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  1. Unfortunately, the previous responder did not describe how the automatic arrow works. Automatic arrows are different, but the principle of behavior of the driver is the same: a certain place in front of the arrow must be passed under current or without (coasting), and the arrow rises to one or another position. The girl in the picture most likely missed the right moment, so she has to work with a crowbar.
    �All this is easy to find, for example, everything is described in detail here, including for old and new arrows:


  2. What is shown in the photo is not a fork in the road, but an intersection. At the intersection, the tram does not turn, but simply crosses another path. But of course there is an arrow at the fork in the road. It usually switches automatically, but sometimes you have to do it manually, as in the photo below. Tram drivers even have a special crowbar with them at all times.�

    Here is a useful article “How the tram arrow works “from” Science and Life ” for 1967

    com.uaAnd as it should be in a successful post, a photo of a girl:

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