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  1. There are five only officially recognized paintings of “The Scream” and an unknown number of Munch's sketches with the same plot — some experts believe that there are about forty such sketches.

    Experts attribute writing so many pictures to various factors. I believe that there is a certain psychological factor here-obsessive-compulsive disorder, when a person has a craving for repeated repetition of something. For Munch, this repetition is very noticeable in his work, not only in terms of the paintings themselves, but also in the repetition of a kind of colored auras of the characters in the paintings in different plots. If you look at “Scream”, you can see these unique streaks around the characters.

    In addition, Munch himself has repeatedly said that he treats his paintings as if they were his own children. He used this as an argument in conversations with his interlocutors-he asked them if they wanted to communicate with their children. And when they told him what they would like, he would just say: “So I want to communicate with my children often.” That's why he kept coming back to the same story over and over again, repeating it and rethinking it.

    This is not to say that the picture “Scream”is the same in all its variants — even in the main five paintings there are differences that are due to the look. They are painted in different techniques, different colors — the pictures are not repeated. At the same time, among these paintings, there is no one that is recognized as an “ideal” performance — the one that is valued more than others.

    The original is considered to be the “Scream” of the 1893 model, but only because it was the first version of the picture that he presented to the public. But this is not the first version of” The Scream ” as such, and it is considered the original, because it became a model for a huge number of expressionist artists, who later showed in their works quite terrible images in order to express the horrors of the First World War they experienced. For them, that “Scream” became a fundamental picture, this is its originality.

    But no matter how many versions of “The Scream” there are, none of them loses its uniqueness and value precisely because of the way Munch approached their writing — this is a unique case. Many artists replicate their successful paintings for their subsequent resale, but Munch justified the repetition with his own desire to return to the same plot and rethink it, so all its variants are different, they do not seek to fully copy each other.

    Therefore, the price of these paintings will always be high. Moreover, in the news that Roman Abramovich recently bought “The Scream” for $ 120 million, I was surprised that he paid so little — the previous “Scream” in 2012 was sold for the same amount, and it was to be expected that a few years later another version of the picture will be sold even more expensive, and not cheaper.

    At the same time, you should not compare the price of that painting with the current one — there is no rule in art that says that here, for example, “Scream” will cost 120 million, and another painting will cost seven million and no more. The price of a painting is determined by the time when it will be sold — each epoch leaves its mark on the price for which a particular painting will be sold, and now is the right time for “Scream” to be sold at a high price.

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