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  1. I find it strange that I was asked to answer this question. I have lived most and best of my life under the Communists, and I HATE this doctrine with every fiber of my being. I believe that humanity has experienced two terrible delusions in the twentieth century-socialism and fascism. Two bloody and misanthropic misconceptions in the name of which huge human sacrifices were made. All wars, revolutions, dictatorships, all rivers of blood, all global meat grinders and all monstrous violence in the twentieth century were carried out either under the flag of communist ideas or under the fascist swastika. These are two equally great evils!

    I thank God that at the end of the twentieth century my homeland got rid of the tyranny of communists and the dope of their ideas. I really hope that the communist doctrine is dead in our country. It was abandoned by almost the entire world. Although mainland China and North Korea continue to “play” these dubious games. Their countries are led by communist governments.

    You ask, ” How is the communist idea developing?”?? I have only one answer-China! Why not Korea? Because North Korea is frozen in medieval socialism with its “juche” ideas and communist dogmas from a century ago. There, the ideas of communists do not develop at all and are frozen like flies in amber. China, on the other hand, demonstrates phenomenal resourcefulness and adaptability. It has magically changed over the past 30 years and shown the world how to become the second (and maybe first) economy in the world under a communist government. This “purely eastern” metamorphosis proves that you can “eat a fish and … not get your feet wet”, that is, with the declared “equality and brotherhood” and the preservation of the collective farm system, you can have several dozen dollar billionaires in the country, private factories and factories and dress and shoe the whole world. So the only showcase for developing communist ideas is the People's Republic of China. And the answer to your question is right there!

  2. The idea develops normally. In general, it is based on the fundamental principles of the classics of Marxism, but which must be applied to previously non-existent (before the Internet in particular) labor relations between people. You can see the latest Zen channels on communist and socialist topics, arguments about the mistakes of the USSR and conclusions on YouTube channels. In particular, the channel of Dmitry Goblin Puchkov, which has repeatedly been seen promoting and popularizing “left-wing rhetoric”, although moderate, enjoys wide coverage. There are more” red ” theorists in particular Konstantin Semin (Agitprop) and Andrey Rudoy (Vestnik Buri). In the economic part, the channel “Prime Numbers” and “Plan B”are most clearly popularized. Each of these resources (in my opinion) provides a retrospective assessment of past events, a reassessment of the current socio-economic system, and the development of communist ideas for the present and future generations.

  3. The process of purging the bourgeois husk that has clung to the top party apparatuses in the post-war years is underway.Of course, the modern left has not made any great scientific discoveries,and what is there to do?You need to learn the basics and follow them.Long ago, all the basics were proclaimed, but not everyone is familiar with them,and most importantly, not everyone follows them.None of the refuters and adherents of capitalism has yet refuted anything or come up with anything new.The main thing.The capitalist system of production and profit distribution: “Everything is for the capitalist, and what remains for the labor collective”is immoral.it is unfair,and therefore illegal, and should be rejected, which will happen sooner or later, but inevitably.There is a great idea of great justice,and there will be leaders.Boris.

  4. The communist idea in the pen. Having become accustomed to the benefits of socialism for 70 years, we-especially liberals-wanted freedom, forgetting about the danger of capitalist influence. So suddenly America has become a friend and benefactor to us. It took 10-15 years to find out otherwise. But even now we are losing the fight against it – in education. The virus has opened my eyes to many things. But we still have to decide whether to develop along the socialist path, outside the “natural course of history” or finally return to the “natural course of history” as a third-world country.

  5. I would like to make a mistake, but in my opinion, the communist idea is not developing at all. Because “down with it!”,” let's return everything as it was”,” let's vote together for all the good things”, etc.has nothing to do with the communist idea at all.

    Maybe I'm not up to date, and someone somewhere is doing theory, adapting the principles of Marxism to the realities of the 21st century-but I haven't read about it.

  6. In general, I believe that ideas do not develop.

    Methods, methods, and technologies are being developed…. their implementation and application in specific historical conditions.

    Even 150 years ago, for example, radio and television were a technical fantasy and utopia…

    And communist ideas, once conceived, are immanently indestructible, since they are the quintessence of the ideas of all peoples about justice crystallized by history and the best minds of mankind…

    Without communism, humanity is doomed to an endless intraspecific struggle of millions of self-interested money-grubbers “each with each” and “each against all”, which will undermine the material and spiritual resources of the human population…

    Therefore, communism is the only acceptable option for the future that will ensure the continuation of the human race…

  7. I don't have any information that would allow me to look at the problem chronologically.

    However, I consider it appropriate to report the following:

    According to the concepts that have become popular in modern scientific circles , man is an inevitable product of the evolution of the universe, which led to the appearance of life . And also a person, as its rightful supreme representative.

    But the laws of nature apply to him without exception. This was proved by Academician Pavlov on the basis of indisputable scientific experiments.

    The scientific society even spoke out for this, suggesting that he should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for the second time. However, it was fun, because Pavlov conducted experiments on people ( and on whom else?) That is, on street children, which the Bolsheviks created in the country in the amount of five million. By the way, street children were happy to take part in experiments where they were fed in the interests of science.

    The process of evolution is triggered by the Law of struggle for existence, which gives the advantage of survival to those who are more adapted to life in an ever-changing situation. And he acts in a society of people with a force that does not depend on any declarations made against him. Which, at best, are aimed at mitigating the effect of this law.

    A prerequisite for success in the life struggle of any member of the living world is the protection of one's own interests, no matter what they may be. Not the least role in this is played by the protection of the area of their habitat from encroachments on its ownership from the outside. Generalizing, this can be called an institution of property., common to the entire living world.

    ( Right now, as I write this, the neighbor's cat is driving the alien out of our yard.)

    And it was precisely the failure to understand this seemingly obvious fact that led Marx and his followers to the failed idea of a communist society.

    The end of Marxism as a practice of organizing society came with the quiet death of the idea of Soviet power, which occurred in the early nineties of the last century.

    Let's leave aside the senseless search for the culprits of this phenomenon among the most influential figures of the past.

    Socialism in Russia collapsed through no fault of their own. These individuals were only the executors of the dictates of history.

    This happened because in the course of the functioning of the Soviet state, the level of well-being of the masses increased. Who understood the taste of private property and its advantages, as well as was convinced by the example of the most successful representatives of power in its seductiveness .

    The idea of communism “to take away and divide” became simply unacceptable to her .

    A significant role here was played by facts about the life of more successful countries, which drooped through the holes in the Iron Curtain that was decaying from year to year.

    In the end, an active part of the population rejected communism as an obsolete fantasy. In the unfounded hope of a new bright future, which will be built for him by itself, without his active participation.

    I remember the grandiose rally on Palace Square against the State Emergency Committee, which Nikita Tolstoy, an employee of our institute, aptly called a “red-brown” group. And the soldiers from the windows of the building located on the square hung out a poster “We are with you!”

    But, in fact,this was all. The population turned out to be different from itself almost a century ago, when it was most actively involved in public life and created Councils – self-government bodies.

    The danger of restoring socialism forced the radicals to disperse the Parliament.

    The steam went out on the whistle.

  8. It depends on what you call a ” communist idea.”

    Initially, this is the idea of living together, cooperating and helping each other, solving basic issues together, communicating openly and working honestly for the benefit of all. Accordingly, this all-external benefit does not belong to anyone and everyone takes as needed or just what is given.

    What to give to whom can be decided in different ways; the main thing is that it is also in the interests of the common good.

    In various variations, this idea has existed since ancient times and still exists today. What to develop here is not very clear.

    If you are talking about Marxism, then the idea of communism was not much different in it. Marx did not invent communism, he invented its objective necessity and the way to build it-on the scale of “all of humanity”.

    As well as its economic, ontological and dialectical justification (together with a friend). Before Marx, communism was justified only ethically. And a dialectically materialistic understanding of history, yes.

    The specter described in the Manifesto had been haunting Europe long before the birth of Marx and the Communist parties. And it still wanders. There are communes. Religious, non-religious, holistic, ethnic, ecological – all this is communism.

    Much more so than China.

    Or what did you want to ask?))

    Adding it.

    Maybe you'll be interested:


  9. “Poems are born as songs and as roses, as beauty is not needed in the family. And there is only one answer to wreaths and apotheoses – where do I get this from” (M. Tsvetaeva) What answer can a grain vegetating under snow give, so that it can be filled with a new harvest in the spring?

    Philosophy, including Marxist philosophy, is not a bakery for baking philosophical ideas. For philosophy, thinkers are boring, not compilers and interpreters of other people's texts who call themselves philosophers and flaunt erudition, juggling meaningful quotations interspersed with mediocre maxims of regular philosophers.

    All that matters to me is that the Word has been spoken and it has remained etched in the memory of mankind and in eternity, that future generations of thinkers will come, and in the power of new knowledge and historical experience, this Word will be filled with new meanings and meanings that escape our understanding, showing only a glimpse of its splendor, but not appearing to us in all Just as we do not feel the rapid movement of the Earth, so the development of the communist idea from a ghost wandering around Europe to the indestructible tread of humanity escapes our understanding.

    If only humanity could survive to communism. The immortality of the human race is not as obvious as death is obvious to any of us.

  10. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation of course barely breathes, in the Izmailovsky district I wanted to join the party last year, but there are some 90-year-olds and old women there, of course there are also young ones, but somehow it's all weak, as if so for a” tick”, but I'm sure that socialism is warming up in the hearts of people, there are more and more views of real Soviet films on YouTube, well, I wanted to join, and if so, then I'm not the only one.

  11. Unfortunately, there is no development. The whole left-wing idea stands in one place. And all because no one is normally engaged in Marxism. All the ideas, intentions, everything is written by Marx, nothing new.

  12. Idea (from other Greek. – “appearance, form”) — a mental prototype of an object or phenomenon.

    I don't have an idea.

    What is communism? don't know.

    There is a profit society and there is a non-profit society.

    Definition of profit

    “Production of surplus value or profit — this is the absolute law…” of the capitalist mode of production [1]. [1] K. Marx. Capital. Critique of political economy. Volume One: K. Marx, F. Engels, Collected Works, ed. 2, vol. 23, p. 632.

    The Bolsheviks attempted a transition to a profit-averse society, but failed due to the lack of theory.

    Attempts to build a new theory were in the 50s – Without a theory, we are dead, dead, dead… – http://worldcrisis.ru/crisis/3808750

    Consideration of some issues of the existence of a non-profit society here – http://www.sciteclibrary.ru/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1590226419/0#0

  13. Russia has a new leader!

    I am convinced that N. Platoshkin claims to be the leader of the new opposition, and he has challenged the system!

