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  1. The technical parameters depend on the equipment (I apologize for the oil, but I can't put it any other way)

    Pros shoot with expensive equipment because they have a profession and can afford to shoot with what they want and what they are comfortable working on. And that's not all.

    Further. It's not just that an expensive device produces a better picture(for example, by color). After all, there are other nuances: Reliability, build quality, functions, dust and moisture protection, quick focus, ISO, etc. things. That is, purely technical details of convenience and reliability.

    When they say that you can shoot cool on a soap dish, they are talking about the artistic content of the image. And indeed, if the photographer has a good eye, then he will take an interesting picture on a soap dish.
    As for the technical component: There is a category of people who look at pixels under a magnifying glass and do not see the image itself. In commercial photography, perfect image quality is very important from a technical point of view. But if we talk about content, composition, light / color, etc., then the hand and eye of the master work here.

    The camera captures what you see. One makes it better than the other from a technical point of view. But if you can't see anything, then no camera will help=)

    And there's nothing to argue about. We must learn to learn and learn.

  2. The more expensive the equipment, the (if simple):

    • better camera protection (dust, moisture, shock)

    • faster autofocus (important in the report)

    • the quality drops less when there is a lack of light (high working iso)

    • better detail (important in advertising photos)

    • higher sharpness (applies more to lenses)

    In general, this is a question of the tool: I want the limitations of technology not to interfere with the creative process. And, by the way, you can buy a good camera cheaper, for 2k dollars, for example.

  3. FF pros say that no matter how fancy a camera you have, you'll still want more and more, but having an expensive camera, a bunch of strays will not help you become the greatest photographer in the history of the universe, if you don't have some cool idea or desire to make it beautiful no matter what. But if you really want to start shooting, then you can start with anything, even with a matchbox.

    A dozen videos on the topic of pros with soap dishes.


  4. You can shoot anything you want, but when you work on a commercial basis, you need not only perfect composition, light, i.e. all the content of the picture, but also image quality. If you try to shoot with professional equipment and kit with the same hands, you will feel a significant difference both in the result and in the process itself.�

    I suggest you watch the video on my YouTube channel, there and how to shoot and how to shoot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6YWjuVCSKHOJ69OatCPRug?view_as=subscriber

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