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  1. Within 1-2 days after lack of sleep, you will feel the consequences:�

    1. Overeating and other eating disorders

    2. Impaired attention, memory, and concentration

    3. The risk of colds is higher

    4. Micro-damage to the brain

    5. Increased emotionality

    After a year of regular lack of sleep, the risks increase:

    1. Coronary heart disease and stroke. Like 4x or so.

    2. Risks of obesity and, as a result, additional risks of obesity. risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes after ~40 years (unless, of course, lack of sleep has already played a role and contributed to the appearance of type 1 diabetes)

    3. Oncology (some types) – 1.5-2 times.

    4. Constant tachycardia with all the consequences for the heart.

    5. The probability of impotence.

    6. And much more.

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