    The fact of his arrest becomes a strong argument that he is not a project of the Kremlin! This suggests that the authorities were afraid of an opponent of this level of knowledge!

    We know many people who have been “glowing” on TV screens for years, but they didn't deserve such popularity! And Nikolai Platoshkin, in such a short time, managed to acquire a certain authority and respect of different segments of the population! It is enough to get acquainted with the program of his movement “For a new Socialism” https://socialism.ru/ to understand the depth of his thoughts! Besides, don't forget, he's a man who hasn't been tainted by anything! The person is not from the system! The simplicity of his thoughts gains millions of admirers and supporters.

  14. To begin with, there is still no precise understanding of the communist idea, just because communist society never existed. For discussion, let's take the most popular formula: “Communism is an ideal political system based on the principles of truth, equality and social justice. In it, power belongs to the people, there are no differences between rich and poor, strong and weak, educated and not so much, everyone gets everything they need for a decent life, regardless of their abilities and labor achievements simply by virtue of belonging to the human race. It is the best possible organization of humanity in terms of social justice, labor productivity, and the standard of living of the population. Therefore, it can serve as a standard by which to assess the degree of progressiveness of any state and public organization, reform and revolution.” Sounds kind of appealing. But, as they say, it was smooth on paper. they forgot about the ravines. Upon careful consideration, you will have to critically refute almost every word, which will require a large amount of time. In the New Time group(Facebook) we are just now considering this topic in detail, and I invite all interested parties. Briefly, we can say the following: the formula clearly bears traces of a materialistic worldview. But materialism is refuted by modern quantum physics-consciousness is primary, and not matter at all, which radically changes everything! Because of this, the formula under consideration has no scientific basis. Understanding the concept of communism from the standpoint of a post-materialist, “quantum” worldview requires a completely different style of thinking, and a different understanding of each of the concepts. contained in the formula – truth. truth, justice, etc. And we should start with a revision of the worldview – the world is arranged quite differently from what we used to think, and quantum theory has convincingly shown this in practice, having already created fantastic technical devices.

  15. The main, but far from the only mistake of Marxist theory is the materialist worldview, refuted by modern quantum physics-consciousness is primary, and not matter at all, which radically changes everything! (I. Garin “Quantum Physics and quantum consciousness”). People who are convinced that after death they are waiting for non-existence, inevitably in the mass come to a slogan like: “Have time to grab! (N. Ostrovsky: “the life of a person is given only one and it is necessary to live it in Sochi!” And the idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat is a bastard (a Vietnamese fairy tale. where the hero kills a dragon and immediately begins to transform into it. The same thing happened in the USSR). But even the Club of Rome has admitted that capitalism has run its course. Based on this, we have developed a project of innovative post-capitalist “Quantum” ideology(facebook.com/DFVbh)

  16. Communist ideas are ideas of social justice. But as life has shown, the practice of implementing these ideas in Russia has not been successful. These ideas, of course, as many believe, will not die. They don't die,their physical carriers do. Undoubtedly, these ideas will change in detail in accordance with changes in society itself, but no more. And 30 years for the development of ideology is a historical moment, it is difficult to see anything. In any case, no breakthrough ideas are expected.

  17. The communist idea in Russia is not developing in any way.
    The compromising policy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation causes only disgust.
    And the idea itself was undermined by Gen's betrayal.the party's secretaries.
    I believe that it is not necessary to call someone somewhere!
    We need to live in peace and create in the name of humanity,in the name of the life of the planet Earth itself, in the name of life itself in its various manifestations!!!
    Otherwise, one party calls for one thing,another calls for the same thing, but under a different bias,the third calls for the same thing as the first two, but with its own interpretation,and all together just fool people's heads!!!
    It is from these parties that misanthropy,the KKK,national hostility and other nasty things are born.
    Communist ideology is an intolerance of other opinions.
    “If you're not with us, then you're the enemy…”
    Professor Preobrazhensky did not like the proletariat,but how many party bosses did he establish sexual relations, and after all, their good or bad mood depended on this, which could negatively affect the national economy,and as we all see,communist ideology has absolutely nothing to do with it!

  18. Yes, it does not develop in any way. There are no theorists who can comprehend the current situation and develop it by taking everything that has been developed earlier and applying it to the present. Only scold not quite disinterested people, those to whom socialism has given more than they deserve.

  19. It has not developed in any way since the 50s of the twentieth century. Because then the Communists came to the general opinion that ” Marx's teaching is true because it is true.” And this kills any development, turning communism into a cult.

  20. I know! Every 100 years, Russia will be stirred up by the idea of Marxism-socialism-communism. Everyone also wants the freedom of democracy. For socialism, which requires rigid and firm discipline and order, with its planned economy and the closing of borders and mandatory involvement in public work, the current generation is simply not ready. How is it that they won't let you go abroad for a vacation? This is total control over the lives of citizens-drunk tanks-LTP subbotniks-Sundays and work-For that guy! About the coupon system for products-I will not say anything and will not frighten people. All in a circle and on the same rake that stand in the corner there is a desire to step.

  21. Yes, the communist idea is not developing in our country – and not only in our country! Moreover, I haven't met any people who would understand that it should develop. Of course, it is possible that someone somewhere is working on this, adapting Marxism to the realities of the 21st century – but such, alas, are not seen or heard.

  22. There are fewer and fewer people raised in the Soviet Union. The USSR collapsed in that time and because the state abandoned the religious component. Today, the Republic of Tatarstan has created optimal relations between faiths, and this is great. Therefore, a return to the old non-religious union is impossible. After all, the state, like people, develops, if they are not hindered, of course. And the role of religion in our country, I think, will increase. The Orthodox Church, with its shortcomings, will retain its influence on society, purify itself and purify the population to the best of its ability. Therefore, the entrepreneurial spirit of people will remain and continue to develop. The state will invest in this area of activity and not stifle it. But large-scale production will be restricted in private rights. Many people are betting on Russia. Therefore, Russia should set a positive example to the world and not alienate other countries from cooperation. Many talented young people are born here. And I am sure that there will be those in Russia who will lead both Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, and we will become an example for others. The army will strengthen. And let them call us gendarme again. But it will benefit both the population and the planet. There will be no return to the Communist union. Yes, this is not necessary. But our state will withstand all the tests and create a regime of social well-being for all the peoples of the country. We have strong feelings of justice and compassion. And the people will not rest until they build such a state. And the less we are hindered from doing this from abroad, the faster it will happen. We paid a very high price for our happiness. And now happiness will not turn away from us. And there will always be difficulties. This is how we grow and develop. Forward Russia.

  23. The communist idea has been developing since its inception. It is based on the division of people into two groups. A handful of people live by appropriating the results of the work of the vast majority of the world's population. Technologies are changing, tools and means of production are changing, and production relations are changing and diversifying. The “fall of the USSR” marked the beginning of a new stage of change in industrial relations “in a single country. The heirs of those who destroyed Russia in 1917 and took the place of the then bourgeoisie, wanted to throw off the masks of fighters for universal happiness that they hated and began openly exploiting Russians to the fullest. The authors of the Communist Manifesto foresaw the possibility of “such a squiggle”, but it took “the fall of the USSR” and 30 years of reflection to rethink their prophecy.

  24. It should be borne in mind that the communist idea did not arise with the Aurora salvo in 1917, and the collapse of the USSR could not become a tombstone for it. As long as the idea has not been forgotten by everyone and continues to exist in the minds of people, it has one or another development, regardless of anyone's ideas about communism. If we proceed from the premise of the development of social productive forces, then they must necessarily be realized in increasingly perfect social relations of production. Yes, humanity may perish as such (especially if most of it is like the Welsh Morlocks), but for the most remote prospect of its existence, humanity will have to overcome its antagonisms, and “not be led” by loud statements about the “end of history”. As long as humanity exists, it must develop not only extensively in the direction of abundance, but also intensively self-improving, socially humanizing, eliminating social parasitism through self-organization and collective social responsibility, thereby bringing communism as a reality closer.

  25. The development of the communist idea died not even in the USSR, but in modern China.

    China, although de jure and proclaims itself a communist country, de facto it is not, pure capitalism.

    Why is there no development!? Because the twentieth century, using the example of the USSR, proved the impossibility of realizing social equality.

    There was no social equality under Stalin, when collective farmers did not have passports and residence permits, a sort of communist version of “serfdom”, only not for the nobles, but directly for the state.

    There was no social equality when millions of people were sent to camps and gulags.

    Khrushchev's “thaw” showed us how party members can steal from the people and fatten up while others are starving and in poverty. The uprisings of people in Novocherkassk showed the reality of socialism.

    There was no socialism under Brezhnev, when there were multi-kilometer queues for shortages, when Lenya himself and his entourage were mired in corruption and fed at the expense of “underground” shop owners.

    In the USSR, all good things came from the people, not from the party. It was the people who built communism, it was they who believed in this propaganda and still do. Faith in communism motivated people to build nuclear power plants, and so on.

    Today, there are some parties that supposedly carry the values of the communist idea, but they are deceitful and hypocritical…

  26. It doesn't develop. Under massive attack from all sides, especially from the feudal oligarchic group that has seized power, deprived of bright leaders who can organize and conduct discussions, deprived of access to the media, it drags its existence, trying to maneuver between being and oblivion. The basis of its support is the older generation. It is dying out and has no real leverage in finance, politics, or education. So the anti-communist evil spirits breed, such as the Kohl boys. Created by anti-Soviets and supported by world anti-communist circles, institutions and organizations simply squeeze the fragmented and deprived of a rostrum, communist organizations. How sad it is not. But the time will come and the pendulum will swing back. Because kaitalism is a cannibalistic regime that leads to the abyss.

  27. In the year 13, no one could have imagined 17 years. And in the year 85, you don't know that the year 91 is coming.

    For 30 years, no growth at all. Because there are no fools to work hard for the owner.

  28. This idea is developed (applied in practice) immeasurably and powerfully, which is not seen by many fools who do not know dialectic, arrogant and aggressive ignoramuses. Even the tragedy of the CPSU and the USSR, which depends on its intelligence, was predicted as a possibility more than once by Lenin and Stalin. That is, even here, the theory of scientific communism cannot be dispensed with if you want to understand something.

  29. In short, in fact, today's apology for communism for the average fan is an apology for the distribution of social goods, a statement on granting the state, society the right to consume its part of these goods as an inalienable and guaranteed right. And everything else – control, restrictions, the form of the state, and so on. – only means that ensure such distribution, in which this consumption would be available to them.

