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  1. I'll tell you my story. I didn't really like the beginning of my conscious,adult life. There were problems in communicating with people, it seemed to me that I was a sociopath and a psychopath, in general, I did not like them-people))) I studied at the Medical Institute agree not the best qualities for a doctor. Everything changed in one moment, when I got to the famous electronic music festival, and here I was treated to a cherished pill with a Mitsubishi badge,this experience I will never forget! During the 2 weeks spent on Kazantip, there was a lot of things, I returned from there a completely different person who loved myself, people and the whole world. This event affected my character and attitude towards other people. Perhaps I had serious problems with empathy before this meeting. The only people who continued to annoy were heavily intoxicated people who sometimes threatened to hit drug addicts ))). It's been 10 years… After 8 years of marriage, my husband and I were experiencing a crisis in our relationship. We went to Barcelona together to visit friends, but we didn't really talk to each other for a year.On the Rambla-a street in the center, we were approached by a black guy and offered the entire range of prohibited substances, I was interested in the MDMA crystal, there were legends about crystals on Kazantip, but no one saw them). I persuaded my husband to try it out together, we talked about everything and walked all night hand in hand along the promenade in Barcelona it was magical! This black guy saved our relationship. Another 9 years have passed, we have 2 adults, healthy sons, we are happy, we have not become drug addicts))) I will conclude that Mdma research in medicine and psychology was banned in vain, it would help a lot of people to cope with problems and understand themselves. Sorry, I'm not much of a writer,I just really wanted to speak out in defense of the substance. I'm even ready to submit myself for experiments in favor of legalization)))

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