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  1. For a real impact on the body, the radiation power must be hundreds or more watts, and it is extremely undesirable to stick your head in a microwave oven, since there is a lock from switching on when the door is open. Cell phone radiation is up to a few watts, which is practically safe. Moreover, the closer you are to the base station, the less radiation power the phone switches to. There is no reliable evidence of the harmfulness of mobile devices, mostly non-specialists shout about it, who at the same time juggle unreliable facts and figures. If you are still afraid and think that it is better to be safe, then just carry the phone away from vital organs: the head (when you are not talking, of course :)), heart, genitals.

    Do not buy any devices that supposedly reduce the radiation of the phone – this is a scam. In principle, they can only reduce the efficiency of the receiving and transmitting part of the phone. Radiation, of course, can really be reduced by putting, for example, a phone in an iron jar, but the phone will simply switch to a higher radiation power, and if it reaches the power limit and does not receive a signal from the station, it will simply lose the network. If you need the phone for its intended purpose, then you should not engage in such nonsense, and give money to scammers.

  2. it seems that it has no effect and is harmless. if the above answers seem incomplete, you can read them here. skepdic.ru here we describe in detail the research of the electromagnetic field and its effect on the human body

  3. Phones do not cause much harm – the wavelength is too long. The most they can do is heat the area of the body they are in contact with. But any electrical appliances are heated, this follows from the Joule-Lenz law.�

    By the way, I heard such a story that in the 80s the incidence of cancer suddenly increased dramatically. And around the same time, technology took on a modern look. A coincidence? But the scientists sat quietly. They knew that the incidence of cancer had increased because it was being detected more frequently.�

    And yes, did you know that the shorter the wavelength , the more dangerous it is? For example, you were burned by a burner (infrared radiation) – put your hand under the tap. And X-rays? That's all, peek-a-boo, dosvidos.

  4. The main harm from using a mobile phone is a detrimental effect on vision, an impact on the cervical spine ,and oddly enough, excessive use of a smartphone can lead to psychological disorders. From the point of view of radiomagnetic radiation, today there are a lot of studies about the absence of negative effects. You can find out more in this video.


  5. Acceptable levels of mobile communication radiation:

    Russia, Hungary: 10 µW / cm2.
    USA, Scandinavian countries: 100 µW/cm2.

    Which means that it's not clear.

    The only study showed that the level of radiation that can affect tissues is 40�µW / cm2, but this is not accurate…

    There are no studies proving the harm of cell phone radiation!

    Cell phone radiation in the following modes:�

    Standby power: 0�µW / cm2
    Communication rate: 20-30 µW / cm2
    Power consumption: 2-3�µW / cm2

    It follows from the data that they are not affected, but for some reason the norm in Russia is underestimated.

  6. I agree with the answers above: phones really study signals of such low power (according to the norms in Russia — up to 2 W, in fact — ~1 W) that even frequencies of the order of 900 MHz do not cause any tangible harm. About Wi-Fi routers, I want to add that although they are allowed to have a power of only 0.1 W, they emit constantly, unlike phones, which emit radiation about once an hour, when updating information about the position at the base station, and during a call.

    So if you are still afraid of radiation, it is better to sleep with your phone than with a router 🙂

  7. The degree of harmful effects of microwave radiation on the human body depends on the power flux density (PMF), the higher it is, the greater the danger. Most often, those organs and tissues of a person are affected where there is a weak blood supply or those organs whose heating leads to impaired function. These are the lens of the eye and the testicles. In the first case, it leads to cataracts, in the second to infertility. Those who served in the Air Defense radio engineering units are well aware of the harmful effects of microwave radiation, and there was a mandatory briefing on this issue. Modern mobile devices have a fairly low APM, so they say, although I haven't checked any of my own devices. This requires very sensitive equipment.

  8. In fact, this is ultra-high-and ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (900-2450 MHz), which is perfectly extinguished by the skin, soft and muscle tissues of a person with the resulting release of heat. Since it is usually low-power, we do not feel this heating. This radiation surrounds us everywhere and is considered safe for humans.

    If we abstract and speculate, then more powerful radio radiation can penetrate deeper into the body and affect the nervous system, and heating when the powerful radiation is extinguished by biological tissues will cause cell destruction. Effects on the nervous system: disruption of vital processes, for example, sleep disorders, anxiety. But for such an effect, it is necessary that part of the radiation received by a person is transformed by charged particles in the body into electrical impulses, then there will be a clear effect on the nervous system, and otherwise it is no longer clear where physics and biology end and psychology, autosuggestion and the like begin. Fortunately, the concentration of charged particles in a person is so low that we can live in an environment of radio waves without any noticeable consequences. I take this opportunity to say hello to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an intercom key, contactless smart cards, a car alarm keychain and an immobilizer-the radiation is almost the same.

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