  30. I agree with the author except for the preservation of collective farms. Reforms in China began precisely with the elimination of collective farms and the transfer of land to peasants. Collectivization in China began only in the 1950s, and the peasants did not have time to forget who owned this or that piece of land, did not lose their traditions.The peasants perfectly remembered the state of affairs before collectivization, because a little more than 20 years had passed. and they did not have time to transform themselves from peasants into a rural proletariat, a faceless class of collective farmers, as in the USSR. Chinese peasants didn't have to learn how to be proprietors all over again.

  31. After the collapse of the socialist bloc, the absurdity of communist ideas and all sorts of Marxism-Leninism simply became a reality. The proletarians of all countries were joined up, so to speak. But people love nonsense and fairy tales. And again it is promoted first on the Internet, and then, you see, politicians will start telling us fairy tales about a bright future again.

  32. What do you mean – how is it developing? What is this question?

    It develops the way people develop when they are in a deep ideological crisis.

    But the idea has been preserved in the world. The political movement has also been preserved.

    There are different currents, different directions.

    The ideological foundations are gradually being revised, and historical experience is being rethought. There will be new research in this area. New political movements will appear, new struggles will begin.

    Moreover, communism is an alternative form of globalization.

  33. “The communist idea in the last 30 years after the fall of the USSR and the social bloc” does not develop in any way. The zto philosophy is not interested in the issue at all – it is not fashionable,not profitable,and not relevant.

    K. Marx and V. Lenini were pioneers in “Building a communist society”. The communist ideology is not even fifteen percent researched.

    I studied this question for fifteen years and came to this conclusion-

    Communism is neither a total or an all-embracing community.

    Communism is derived from the word “sociability”- openness, frankness,decency, discipline, etc.

    The word Communism is synonymous with the STATE. Patronage,Donation, etc.

    The dominance of foreign words in the Russian language and culture, sometimes leads to incidents. For example: the foreign word FASCISM in Russian is read as: unity, cohesion, integrity, and we have lowered this word below the baseboard.

    Philosophical works-opuses can not be read without dictionaries of foreign words-solid foreignness.

    The idea of COMMUNISM or SOCIABILITY requires consideration. only not from the point of view of horse breeding, but in the name of human development.

  34. The idea of com-ma is currently not being developed in any way. It's a pity.

    Happy childhood, 8-hour working day, free housing, midicine, study and everything else. There are no servants or masters.

    The USSR did not reach the level of communism, but developed socialism was.

    And it is not necessary to confuse the USSR de jure and de facto. Queues in stores were already after the death of Brezhnev. The collapse began in 1982 (at least began to be felt in the lower ranks). And the next 9 years, in fact, it was no longer the USSR, and the fact that now many people criticize and even without thinking (without giving any account to the words) compare it with fascism is already in fact not the USSR (fartsa, hucksters, cooperatives, OBHS corruption and the beginning of requeta) in the Union before 1982, this was not the case in such volumes.

  35. It doesn't develop at all. There is a small circle of interests that inflates something important and big, but in fact has no support among adequate people. Old ideas are chewed up in it-dialectics is mostly from empty to empty. Sometimes they go out on nostalgia, scold the modern regime and remind you that this did not happen under Stalin.

  36. Is the collapse of the USSR a special stage in the development of scientific Marxism? When a supernova explodes-does astronomy as a science undergo special changes?

  37. The Scandinavian countries, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are developing and implementing great socialism there due to the leading role of state regulation in the interests of the prosperity of all the people, so there are the biggest queues for immigration, China is approaching them with an average pension of about $ 700, so their pensioners have flooded all tourist flows. That's why we decided to go into feudalism…

  38. It doesn't need to be developed. It has lived since the time of early Christianity. And conceptually outlined to the smallest detail. The problem is not the idea itself, which is as clear as spring water. The problem is in the person and this has also been known for a long time. Communist to the core, historiosophist Karl Kantor, a friend of Alexander Zinoviev, in his book “The Double Helix of History” chewed in his own way the movement of man of the Earth to communism, there is nowhere else to go. And I came to the conclusion that the growth of the man of the Earth into communism is the movement of man towards himself, the Ancestral Man. And this, according to his estimates, will take from 2 to 4 thousand years on Earth. This is due to the fact that the spiral of cultural development and the spiral of progress, as a rule, do not coincide. So anti-communists can sleep in peace, communists should be patient with a person who is weak. By the way, I advise those who wish to read an excellent book on the history of early Christianity, “The Origin of Christianity”, by Kautsky, a former friend of V. I. Lenin. There is an analysis of consumer communism from which the white slogan about the socialization of wives was concocted, and the West, in public, is striving for this.

  39. I think the example of China is the most vivid example of the development of the communist idea in modern society over the past thirty years.

    Here it is necessary to clarify what I mean by this idea. First of all, the desire of humanity for the most just and progressive system of human relations, in which there is no exploitation of one person over another, achieving the greatest satisfaction of human needs with creative activity to work, scientific research and the development of human abilities.

    Of course, the history of Russian communism and its varieties does not seem to give grounds for such a judgment. But even the Christian ideas of love for man and the equality of all people before God have not been realized in two thousand years: centuries of blood, suffering and violence.

    Communism includes both the development of the Individual, but also the development of society, in which the social becomes a priority and the main one.

    The difficulty of achieving the communist idea lies in its implementation in modern society and current production technologies, which cannot, in the present forms of production relations, provide a basis or example for the communist model of society. But there is hope that such conditions will be created in the future.

    So far, the demands of the times have led to the creation of various hybrid schemes of social and industrial relations. To meet social needs, a sustainable public sector of the economy is needed in the most significant and important sectors of the country's economy. At the same time, many auxiliary sectors of the economy, especially in the service sector, can and should be included in the private sector of the economy.

    This structure has been adopted not only by China, but also by the most prosperous European countries, such as Sweden and Norway.

    Communism is inevitable. That's just what it will be, it is not yet known. I think that the negative experience of the past will play a positive role in avoiding previous mistakes on the path to communism.

  40. The communist idea has been developing well recently. Read the book “Mistakes of Marxism and millions of innocent victims”. For the first time, it analyzes in detail the reasons for the collapse of the system of socialism, and indeed the idea itself.

  41. I read all the answers and didn't find a single word about what this “communist idea” is? It's only right that no one named her.

    It's just not there. And it never was. All the statements here revolve around the system of power and methods of state administration.

    Citizens! Fabulous communism does not provide for state power! And there aren't even any parties of power in it either. By the way! Nor is there a “capitalist idea.” Both anarchy and monarchy imply ways of granting economic freedoms and governing the STATE, not society. Such ideas are contraindicated in the state, as I remember from school. You can't get enough of ideas in a single country. It's very simple. And it is not an idea that is power. Any government is a successful or unsuccessful consolidation of people and money around the carrot of their interests. And power – the ability to use this carrot complete with a whip. Does anyone know what was wrong in the USSR? But what about it? Ah-whoo….

    Bolshevism turned Russia into a provincial power even more than the pre-existing tsardom. In principle, nothing high-quality has happened in this regard. The basis for consolidating power in Russia is the creation of a central principality. Ever since the Horde. The subjects of the central principality should be able to quickly and without much treachery mobilize the entire territory under their control. This territory is historically unstable.

    What has changed? It's just a historical way of life.

    China is indeed experiencing an economic miracle. Its basis, in my opinion, is centralized management of economic development with the provision of encouraged (but reasonable) freedom of personal initiative to the population. Of course, the leaders are the most “hungry”. But, here you need to take into account the culture. It's a little older than ours. If a person does not seek to increase his own “goods” – should he be pushed out of capitalism and thrown into communism? It'll turn out to be a turntable, right? … No, well, any ideas? Trillions of banknotes are already driven by computer programs that calculate various combinations of events. This is not GOELRO's plan. This is already the” climate ” of economic development.

    What is the actual time to obmusolit already? 🙂 Ideas, ideas … And when to work?

  42. There are monographs where the experience is summarized, for example, “Marxism: not recommended for training”, by B. Kagarlitsky. Theorists from China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc. summarize what actually happened with socialism in practice. In philosophy, the categories of “theory” and “practice” do not completely coincide, and there is a very complex connection between them. And not much time has passed since 1883 (Karl Marx died). And we are now witnessing the beginning of the agony of the capitalist formation …

  43. And how did the communist idea develop during the 30 years before the fall of the USSR and the socialist bloc? What did the numerous Marxist-Leninist universities do? What was the role of the ideological departments of the Communist Party committees? Where did the graduates of the philosophy departments that each university had go to work?

  44. And the idea of Communism is simple to the point of banality (primitive communal system), but within the whole state and not the clan, this is an extremely complex but still noble and honest idea. At present, it is so clogged and distorted that it has lost its appeal in the form that it is presented by public parties, like communists (Zyuganovtsy and the like), in fact, like the socialist parties, They also do not talk about that and not about that. Although they proclaim beautifully.

    • To sum up: The idea of communism does not develop in any way. It took on the connotation of some fantastically fabulous pretty theory. But this is a real political and economic structure with the highest (from the point of view of justice) social structure of society. Unfortunately, it is now lost (although not irrevocably), but it is currently pushed back.
    • Will something change? It may be difficult to predict. There may be a revolution or a peaceful expression of the will of citizens, but not yet how.
  45. The state is a dictatorship of the ruling class made into a law!

    It is said by a classic and is an immutable truth.

    The answer is on the surface. If someone tries to explain something, then this is a biased vision of their point of view. This point is the final one for the individual, it is always wrong; because it is not the fruit of the group.. individuals. Consumer society is a path to self-destruction, and if a person has turned into a single-celled one in a given society, then asking or explaining about the communist idea is at least not correct in this society! Science should be studied, not turned into a test…. and a questionnaire. The creator will never ask such a question

    “How is the communist idea developing………..”

  46. The only significant thing that can be called development is V. Ya. Elmeev's “Social Economy of Labor”. About the socialist economy. Capital ends with the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Do you have any? Not present? Why do You need “development”? Old tasks and questions are on the agenda.

