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  1. If you give away a percentage of the sale, it won't add much. For example, Gazprom has 26.5 billion shares in circulation, which bring 16.5 rubles apiece to the owners. The population of Russia is 146.7 million people. Consequently, 146 shares each, or 2,662 rubles per person per year. This is the largest company that receives almost all its revenue from the sale of all gas.

    And if we take for “parasites and loafers” investors who can live off shares and not work, then their number will decrease after the “distribution”.

    In the future, if the possibility of voluntary investment is not restricted, new “parasites and loafers” will appear.

  2. There will not be more of them, but only less. There is also an example of an unconditional basic income. And whatever idiots write about the failure of payments in Finland, it will really motivate you to work. And about the failure, we can say that it is only according to the media that it does not work, and there is no adequate state regulation of the economy yet, everyone writes about increasing poverty and anything else. At least about the Egyptian executions)

  3. A person who invests in himself is doomed to be rich and happy! And if you equate hard workers(not to be confused with the labor force) and lazy people in terms of funds, then the motivation to achieve success in your specialty will disappear. Most of the population watches TV and drinks beer in the evening, while others learn languages, play sports, or learn new skills. My answer is Yes.

  4. I can't say for everyone, just for myself. I would try to set up some kind of production if they gave me money . Artificial stone can be made, electric fireplaces lined , or a welding shop would open, or the production of doors and ready-made baths would be engaged. In general, it would be nice for each child in the form of support until the state allowance grows at least 10 thousand, you see, and the village was supported and the birth rate was spurred on. That and when studying in the city children go help them would not hurt to have more budget places for smart children. And stependii now they have what kind of laughter what kind of 800r how can you live on them for a month without support and if there is no dorm at all then put out the lights at all. In short, the best investment at all times is in the development and education of children.

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