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  1. I'll update the previous answer. Absinthe King of Spirits in Prague can be bought in two types: standard King of Spirit is no different from standard manufacturers. If you want glitches, you need to demand” from under the floor ” King of spirit GOLD. Illegal, but the content of the wormwood component is off the scale. True, as is its price.

  2. Today, real” pre-secret ” absinthe can only be obtained in the Czech Republic and Portugal, where the content of thujon poison is still present in the proportion of up to 70 mg/kg. For example the King of Spirits brand

  3. You can also make absinthe yourself. I once bought a homemade absinthe from a friend that contained 150 mg / kg of both Crimean herbs and wormwood. The effect of it was sedative, that is, it relaxes you very much. A portion is no more needed than a couple of thimbles. I didn't risk taking large doses.

  4. I drank homemade absinthe for the last New year, with a high thujone content even in Vanguard times. Somewhere after 7-8 drinks outside the window begins to float, and gravity begins to throw tricks.

    In the morning, however, it is generally dark — my hands are shaking, my attention is scattered, my working capacity is zero.

  5. Absinthe is no longer possible, but hawthorn tincture is easy. In general, with a real, high-quality binge, glitches always come, it's only a matter of time. As a person who has had a sad experience, I will say: 17 days of a strict water-vodka diet, with small snacks and a movie are provided for you, but it's not pleasant enough. Fearfully.

  6. Absinthe as a drink is divided into two completely different drinks – one “before the ban” and the other- “after the ban”. The border is 1915. Modern absinthe is a harmless distillate, no more dangerous than whiskey or calvados. You can drink the hell out of ordinary wheat distillate and cut off your ear. But no one will notice if you're not a Van Gogh. Marilyn Manson spends a lot of effort on promoting absinthe today — he even launched his own brand of absinthe Mansinthe.

  7. In modern absinthe, thujone (a hallucinating substance found in wormwood) is practically absent. So, I'm afraid modern absinthe is not suitable for decadent frenzy at all.

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