  47. There are countries with a socialist orientation in the world, whether we like it or not. There, theorists work on the development of theoretical propositions, generalizing the practice of building socialism. You can read from the series” Philosophical bestseller “by B. Kagarlitsky” Marxism: not recommended for training”. It is about the latest theoretical research in the theory of socialism. Karl Marx's” Capital ” is actively studied at Western universities by students of both philosophical and political science, etc. faculty members are trying to delve into this complex work. In the ZhZL series, a book by Zh. Attali ” K. Marx” (the author himself has nothing to do with Marxism). There is a thesis attributed to Marxists: take everything away, and then divide it up! I recently read: select-yes, but not divide … There is an explanation of theoretical propositions that are deliberately distorted ! Perhaps you can still give examples …

  48. It's developing well. We just need to understand that the communist idea is not about the victory of the proletariat, but about the destruction of the existing society. Read “The Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State,” all sources of violence that must be destroyed. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was convenient to use the proletariat to destroy society; now the proletariat can no longer be a revolutionary class. The new revolutionary force is minorities. It is they — racial, national, religious and sexual minorities, all sorts of marginals, “new outcasts” – who should become the” firewood ” of the world revolution against the old world. This is what we are seeing in the US and Western Europe.

    If Lenin were alive now, he would be a transgender pro-feminist with a pink mohawk and a grand canal in Tiktok. He would have fought against the white heterosexual oppressors, not the bourgeoisie.

  49. Communist ideas cannot develop in any way. Because they deny the obvious facts. Such denial came in handy in the Russian Empire, which lost the World War. And the ideas of communism settled in the USSR for a long time. But then the USSR and the entire communist system collapsed overnight. Because the world has changed, but communist ideas have not.

  50. the ideas of capitalism and communism are utopian… 90% of the world's population feels it firsthand… the state should be popular, governed by the people, making decisions by the general council… and most importantly, the state should be social, guaranteed to be social from all possible troubles with each of its citizens, regardless of their age and position in society… it must be extremely fair and strictly observe the law… Socialism can be called, with reservations, a socially oriented system of the state… Capitalism is more like slavery… Communism is a fairy tale about the immaculateness of the virgin who gave birth and about stealing from oneself…

  51. The idea is being ridiculed by the authorities of all capitalist countries ….socialist and communist parties are banned…. pseudo-communist parties are created …ongoing .powerful propaganda against the dreams of the world's population…. a system of human and national governance has been created …by creating a limited education ..elimination of labor …and skewed consumption ….

  52. Historical experience has shown that it is possible to create a society close in idea to socialism through the development of capitalist society. In the sense that society will still be divided into rich and poor, but the very poor will live very decently, that is, working, they can be well-fed, clothed, and have housing, even if rented. Which is essentially “capitalism with social guarantees”. There is an interesting situation when in the USSR, then in Russia, there is a phenomenon of “working beggars”, and in the tightly capitalist United States this is nonsense. If there is no production, agriculture and economic activity in the country, then there is simply nothing to redistribute-equality among poverty is not good. And it is impossible to create wealth under state dictates. You can only effectively fly into space or create some kind of rocket. All these common truths say only one thing-politically, economically, socially, these ideas have reached a dead end – there is simply nothing to develop here. Katai managed to incredibly mutate into something, combining state ownership and business, which gave some effect. The rest were preserved. There are these ideas. They are used for populism, propaganda, and building a model of a besieged fortress. Nothing more.

  53. Communism according to Mark is an association of free workers. Workers can be free only when they have the rights and freedoms to become a comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual by the time of social maturity, full-fledged and full-fledged citizens and free and creative workers. Socialism is the transition to this by creating the conditions for it, by creating everything necessary for it with our collective creative work for the benefit of society as a whole and of ourselves as a part of society. At the same time, Marx pointed out that there are two ways of social development: forward – progress, backward – regression. But there is also a third way, which leads to one of the two paths through great material and human losses, and more often to the second. And, as the respondent pointed out, the Stalinist form of socialism was this third path that led to savage capitalism. Therefore, it is necessary to read the classics thoughtfully and draw the right conclusions. Otherwise, we will again follow the third path with the confidence that we are following the first one.

  54. After the collapse of the USSR, everyone runs away from the Communists as if they are dangerous lunatics. And those Communists who remained abandoned the communist ideology. Like, for example, the Chinese Communist Party.

  55. the reasons for the fall of the USSR are analyzed , and it is found out when the point that led to the fall passed. many are inclined to believe that it began with Khrushchev, who destroyed the then socialist economy, and ended with the reforms of Kosygin Lieberman, who introduced virtual capitalism. The relationship between different forms of ownership during the transition period, which is called socialism, is also clarified in theory and in practice. The most successful are the socialist countries of Asia-China and Vietnam, which keep banks and basic sectors of the economy under state control and fulfill their five-year plans. the communist project lives on despite attempts by some to convince themselves and others that it is dead. Lenin promised that the transition would take a long historical period. elements of socialism have already been introduced into capitalist states under the guise of the”social state.”

  56. The ideas of socialism and communism will not disappear Yet, even since ancient times, people have been concerned with the ideas of justice and a just structure of the human community. And neither Marx nor Lenin were the first to give the concept of socialism and communism So those gentlemen who consider socialism and communism to be the fiend of hell oh how wrong Lenin's predestination about the structure of a just society is correct and correct And what happened is that we are all so stupid and envious and greedy

  57. The communist idea is developing today in much the same way as the idea of Christianity or Islam once developed 100 years later, with the only difference being that the idea of monotheism at that time had hardly 2-3 thousand apostles, and communism already has at least 2-3 billion of them. So its formation, I think, will pass much faster than the number of centuries that Christians and Muslims have spent developing their own ideas.

  58. You can answer with one sentence: “Being determines consciousness.”

    For thousands of years. at all times and epochs, the atmosphere of “Being” was formed by scientific and technological progress combined with the use of human labor.

    30 years ago, the USSR had free medicine, education, housing, and permanent work. The era of withering away of banknotes has begun.

    What was missing?

    Money!!! These are the people who did not need all of the above, decided to return themselves and drag the rest of the population of the country of Soviets back to the era of monetary relations. Today, in the era of the scientific and technological revolution in technology and industry, we are reaping the benefits of modern archaic monetarism. Naturally, today natural banknotes “came into conflict” with the atmosphere of modern Life and today they are being forced out of circulation by Cryptocurrency.

    The man of Labor today again, as 30 years ago, comes out on top in the formation of socio-economic relations.

    The prospect of its further development is drawn from the recent past, modernizing and updating the ever-living communist idea, which today simply has no alternative.

    It is still too early for anything new to be born in socio-political relations.

  59. How is the idea developing? It's hard to say. Most likely in difficult contradictions, as they say now, at the peak of the pandemic. The idea is thousands of years old, it was born with society and in different editions (religions and ideologies) tried to find a way for a person to happiness and justice. A new version of it must appear, a new International, which will be followed by all the class-conscious, including those who fear God.

  60. Anatoly Pavlovich L.

    Comidea in its development of our country has two components: 1. Socialist and 2. Liberal-capitalist. These are two diametrically opposed social systems. The first system worked for the development of the country, the second for the collapse and its deliberate destruction. Let's compare two historical stages in the development of our Motherland: 1966 – 1970, when A. N. Kosygin led the country and reached the highest level, more than 8%, in the development of the USSR and V. V. Putin in 2016 – 2019, where the level of social development of the Russian Federation was 0.7%. And then think for yourself. Sincerely, Premier League 03.05.2020

  61. After the fall of the Soviet Union at the end of the last century it is gaining strength again and the future of China is behind it I was a Communist and I remain a supporter of this ideology

  62. The communist idea is the result of many centuries of development of human society.In a world divided into different political and economic groups, territories do not approach this idea unambiguously.The state of affairs in the most developed and advanced country in America clearly convinces that the capitalist path of development of civilization is a DEAD END .This was theoretically proved by Marx in his works.And no matter how heart-rendingly the apologists of capitalism squeak today .LIFE shows and already shows that there is no other way of development.

  63. The idea of freedom, equality and fraternity-communism-is as old and eternally young as the world. The answer is given by life itself, no matter what color the cat is, as long as it catches mice.The socio-economic system in which a person lives comfortably is the same communism(the Scandinavian countries Germany France, in this row there was Soviet Russia-the USSR) Fall, disintegration, color revolutions are the political vocabulary of those who are far from the common people and from the Fatherland.The family-clan system drove Mother Russia into a den in the Middle Ages.That in front of the Evil still wins But I believe in the wisdom of the people, as soon as we forget that we are Russian-Soviet and our flag is red we will disappear, verbal spam of the authorities it is aimed at fulfilling the plans of the partners of the destruction of Russia.The time for manipulation has passed-we need political decisions, not covering up the story with advertising.The partners-likely opponents did not want to recognize the new impoverisher of the destroyer

  64. It doesn't develop at all. Although China has not officially abandoned the communist system, in fact it has little in common with the classical doctrine of communism. We won't talk about North Korea at all – it's a slow death. In the” countries of the social bloc”, communist ideas were always alien, so after their release they were happily sent to the furnace. Fortunately, there is no return to the past in the former Soviet Union either. And finally, the two terrible regimes of the 20th century, communism and Nazism, disappeared in the maelstrom of history. Hurray!
    There is no going back to the past, and it is necessary to come to a fair distribution of benefits and a social state through the ideas of humanism.

  65. The communist idea develops within the framework of the transition period, which is called socialism. There are various forms of movement towards communism. This is the Chinese way under the leadership of the Communist Party. These are various forms of social initiatives in capitalist countries. Elements of socialist demands are put forward by trade unions.

    The actual socialist economic system differs from the forms of social policy in the capitalist world in that it is based on a form of state in which the interests of the working people prevail over the interests of capital. Hence economic planning and the requirement for strict compliance with the principle of remuneration for work.

    The capitalist system in its development, on the contrary, leads to a decrease in the role of the state in favor of the interests of financial and industrial groups.

    Social policy is reduced to various forms of charity and reduced to the level of possible survival of workers. In the limit, it turns into a fascist dictatorship.

    For this reason, the movement towards communism through the stage of socialism is always associated with the intensification of the class struggle under the leadership of the socialist and communist parties.

  66. I studied the communist idea 40 years ago, when it stopped developing at the level of 1923. In 3 years, we will celebrate the centenary of its apotheosis.

  67. What kind of Communists are we talking about, those who destroyed the USSR, or those dealers led by Zyuganov, who have huge apartments, dachas and earnings of almost a million. With Stalin's death, the Communist Party went on to self-destruct. So what kind of Communists are we talking about, ordinary people who still believe in this nonsense.

  68. The communist ideology has remained only in books and films,it has disappeared in the souls of people,you will not be fed up with ideology,you need real things to meet human needs. Forcing people to live according to the socialist ideology is almost impossible,people should have the freedom to comprehend the essence of life itself.But the idea of a socialist society will always be warm in the souls of people, even if not many, but it will be. I think the development of communist ideology is still smouldering,but it may one day burst into flames.

