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  1. In fact, the exact answer will not work, because history does not stand still, and there are more and more new genres of art. Also, do not forget about the disputes of art critics, when the same genre can be considered as an independent, or just a subgenre of another genre.

    I will try to describe the most famous types of art with subgenres and genres in parentheses, which I will remember:

    • Fine arts: painting (portrait, landscape, battle scene, still life, etc.), graphics (poster, engraving), sculpture (monumental, easel), decorative and applied arts (knitting, embroidery, origami, painting on anything, including graffiti, comics, etc.)
    • Entertainment arts: theater (drama, opera), circus (clowning, acrobatics), ballet, performances (stage, stand-up, performance)
    • Architecture: various architectural styles (Classicism, Baroque, Empire, etc.).
    • Literature: poetry (poems, poems) and prose (novel, comedy, tragedy, novella, novella, etc.)
    • Music: classical (sonata, nocturne, concerto for instrument and orchestra, symphony, etc.); popular (all genres that can be recalled (rock, pop, etc.) and subgenres (pop-rock, hard rock, etc.), as well as mixed (blues-rock, hard and heavy, etc.); ethnic (based, for example, on the Dorian fret)
    • Choreography: classical (waltz), Latin American dances (salsa, rumba), folk (hopak, kazachok, flamenco), erotic dances (striptease).

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