. And it keeps my body in the air. With an effort of will, I start to pick up speed.

    Concentration is very important here, because when I get distracted, I start to lose altitude. It is important to maintain this tension. Gaining altitude feels like several hundred meters. I tried a million times to pull this off in reality, but for some reason it didn't work out. A couple of times in a dream I flew on a hang glider, and this trick in reality I still managed to repeat..

  2. I still fly, and very often in my sleep.) It just so happens that I fly most often in the role of a character who needs to save someone. I usually destroy the evil that threatens the whole world, this is the plot I dream about most often, by the way.) These can be zombies, non-existent monsters, or real things like war or natural phenomena. So I fly “on my own two feet” and very quickly and actively. Sometimes I fly directly in space between some non-existent worlds, but in space I usually have some kind of device to move faster. Super sneakers or a backpack, for example. In general, it seems to me that even the most banal dream plot can not do without a fantastic entourage.�

    I love my dreams.) I've always wondered what the pros would say about my constant need to save the world almost every night.)

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