  69. This idea has languished for the last 30 years. But she didn't die at all. The red banner from the departing old people was picked up by naive young people. And with the advent of AI, and even viruses, the specter of communism loomed again on the horizon. After all, if AI manages everything, then the economy will probably be able to do without the market and competition. And private property will lose its meaning.

  70. Every idea (ideology) corresponds to the being in which society is located, or that which is put forward by Individuals or groups of politicians, ideologists and with which the majority of this society unconditionally agrees. Unfortunately, today in Russia there is neither one nor the other who would have developed and put forward in the development of Marxism-Leninism the theory of the communist idea corresponding to modern realities. However, I have no doubt that this is a matter of time , since humanity develops according to objective laws, and not just according to our “wishlist”.

  71. The communist idea is gaining more and more fans, supporters and its bearers, because only this idea is able to realize the idea of true social justice and security, because only this idea corresponds to the purpose of man and allows us to realize the best for which man exists on our planet. At the same time, I take the idea in its purest form, discarding any of its perversions!

  72. I have a story called “Special Zone”, where the action takes place on an island where a technopolis has been created, working on the principle of a commune. Although the story is entirely made up out of my head, I am sure that they will be revived in Russia very soon. In the 1920s, they existed in the USSR in almost all cities and in many villages. Khrushchev was already destroying the last communes.

  73. The communist idea , at the moment-no! But, there is the idea of social equality, which is positioned as the idea of communism(but, this is only a component link).

  74. And it is developing very well! This is especially true against the background of the catastrophic consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic in the United States! People are increasingly looking back at the country's recent past! More and more lies need to be poured out on our Homeland by various “memoirists”.

  75. I know the answer, but I probably don't have the right. But I have often wondered if the future of humanity is possible in an alternative to the communist way of life. And in that, my answer is no.

    Based on the principle of the ultimate goal of communism, the principle of freeing a person from heavy physical labor follows. Now humanity is still not fully aware, and why does it even exist? It (humanity) will come closer to understanding this only by reaching the point of “saturation” ( a technical term that defines the inflection point of the upward direction of the graph curve, in its gentle part). I.e., when the conditions of life and well-being of existence are freed from the need to work hard. When machines and mechanisms get rid of routine physical labor. It is in this case that there are opportunities to reveal other needs, opportunities for spiritual, creative, moral growth and development of a person. Now from our current position, we can hardly assume its further path. This can happen if the opposition of man to man, man to nature, etc. to humane truths is stopped. This, of course, implies the absence of any manifestations of violence in both inter-human and inter-State coexistence. Food and other objectively necessary items are already being produced on the planet in sufficient quantities for the entire population. Only the way it is distributed, determined by capitalist principles, does not allow it to be used fairly.

    The capitalist model does not and cannot have an end goal. Getting rich for the sake of getting rich is absurd! An absurdity that has no meaning. This is where the pseudo-values of being come from, including those that lead to the principles of at least some superiority over their own kind. Great wealth, power, any superiority. Hence the need to differentiate from the rest. Although in this desire to “differ”, conditions are created for the similarity of those who differ themselves. Only with the “tattoo” it became unimaginable how much. This itself gives rise to whole industries that do not create anything useful. It is the ability or possibility of personal difference that generates fabulous financial differences in creative areas. Off-scale royalties, the cost of works or goods or services. There is nowhere near the principle of” socially necessary expenses”, which is inherent in the social principles of the structure of society, even if only because of this, and has indisputable advantages.

    Before reaching the zone of material well-being, the only measure of evaluating a person's activity is the measure of his work, regardless of the scope of its application. It is precisely because of this that the socialist principle – from each according to his abilities, to each according to his work-is currently the only valid one.

    The principles of peaceful co-existence of mankind on the planet, the cessation of oppression of some by others, and the fair distribution of material goods could bring humanity closer to its eternal dream of a happy and prosperous life in our time. It is in this sense that Russia could become the initiator of such principles for the organization of the human community. This is exactly what Vladimir Putin could have initiated, using his unquestionable international authority.

    It is precisely such a civilizational turn of humanity towards conflict-free coexistence that is POSSIBLE for its implementation. The speed of information dissemination makes it possible, according to the principle of “quantum politics”, like the physical one, to literally instantly popularize such ideas for understanding the human community. Here is a plan worthy of the President. And professional financial economists will deal with the country's internal problems.

  76. The communist idea is developing by leaps and bounds, and the examples of China, Vietnam, Cuba, the DPRK, and in our country the regions headed by communists and their progressive development, despite huge obstacles from the authorities and such scum-buffoons as six in one Konstantin Koshkin, who really can't do anything really, like a goose, neither fly nor walk, shows that the future of socialism is still ahead. Let the Koshkins and Kakashkins read the classics of Marxism-Leninism, their predictions, how they come true step by step. Kakashkin will be fully responsible for his comparison of fascism with socialism.

  77. American invasions.

    19th century.

    1898 Spanish-American War

    1998 occupation of Filipino

    20th century

    1903 Honduras

    1905 Dominican Republic

    1906 Cuba

    1907 Honduras

    1912 Cuba

    1914 Mexico

    1915 Haiti

    1917 Cuba, Russia

    1919 Honduras

    1924 China

    1926 occupation of Nicaragua

    1950 Korea

    1953 Iran

    1954 Guatemala ( The Green Monster)

    1958 Lebanon

    1961-62 Cuba (Bay of Pigs)

    1964 Laos, Vietnam

    1968 Dominican Republic

    1981 Grenada

    1988 Iran (passenger plane shot down)

    1989 Panama ( the president was assassinated)

  78. Living on the minimum wage of 20 million Soviet people do you think this is normal prices are rising the state has imposed taxes and fines on the population of Russia in schools levies on repairs on curtains and a lot of things can be listed endlessly.I am for the dictatorship of the proletariat and against the oligarchic dictatorship of the capitalists

  79. It doesn't develop at all. After profit was introduced into the Soviet economy in the late 60s, the economy quickly and irreversibly became state-capitalist, and after 1991-state-oligarchic. Today, labor is an appendage of capital EVERYWHERE in the world, starting with goal-setting based on the mortal sin of greed. If labor is the antagonist of capital, then generosity should become its goal – setting, and the experience, skills and knowledge of a working person should become the public domain. But there is no understanding of labor as a global social relation, no understanding of the unity of labor, no unselfish understanding of the social value of a person, no clear definition of the world labor vanguard. Despite the fact that the global elite of capital has long existed and is setting global goals…

  80. yes recently they started talking more about the past but I really wanted to open mausoleums in Ukraine and rewrite their history but in Russia .Lenin Stalin is the history of the whole world and nothing can close it

  81. Socialist ideas are getting stronger and there will be even more supporters. This is facilitated by the government itself, bringing people to poverty against the background of the chic life of Putin's billionaire friends.

  82. Today's world for the nations is the end of hell. Satan rules the ball in it, guided by the ideology of Judaism. All nations are enslaved to a handful of rich people, it is based on the base idea of personal enrichment (vice is kind), weaning the masses of the people from education, and is supported by all kinds of violence. With the idea of slavery lives the idea of old age. The caretakers of gangster state and transnational entities are members of secret societies-Freemasons, whose goal is to plant destructive ideologies. The idea of communism-at its root has the diabolical idea that the rich will profit even more from the class struggle of the peoples with the paraboters. The SSSSR managed to overcome the cunning of the Freemasons, turning communism into reality not without paying off the international rich. But even in the leadership it was not possible to get rid of the bourgeois environment. As a result of the ideological rebirth of the USSR, it went for “friendship “(convergence ) with their Western enemies. As a result, the USSR was destroyed, and the country and its people became a raw material appendage of imperialism. It will be possible to restore socialism again in the country only by revolutionary means, also through violence in the event of extreme impoverishment of the people or as a result of mass protest demonstrations. The organizer of them through the media should be the people themselves, who do not agree to remain a herd of sheep. It is necessary to realize that otherwise, under the transnational management of the Russian company, the people of the country will be destroyed under the fake desire of the richer West to reduce the World's population to a billion or 500 thousand people (who then will work for the rich?). In the conditions of capitalist encirclement, the leadership of socialism in Russia should realize that the goal of its opponents will be both ideological disarmament and the armed seizure of its territories.In my opinion , the new socialist religion should play a role in the development of the socialist morality of the Russian people. The principles of socialism mostly coincide with those of Christianity. This is non-greed, hard work, contentment in life with healthy necessities, a healthy environment. nutrition, non-harming near and far, honesty. The new ones include collectivism, family values, the desire to learn, the sufficiency of free time, the gradual limitation of the working day, starting from 8 hours, the willingness to defend the socialist gains, who does not work, does not eat. China, as a socialist country, does not exist. It has achieved success through maximum exploitation of the people. Can their people be happy with a 12-hour working day and a salary of 75 thousand rubles? Marx wrote that the true wealth of a person is his free time. In my opinion, finally, the peoples of Western countries will realize that capitalism on Earth is a road to nowhere and will rebuild their lives in a socialist way by means of uprisings

  83. It doesn't develop at all. Even at the level of critical understanding of the collapse that occurred 30 years ago (only bad leaders are to blame))). Actually, the collapse itself was due to ideological stagnation and a crisis of Ideals. To develop the idea, a New Comintern is needed, and the Comintern needs a revival of class feeling and an understanding of Labor as a global social relationship ( with its own special non-self-serving goal setting) – in all countries of the world. Not to mention the “sent Cossacks” and just ideologically unstable activists in all the left-wing parties. And the “masters of culture” who could artistically and sensually comprehend Work as a social relation are also silent EVERYWHERE…

    1. The word “development” is very often used incorrectly, not where and not when it is necessary. It is better to say (and write) “change”. It's sharper.
    2. The underlying platforms are stable.
      a) Primitive communal system
      These are not ideas at all, but real socio-economic formations that were well studied, had their own strengths that allowed them to win, and shortcomings that led to their dissolution into a more developed model.
      What will replace capitalism (the appropriation of surplus value created by all the people of the planet by a handful of capitalists) is traditionally called communism.
      I'll say it again, loudly: It wasn't there yet!
      And it could not fail, fail, or be discredited!
      But the transition paths to it have been tried, are being tried, and will continue to be tried.
      Because the evolution of modern imperialism is leading humanity to its inevitable demise. Alas!
  84. I agree with the opinion and actions of N. N. Platoshkin: any formation must constantly develop and move forward. Stopping death is similar.

    At the moment, N. N. Platoshkin is the most worthy candidate for President of the country: he is smart, honest, fair, knows how to anticipate, resolute, constantly working on his horizons – a true patriot and leader of the country.

