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  1. You can consult your child's teacher about this. In general, the point is that the book should be read over the summer, and the child will not hate either you, the book, or reading in general. Try dividing the entire list of books by the number of days in the summer. And turn reading into a good family tradition when you can be together. Smile and discuss what you've read. Never force, threaten, insult, or blackmail (“idiot, if you don't read the chapter, you won't go to your friends 'house” – don't do that).

  2. it seems to me that everything is individual. If the child is easy to read and likes it, then it makes no sense for parents to control the reading process. The child will reach for the book and read as much as he needs. About the number of pages – the child should not be framed, they say, must read 10 pages, otherwise you will not go for a walk. The essence of learning is to instill an interest in reading. And the indicator of readiness for the second class does not consist at all in the amount of reading. I think it is enough to allocate one hour or 45 minutes a day (be sure to take a break), so that during this time the child reads aloud. Choose a book that is interesting for them.

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