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  1. The Japanese believe that a person has three faces. The first person shows everyone. The second is for your family and friends. The third person doesn't show it to anyone.

  2. If we take the mask as an approximate line of behavior, then we can assume that a person has as many of them as approximately he has social groups.�

    So, we behave differently in the family, at school/university, at work. Each of our social interactions is usually perceived differently, and a person with a certain flexibility of character determines for himself those character traits that, in his opinion, are most accurately suitable for a particular society. So, count your companies that have social, gender, or racial differences.

  3. How many seconds in a day, the same number of masks a person has. Every minute of our lives, we play a new role, whether it's with our family, friends, colleagues, or even with ourselves. A person can't help but play games, people can't even be open to themselves, so we wear masks all our lives.

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