  85. People who do not believe in the reality of the communist idea are not capable of philosophical analysis of the historical process and therefore cannot predict the future. They do not believe in the possibility of man as a special, one-of-a-kind, intelligent and spiritually gifted bio-social being for self-improvement. They live in captivity to the concepts imposed on them by the current ruling capitalist class. At the same time, the 2 thousand years that have passed since the birth of Jesus Christ are only 60 generations of people, but what progress in science and technology! In morals, the truth is less, but still gladiator fights are a thing of the past, although to the shame of the human race, in some places some humanoid individuals do not disdain such “entertainment” as bullfighting or fights without rules… Communism is a formation not just of intelligent people, but of spiritual people, for whom the other person is not a potential source of profit or sacrifice, but an equal being, a carrier of new values, including the value of money. humanistic ideas that enrich the treasury of human thought, make life easier for every member of society and create a sense of joy for each of us who are lucky enough to live on our beautiful planet. Nothing else is given!..

  86. If it were possible to develop the communist idea without practice, it would have been formulated long ago under Marx. Practice is a path of trial and error. The severed head of Cromwell, unearthed from the grave, is a direct proof of the initial mistakes of the capitalists. Nowhere did Marxism-Leninism claim otherwise. Lenin bequeathed to the working class of the future how to manage the national economy without capitalists. A negative result is also a result. Let's look at the practice of China, our only Grudinin, to do as they do, to do better than them. Only young people can do it better than them. Give it the slogan “Socialism is a blockchain”, paraphrasing Lenin's “Socialism is accounting”. And among them there are Perelmans – not silverless. The idea doesn't stick. It will be developed in practice.

  87. I already answered this question, but for some reason it disappeared.

    The communist idea – a society of equal, socially protected people, brought up according to the moral code, building socialism in a separate country and strengthening the material base of communism-has reached a new, higher level in its spiritual content. If the builders of socialism focused on building the material and technical base of communism, then over the past 30 years, increased attention has been paid to the development of spiritual qualities of a person. Naturally, there was a sharp division of people according to their spiritual and spiritual qualities. I am glad that the majority of people turned out to be kind, honest, hardworking, and conscientious.

    There is no higher idea than spirituality. It requires high responsibility for your personal affairs and actions. Our President sets the tone in this direction. A high rate of development, training and education of young people will give its results after a while. To call this development a communist idea is inappropriate and inappropriate in content.

  88. Today I am almost seventy years old. So you can put me in the traitorous generation. It is those who at the time of the beginning of Gorbachev's reforms were from thirty to fifty are guilty that these reforms did not work out. But you can understand us in a human way.
    First of all, we were mostly performers. Decisions about what to perform and what methods were not made by us. The arbiters of fate were people who were then over six months old.
    Their youth and formation of personality fell on the “developed” Stalinism. It is significant that it was from their midst that the orthodox yeltsinists were formed. That's what they're doing. The real power was formed from their relatives and acquaintances, and they created the modern Russian bourgeoisie under their protection and representatives of crime. It would be wrong to call them communists.
    Secondly, we simply didn't have time. Family and work, and by that time we had become quite good specialists, took up most of the time. What was cut out went to the garden and the car. Most of us, while doing real work, saw perfectly well all the deceit and duplicity of the system. Therefore, the appearance of Gorbachev with his criticism of shortcomings interested us. The entire “thinking” part of the people watched the debates at the Congress of Soviets on television. Nedumaya made money. So there was also a clear tension with the development of communist ideology on this side.
    So as it turned out, so it turned out. We wanted the best, but it turned out as always.
    Most of us were not members of the CPSU. And when she was removed from power, they took it for the most part without interest, calmly. Still, by Western standards, we were a working-class aristocracy.
    The triumph of privatization was another matter. Proletarians appeared. And Marxism is precisely the ideology of the proletariat.
    So the interest in understanding the ideas of socialism and communism was created whether they wanted it or not by our Russian bourgeoisie.
    So I don't really understand the logic of modern management. Pushing Russia into a big war, when a large number of armed people will appear willy-nilly, is fraught with the development of an external conflict into an internal one. An example is Ukraine.
    If we follow the documents of the Second International (the Social International, which is still alive today), then the modern world of the developed West is the world of Socialism. Another thing is that he does not expect universal justice. But it was also created with the aim of creating a society with the most favorable conditions for the sale of labor for the employee. At the same time, this world is extremely unstable. The global catastrophe with the flu pandemic has shown this clearly. All mechanisms of market regulation and optimization were turned off at the same time. The ongoing global economic crisis deepened by the pandemic is forcing “elites” to look for alternatives to regulating economies through banks and the financial system. Such an alternative already exists and has been tested quite successfully. These are different forms of nationalism. From fairly liberal Zionism to notorious national Socialism.
    By and large, this is a road to nowhere. But the elites just need to buy time.
    The tragedy of communist ideology is that it is burdened with personalities like Stalin and Pol Pot. Not being communists themselves, they used this “brand” to their advantage and pretty much defrauded it. The Communists must expel Stalin from the party and recognize the propaganda of his personality and activities as incompatible with communism. After all, the Catholics managed to get out with accusations of the inquisition's activities!

  89. The communist idea is not supported in any way.It all ended with the work of Marx.Engels and Lenin.The communist idea has not developed any practical recommendations for managing the economy.

  90. It is dying in Europe, but it is growing in and around China. What China has done at home and in Vietnam over the past 25 years dwarfs what Europeans have achieved in terms of social reform.

  91. Artists, art historians and other individuals who for some reason believe that they have the right to speak for everyone, let them fantasize whatever they want, but as long as there are poor and rich on Earth, as long as a small percentage of the population dominates, and millions live in poverty and misery (including the light of democracy and prosperity-the United States), as long as there are individuals All the best things in the world are elements of socialism. And so far, the best system is located just on the perimeter of the former USSR: Germany, the Scandinavian countries, South Korea – there the bourgeoisie developed the social sphere of their countries out of fear, and so far everything is rolling by inertia, but for how long? Will there be a return to socialism? Let it be, but not a return, but a breakthrough into the future, where no one will be offended. Well, except perhaps for the exploiting classes, if they interfere.

  92. next, your slogans:

    Killer – has no right to life;

    Equality of absolutely all citizens before the law;

    Early re-election of the President and the State Duma;

    All power belongs to the Soviets of Workers and Peasants.

    These slogans should be everywhere for the people to see.

  93. It doesn't develop in any way. The Communists are apparently waiting for a revolutionary situation to arise by itself. We must go to the people, to factories and enterprises. We need to go to the army units. Agitation is the engine of revolution

  94. The most misogynistic system is right now. The communist idea was implemented artificially and externally. Now, after the events of the collapse of the USSR, development has been determined. The forces are scattered. Leaders are weak. But the idea itself is alive and will be implemented in a more democratic form. I've lived under socialism for most of my life. Yes, these methods were unacceptable. But people were happier, socially protected. More friendly, even though they lived in communal apartments. Cleaner. Kinder. The future belongs to communism, but more democratic.

  95. We were taught to consider the” world-historical ” significance of events and personalities. The absolute “world-historical” significance of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and the events in Russia of those years is that the communist idea was buried and will not be resurrected. Neither Russia nor the world is threatened by the so-called “socialism”, nor by the revival of the communist threat. Once Russia saved the world from fascism, in the nineties it saved the world from communism.

  96. The communist idea – a society of equal, socially protected people, brought up according to the moral code, building socialism in a separate country and strengthening the material base of communism-has reached a new, higher level in its spiritual content. If the builders of socialism focused on building the material and technical base of communism, then over the past 30 years, increased attention has been paid to the development of spiritual qualities of a person. Naturally, there was a sharp division of people according to their spiritual and spiritual qualities. I am glad that the majority of people turned out to be kind, honest, hardworking, and conscientious.

    There is no higher idea than spirituality. It requires high responsibility for your personal affairs and actions. Our President sets the tone in this direction. A high rate of development, training and education of young people will give its results after a while. To call this development a communist idea is inappropriate and inappropriate in content.

  97. So far, there are no leaders on the margins of this 30-year period. For the PEOPLES of all the countries of the socialist camp, the Soviet era was a comfortable time for living and a period of social justice. The West has set a goal with the help of traitors to the PEOPLES of all the countries of the social camp to destroy the countries, and then these countries were not needed by the West, and Russia is still trying to fit into the world community, but this will NEVER happen, and until the PEOPLES understand this, the comprador authorities of these countries will continue to

    1. The communist idea has not developed in the last 30 years. The fact that we will never build any communism, the people realized back in the 70s, when the goods began to wash out from the shelves of stores. From the high stands, dear Leonid Ilyich promised that the current generation would live under communism, but they listened to him with half an ear, holding a fig in their pocket and telling jokes about Brezhnev
  98. With the fall of the thoroughly rotten nomenclature system in the USSR in the 90-ies of the 20th century, which is now called socialism by the majority in their ignorance, the Soviet people had more freedom, opportunities to express their thoughts, the possibility of choosing a faith, field of knowledge, and activity. There was access to literature, communication on topics that were practically forbidden in the USSR.
    As a result, public organizations aimed at finding ways to develop the consciousness of a person and society appeared and began to develop in Russia.
    Thirty years have passed since the fall of the USSR. From the height of the 21st century, people who study history, philosophy, politics, and religion have learned to separate the “wheat from the chaff”: they saw the difference between the USSR of the 30s, 40s, and 50s and the USSR of the 70s and 80s, the opposite course of the Bolshevik party headed by Lenin and Stalin, the course of the CPSU, the difference between the domestic and foreign policies of the Soviet governments of different periods of the USSR, and the difference in the state of consciousness of Soviet society.
    For many historical researchers, the essence of the idea of communism, its roots, goals, objectives, and natural consequences are becoming increasingly clear.
    Now the origins of the communist idea are becoming more and more clearly visible, going back centuries – to the ideas of ancient philosophers, to the foundations of the main religions of mankind.
    We can say with confidence that a plan has been put into humanity from above, that each generation should fulfill its role in history, go a certain way, without retreating towards the momentary temporary structure of life, without looking back. The world will never be the same-everything changes both in nature and in the consciousness of society. You can't go back to the past.
    The idea of communism was already initially beyond the scope of universal material well-being. The task of communism is to create conditions in which a person can develop spiritually-to develop consciousness, creative abilities, in order to jointly create the world further for the common good. There can be no end to this process, because the universe is limitless, the human consciousness is limitless, with billions of ideas contained in them and limitless possibilities that humanity has yet to discover. Tsiolkovsky wrote that humanity will have to master the entire universe. His idea was called cosmism.
    But for such a development to be possible, the world must be organized fairly, cleanly, and brightly. And for this we still have to fight again.
    We have lighthouses-they were left by Christians of the first centuries, thinkers and reformers of the Middle Ages, revolutionaries, communists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
    Read, think, find connections, build your worldview in line with the great vision of humanity.

  99. The communist ideology is not developing in any way, because everything that has outlived (tsarism, serfdom) has outlived and cannot develop. Instead of ideology, there are myths about the sweet life in the USSR, about the wise T. Stalin and the alleged traitor Gorbachev, who accidentally reached power on a special mission of the CIA.

  100. After the practical work of Stalin com. the idea is not being developed,but the path of development of society from one social-economic formation to another has been known for a long time. An arranged statuepad cannot block the path of evolution.

  101. Friends! The communist idea did its job and went down in history. So it was, so it will be. Nothing lasts forever under the moon, except the Absolute. Both before and after Marx, they were looking for ways to build an ideal society of justice and freedom. But theories tend to become obsolete, and their mistakes become obvious. Marx's theory of surplus value, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the death of the state is not correct. But if a person does not know new, deeper, but also temporary theories, he will be a fundamentalist, sometimes even a fanatic ( which in ancient Rome meant “possessed by a deity, raging”). It's a big topic, and it's no big deal to argue in this format without knowing the provisions of a new theory ( in this case, the theory of optimal social development). I suggest you look at its essence on http://www.ros-optimum.ru . Next – ready for discussion

  102. There are NO official areas in the Russian Federation;moreover, both ideological and practical activities are being degraded.The Communist Party,in fact, becomes the exponent of petty-bourgeois interests, the “en of the masses”, and the”top”is an international brigade/” communist,because it is ,first of all, an internationalist./,camouflaging their petty-bourgeois(and not only) essence-with phraseology,by the way,now almost forgotten,and communist symbols,which makes it possible to disperse the opposition electorate of the proletariat in several easily controlled directions, created ahead of time to “catch the discontented in the network”, that is,in the form of a “net”. not only a betrayal of the interests of the working class,but also a direct provocation and betrayal, in case of ” emergency circumstances.To put it simply: “these pigs have found a place at the feeding trough and are not going to risk this place, “zaradi IDEAS”.Everything else: “Blah-blah-blah”, for free ears and maintaining their own image of “descendants of CHE GUEVARA”. With…Well, on lanterns-for long soft seats.Dixi. M. Ch.

  103. The communist idea is a reflection of the bygone era of the eternal search for the ideal society. The ideas of justice, equality, realization of a person's creative abilities, personal and social harmony are still relevant. The methods proposed by Marx are not effective. Forcibly building shared happiness is not possible in principle. Uneducated people – the proletariat-are not capable of being an advanced social group, and it is also briefly represented in history. Surplus value is derived mainly from the knowledge accumulated by mankind (especially in automated production), and not from the physical capabilities of a person. I consider the best theory for achieving social harmony – the theory of optimal development (MSU Academy of Philosophy of Economy) – see – http://www.ros-optimum.ru It describes three levels of meaning of being – physical, social and spiritual. Harmony is achieved based on the principle of complementary complementarity of opposite elements. This is a variant of the convergence theory-the integration of the best aspects of socialism and capitalism, combining the ideas of Freedom and Justice in the ideology. I suggest a discussion

  104. There are two ideas in domestic politics-communism and anti-communism. A synonym for anti-communism is social Darwinism.No one understands this fact today.Therefore, all critics of the communist idea are real idiots.It's sad-that idiots are forever.

  105. I lived half my life under the Soviet regime and I can compare it with what was and what is.In Syzran, where I live, no less than 30 factories and enterprises were looted during the years of capitalist frenzy.The city has transformed from an industrial center into a city of unemployed, retired people and drug addicts.Degradation, hopelessness, and disbelief.Capitalism is Chubais, Millers and universal inequality.For some it is a bagel with poppy seeds,for the vast majority it is a bagel hole.I am sure filthy capitalism will collapse under the weight of its own problems, because the greed,greed and unscrupulousness of our elites are pressing down from above

  106. It's developing well. First, we found out that in the USSR there was not socialism, but state capitalism. Then dialectics was discovered, in the USSR there was only the appearance of dialectics. They realized that the proletariat was not a revolutionary class at all, and there was no socialist revolution in 1917. Secondly, they discovered mistakes in Marx's Capital and corrected them. Third, we were convinced that Marx correctly predicted the disappearance of capitalism from the historical arena. Capitalism is over, we need to start building a new system, the first phase of communism

  107. First of all,you need to know that the communist idea did not come out of nowhere.For thousands of years of tyranny, slavery ,oppression,disenfranchisement,despair and hopelessness, people have always had a request for JUSTICE in general, and social justice in particular.
    Only the socialist and communist idea of building a just society based on universal equality,fraternity ,comradeship,love,mercy,humanity, friendship of peoples,peace without oppression,violence,and unscrupulous exploitation of man by man has given an answer to the peoples ' blood aspirations.
    By and large, the communist idea was first laid down in Christianity by its founder and founder .Christ.
    When the Soviet Union and the socialist camp were destroyed, no one asked the peoples of the world whether they wanted to live under socialism or capitalism, and honestly explained to people what Socialism is and what capitalism is. Over the past 30 years, people have learned firsthand all the “charms” of the aimless ,cannibalistic,cruel,ruthless,cynical , deceitful,vile system of capitalism,where the bulk of the working people are prepared for disenfranchisement,hopeless poverty,hopelessness ,slave labor,paid only to the extent that a person does not starve to death and can plow on the neo-hospod.
    If socialism is based on high human ideals and virtues, then capitalism is based only on violence, cruelty, fear, repression and bayonets.
    If today we hold a referendum on the political system in Russia, with fair, equal, free propaganda on TV and other media, I am sure that the people of Russia would be 80% in favor of the socialist system.It would be the same story in the socialist camp countries, especially in the GDR.

  108. The communist idea is one of the possible answers to the question of the ideal structure of society. Marx did not accept people of his own nationality (a conflict with his father, who was baptized for profit). His wife, a German noblewoman, was considerably older than he was. He suffered from long-term endogenous depressions. His affairs at this time were handled by an unmarried F. Engels, a ladies ' man who not only supported Marx financially, but often wrote articles for him. M arks did not understand and did not like Russia. The doctrine contains fundamental errors – the dictatorship of uneducated people (the proletariat), surplus value (comes from the exploitation of human knowledge), the withering away of the state (an increasingly complex system that requires professional management).. Marx's theory was largely refined by Stalin on the basis of the principles of the monastery community (which had a long history of existence). In critical periods of society's life, this gave a positive result. High ideals of fraternity, equality, and selflessness generated enthusiasm in society, but they could not be long-term-this is a social impulse, not a stable state. A constructive idea of paying high attention to all members of society, not just the elite. Today it is sold in China and Vietnam. But this ideology is based on an imperfect anthropology. Closer to the truth is the theory of the optimum of social development – http://www.ros-optimum.ru (Academy of Economic Philosophy, Moscow State University)

  109. It should be recognized that in Europe and the United States, the communist idea is practically not developing. The reason for this is the erroneous conclusion that the collapse of the USSR and the world socialist system is equivalent to the exhaustion of the communist idea. However, this is a superficial judgment. The model of “naive socialism” developed in the USSR has exhausted itself. The idea of equality? But the laws of nature do not know the equality of elements of stable and developing systems. Affirming the priority of social and spiritual values over material ones? This is true in times of war, other extreme exertion of forces, but not in peaceful life. The Party – the mind, honor and conscience of the epoch? This is true for the minority of sincere communists who believe in the idea, the rest are party MEMBERS, opportunists like Boris Yeltsin, whose main idea was personal well – being, and whose special feature was deep illiteracy in all social sciences. Today, China and Vietnam seek to use the ideas of communism based on national culture, which did not take into account the European communism of the twentieth century. But in these countries, theoretically, these models do not look developed. Social science in Russia has developed a new social concept that has no analogues abroad (in the Academy of Philosophy of Economics of Moscow State University) – “the theory of optimal social development”. It is based on the principle of” binary complementarity ” – complementary opposite qualities of the main elements of any steadily developing systems. The concept continues the tradition of convergence theories, but based on the principles of a completely new psychologism (a new system of needs, psychological types, laws of social harmony). The theory predicted many current events more than 20 years ago. Details – http://www.ros-optimum.ru . Conclusion-high ideas do not die, but transform. Russia has the necessary qualities and theory to become a world leader in the 21st century.

  110. The USSR was destroyed by the 18 million strong army of CPSS fighters. This army of traitors and corrupt bitches hung the fascist flag over Russia-a symbol of the victory of the fascists over Russia and the Russians. for 30 years now, Russia has been under the rule of fascists, which includes the Communist Party, “sr”, “ep”, ldpr. In this situation, there is no question of any development of the communist IDEA.

    DOWN with fascist Putin!
    In this society, all Russians have a higher education. The main professions of the Society of Intellectuals: educators, teachers, doctors, employees of research institutes.
    Step 1. Build GPS – flexible production systems, automatic factories, implement robots, digital enterprises, nationalize the entire territory and natural resources of Russia, large and raw material enterprises, that is, CREATE AN ECONOMIC BASE FOR FURTHER TRANSFORMATION!!!
    Remove the Fascist flag! The fascist flag over RUSSIA is a symbol of the victory of the fascists, it is the power of the fascists in the eyes of the fascist Putin.
    2nd step. All Russians must have a university degree:
    Step 3. Reduce the working day and working week.
    Step 4. Increase your vacation time.
    Step 5. Reduce the retirement age.
    Step 6. Children are a state issue. A family can do without children. But if everyone doesn't want to have children, the state will disappear. Therefore, newlyweds, along with the registration of marriage, must receive keys to a free apartment with furniture. Under the fence, families are not created and children are not produced.
    7. Children from the earliest age should be brought up in a team of kindergartens. Teachers are required to teach children to count, read, think logically, instill rhetoric, and teach them to live in a team.
    The entire education system should focus on:
    development of the ability to think, logic, rhetoric, and practical application of knowledge.
    8. A man's salary should be sufficient for the full-fledged maintenance of a family of 5 people: a husband, wife and 3 children. The state should take care of this.
    9. To SAVE RUSSIA, we need a government that stands up for the welfare of the country, the people, and is able to MATERIALIZE AN IDEA IN 10 YEARS!
    putin for 20 years has fucked up and littered all of Russia with ruins.
    This is the realization of the predictions of the prophets: the abolition of borders and armies on Earth, the disposal of weapons, the creation of a Unified Society of the Earth! Reproduction of the world's population is simple: one died, one was born. Main professions: teachers, doctors, and researchers.
    There will be no” miracle”. It will take 400 years of hard work on the minds of diplomats and the entire ruling cohort of Earth.
    THE IDEA of Putin's “patriotism” under the flag of fascists IS THE WAY OF SLAVES.
    God in the constitution is the restoration of the 1,000-year Jewish YOKE.

  111. In the form in which the communist idea was conceived and implemented by utopians like Marx, Lenin and their followers, it died. She died because she was based on lies and violence. Attempts to build socialism in different countries on different continents have ended or are ending in failure, as in North Korea and Cuba. China is socialist in name only. There are so many billionaires and millionaires in no other country in the world. The word “communism” is discredited.

  112. But it doesn't develop at all. It is enough to compare the number of people and countries that built socialism in the 70s and 80s, and now. These are the most backward and poor countries. Communism, this is a very beautiful and attractive idea, who would argue. But not implemented in practice. Classics wrote that to build a classless society, you need, first of all, a new type of person. But that's the end of it. Such a person cannot be raised. Probably theoretically, in the process of evolution, in the post-industrial era, when the role of money will change…. I don't know, I'm not an engineer of human souls. But in any case, this is for the ages, we are guaranteed not to catch it. Just do not write that it was in the USSR. It didn't happen. Otherwise, why did the OBKhSS, the police, etc. exist? Many people confuse social protests in the West with the collapse of capitalism and the construction of socialism. That's not so. This is simply the struggle of workers for their rights. Where, for example, is the requirement of the Yellow Vests to renounce private ownership of the means of production? But it doesn't exist. There are demands to limit monopolies, especially financial ones, to change working conditions and salaries, but not property. Or the Greeks, the famous busaters of Europe. They are constantly demanding something. In graffiti, the hammer and sickle are often found. But why aren't they against private property? But because their families have accumulated a lot of property. Try to take it away from them-it will be thrown into the sea instantly. That's all. The discussion of socialism and communism under private ownership can be closed.

  113. 1) – The Communist idea (hereinafter referred to as the Idea) did not die, As many hoped…

    2) – The idea is consistently cleared of ideologues. And that's great.

    3) – Many people are beginning to realize that the Communist Party and the Idea are elderberry trees in the garden. and in Kiev-uncle.

    4) – It is necessary to understand that for the Idea it is important not to strive BACK to the USSR, but to strive forward…towards communism

    5) With the Idea for today, everything is fine!

  114. Most likely, for a correct assessment of the development of the communist idea, it is necessary to move away from the understanding of communism as the opposite of capitalism.

    It seems impossible to reject their juxtaposition, but in fact, back in the middle of the twentieth century, the American (!) economist Galbert put forward the theory of convergence.

    This theory was based on the understanding that neither communism (socialism) nor capitalism has any clear advantages (from the point of view of economic development), i.e., in fact, for the normal development of society, it is necessary to combine the strengths inherent in each of these systems.

    As a matter of fact, this combination of the strengths of both systems is exactly what we see in modern China! Well, and, in fact, this is exactly what allowed him to achieve amazing success in economic development, while using the results of these successes for the benefit of all citizens of his country!

    In fact, for the same reason (a departure from pure communist ideas), some of those who gave answers to your question wrote that China should not be considered communist….

    The problem lies precisely in the juxtaposition of the two systems, but it seems that society will have to abandon the juxtaposition!

    And, yes , there have also been periods in the history of our country when development followed principles similar to those of convergence theory. These were the periods of NEP, and the period when the Soviet government was headed by Nikolai Kosygin. Both of these periods are notable for a strong economic recovery while maintaining the social orientation of society's development.

  115. Oddly enough, many, even well-educated political scientists, do not notice the gross errors of Marxist theory. I have already written about the falsity of the idea of a dictatorship of uneducated people( the proletariat), whose consciousness is disappearing (?) after receiving an education. The idea of exploiting the physical qualities of a person in the formation of surplus value is untenable -even at the dawn of capitalism, this is not true, but today it is obvious that its main source is the knowledge accumulated by humanity, the noosphere. Incorrect, simply naive, and the theory of withering away of the state. The more complex a society is, the less opportunities there are to manage it in the veche. Let's not focus on the cultural weakness of Marxism-the founder hated Russia, considering it completely wild, not understanding that the core of its ancient culture is the desire to build a Kingdom of Truth, which became an ideological resonance with the ideas of naive Marxism. N. Berdyaev wrote about this in “The Origins and Meanings of Russian Communism”. Education is a quick-money thing, as Russia has shown. Without realizing it, Marx only propagated Christian and Jewish ideas (he did not neurotically digest his fellow tribesmen). . This was later reflected in the principles of the Moral Code of the builder of communism in the USSR. The principle of universal equality is neither true nor naive. All complex and stable, developing systems consist of fundamentally unequal, complementary elements. http://www.ros-optimum.ru All this is described in the new Russian “theory of the optimum of social development”. Marx's communism is not possible, but all the peoples of the world have a desire for a harmonious society that combines the ideas of freedom and justice. How do I implement them? Abandoning the dogmas of one-sidedness, in the convergence of the best features of socialism and capitalism. China and Vietnam are trying to do this, but they have an excess of capitalism, and their success is temporary. In France and Scandinavia – capitalist socialism, with an excess of egalitarianism. The new Russia has a promising and harmonious model. It was developed at the Academy of Agricultural Philosophy of Moscow State University and is known to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. A broad discussion and criticism of many details is needed. All this is convenient to do on Yandex.

  116. It's not developing well. There are several reasons. 1. Since the end of the 80s, the media and various kinds of “national brains” have been purposefully working to brainwash ordinary people and workers. Speculations of these “brains of the nation” on the difficult times of the Soviet period (the fight against the kulaks), when it was necessary to respond harshly to counterrevolutionary attacks both inside and outside our society. 2. Low level of collectivist consciousness of the majority of the population infected with the” bacillus ” of consumerism. 3. Finally, there is simply a lack of intellectuals who have a dialectical-materialistic methodology, are able to express the interests of a working person, an employee, and are able to attract the masses with them

  117. Since 1929, this idea has not only failed to develop,but also cannot be developed. It reveals the backwardness of political economy, which is based on fundamental misconceptions. It was they who prevented the emergence of socialism in the USSR. “It is better not to lie than to know what is not true” – Leo Tolstoy and Socrates are right. But the practice of moving towards socialism cannot be stopped. This is an inevitability.

  118. No way. Actually, it ceased to be” communist ” in the 1920s, breaking up into a number of socialist trends. At the moment, these movements either integrated elements of other ideologies (the European ” new left “merged with the left-liberals, some others adopted elements of conservatism, etc.), or remained in the form of orthodox” circles ” of sectarian nature.

  119. It has long been divided into conditional Trotskyism – the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the US Democratic Party, and the Eurosocialists from Soros . And conditional Stalinists. Xi, right-wing and patriotic parties.

  120. this idea has not been developed in the last 30 years. Zyuganov, Sulakshin and Platoshkin are the reserve vriant of the Gorbachev region. But the need for this idea in the world is huge and the world will put forward communist theorists.

  121. The main problem of the communist project is institutional. Communism is “a real process of overcoming private property” (Marx). But how to support this “valid process”? On the side of private property, there is a powerful system of commodity-money institutions rooted in history and in human nature. What can be no less powerful to oppose them ? They can be abolished, say, by expropriation, but this is a short-term option. The system of institutions of the Soviet directive planned economy has gained valuable experience in overcoming this problem, which, by the way, has not been fully understood. But this engine eventually stalled quite quickly. In this sense, the West also did not stand still, but developed democratic institutions, which also work to a certain extent to overcome private property, correcting the habits of the commodity-money mechanism. But the institutional horizons of democracy, as it turns out today, are just as limited. A breakthrough is possible, but it requires taking a step forward, drawing on the totality of the institutional experience of the 20th century.

  122. It doesn't develop any more. The goal of communism is to build communism all over the world. Only the USSR did this. No one else does it. The Chinese are concerned with China, not with building communism in Cuba or Angola.

  123. The development of the communist idea is the task of the Russian Communist Party.However, its ideological resource has not yet been restored after the dissolution of the CPSU by Gorbachev.Perhaps the development of the communist idea is taking place in the People's Republic of China.But for the Zyuganov “community”, any “fraternal” ideological cooperation with the Chinese is hardly conceivable.

  124. History shows its actual validity, but the communist theory has so far degraded and at least still remains on the margins of public consciousness, which is sad. But life itself WILL MAKE the communist idea rise again.

  125. There is a golden Age on Earth, or communism, if you will. Everyone is given equal opportunities. But a person always has the sacred right of free choice, so the world looks terrible. If only it looked PERFECT. then how would a person make their choice? Man strives for an ideal world, that is, for a communist society. The person himself does not understand what he wants.

  126. In the country of victorious communism, this idea is practically destroyed by its ideological opponents and fools who, having lost their memory, sing along with them.A society without private property,where the main wealth of the country was the health of the citizen,where the right to work was realized, where there were social gains and public security, was the best society that existed before and exists now.Economics is an expression of politics.The socialist economy reflected social justice, where the prolitariat was the hegemon.Today, the hegemon is an official,the prolitariat is practically destroyed,and where it remains, it is in a powerless position.At the same time,there are wild donkeys who understand the difference between a socialist economy and an anti-socialist one.Anti-communism and social darvenism are synonymous in their content.It doesn't occur to them,because they've never heard the term before.

  127. Unfortunately, the communist theory is developing poorly. This is bad. The Communists ' chances for the future are not bad, but they must be able to realize them. And this requires new theoretical breakthroughs.

  128. It does not develop, but degrades. It has been hampered by misconceptions in agricultural science since Liebig's time . This development continued (in the USSR) from 1918, when the established institutes of economics, instead of understanding SOCIALISM, received conscientious salaries until 1983, when ALL ECONOMISTS recognized SOCIALISM as guilty of backwardness in agriculture. The scientists were wrong. Therefore, there will be no development until we overcome these misconceptions.

  129. So far, nothing is developing. Man wants justice and happiness. The only one who gives it is socialism and drunkenness! So the communists should cooperate with the priests….

  130. at the official level-no way.

    I had a boyfriend who was allegedly a Trush communist. I wanted to join the Communist Party, but….


    and he was not accepted, because his statements did not fit the ideology and charter of the party.

    It is possible that communist ideas are now being developed somewhere underground, but censorship does not allow them to reach the state level.

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